I’ve spent the last couple of days getting ready for San Diego Comicon – making plans, booking restaurants, tweaking a few scenes from the Stargate: Extinction movie we’ll be reading on Thursday, and writing a special added scene…you’ll all hear about eventually.  Our place has been cleaned, the dogs have been prepped, our dog sitter has been advised – and we’re ready to go.

A reminder –

For those unable to attend – fear not!  MGM has you covered.  A video of the panel and reading will be uploaded for all to see.

It’s hard to believe that it was 15 years ago, on this very day, that Stargate: Atlantis premiered with a double episode premiere.  Here’s a little reminder of one of the show’s great early season space battles – in glorious pre-viz animation!

Looking forward to catching up with Jewel, Paul, Gary, Ben..and that as of yet unannounced Atlantis veteran.


5 thoughts on “July 16, 2019: Countdown to SDCC!

  1. So, at SDCC, are you & Akemi gonna carry out what you mentioned on June 15th?

    1. Alas, no, we won’t have the time. We have plans for post-SDCC however.

  2. In response to your answer (can’t get the reply thingy to work)

    Oh, that’s a shame.
    I was looking forward to the happiness, piccies, etc
    But post SDCC sounds good 😉

  3. It sure does sound like a wonderful time getting to catch up with Jewel, Paul, Gary, Ben.. and that as of yet unannounced Atlantis veteran. safe journey and lots of pictures,…

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