If you’re considering upgrading from wordpress.com to wordpress.org – DON’T DO IT!  This blog has been one endless headache for me since I made the switch last year.  It’s been one issue after another – the latest being the discovery that whenever I try to click on the photos on my old blog entries from back in the Stargate days, I’ll usually be greeted by this:

June 23, 2019: WordPress Letdown!

Apparently, when the site was moved, a lot of the images moved to the server but were never registered by the Media Library and still have their old paths. The only way to fix this is to delete and re-insert each photo, a process that sounds a lot less complicated than it actually is.

Man, I do miss good ole wordpress.com with its user-friendly interface and virtual snow in December.

I may try switching up this blog’s theme and layout as well.  Will start experimenting tonight or tomorrow.  Weigh in with your opinions!

Great moments in Legion of Super-Heroes history!

June 23, 2019: WordPress Letdown!

Today’s lunch = Philly Cheesesteak Bowl: rib-eye, sweet onions, salt, pepper, provolone cheese, cheddar-whiskey cheese, avocado, chives, habanero and scotch bonnet chilis on rice.


Uh oh.

10 thoughts on “June 23, 2019: WordPress letdown!

  1. They’re really two very different things. WordPress.org is where you’d download the WP software if you want to host it on a server of your own.

    WordPress.com is sort of the “corporated, hosted version of WordPress” but it has much less functionality than if you host WP software someplace else, because you don’t have access to all the stuff you can potentially have access to elsewhere.

    So really it’s a matter of hosting WordPress at WordPress.com or someplace else. But there are so many good WP hosts that will set it all up automagically for you and even transfer your old site to their servers. It doesn’t sound like you moved to one of them, unfortunately.

    I just had to move a site away from GoDaddy to another host (wayyyy too slow at GoDaddy) and the new host moved everything without me having to touch it…all my themes, plugins, photos, and everything else were right where they should’ve been when all was said and done.

    Maybe your new host can do that and you weren’t aware they could?? If so, maybe give them a call.

  2. Ugh..
    I totally feel this,.
    I used to have a WordPress site, but after 3 or 4 server moves due to issues out of my control. It got to insane levels of “lost data”.
    Wordpress has export and import functions that account for the text of your blog, all the links, and any comments.
    But media, and all the work you did to get your theme looking great, all gets mislaid in the process.
    To think of how much content I’ve lost over the years.

    A couple of years ago, I ditched WordPress and wrote my own blogging engine. It’s nothing magical, and is very much “made for me” in that haphazard way that I do things, with all manner of bugs and issues to be found if you delve deep enough!
    I’ve moved server another time since, and the latest move was much smoother, since .. well, I knew where everything was, this time!

    .. but I certainly wouldn’t offer my script to others to use. It’s far too messy, and kinda broken in places, too!
    Wordpress is at least functional, when it’s working right, and with all the available plugins and themes and things, it’s still a great choice.
    Good luck picking a new theme.

    Ps, I like the lilac!

  3. Is that the reason I got a email this afternoon for a new blog post dated April 5, 2008?

  4. Although the “cheesesteak bowl” sounds delicious, as a Philadelphian I must say it is an abomination.

  5. That must be very disappointing. Blogs are diaries and the point of keeping one is to go back and look through it again.

  6. I have used both over the years and yes it really does depend on the hoster that you change to…luckily I have a great hoster who will move it all over for you and also they have packages just for WordPress not so sure they have customers from Canada though you can check

    They are called 20i always there for you when you have problems as well and will fix them for you.

    Having a hoster as well is totally different to the way that .com works.

  7. I have just noticed something you are not using .org you are paying for a package on WordPress correct? That is totally different to hosting the website yourself with .org.

    Contact support and get them to sort it out that should not happen.

    This is one of my sites on a .org self hosted website you can see the difference at the bottom of the page and also when you comment.


  8. Ack, full blog posts are not showing up in RSS feeds (in my case, Feedly). Just a snippet and then you have to select a link to go to the source document. Not that I mind doing so for commenting but it puts a serious cramp in my reading flow. 🙁 🙁

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