Hey, you know who’s excited for San Diego Comicon?  I mean REALLY excited?

Akemi.  For true.  I mean, I figured she’d be looking forward to going, but SDCC is all she’s been talking about the last few days.  According to her, she’s excited because this will be her first trip away in ages – actually, since the last time we did San Diego Comicon for Dark Matter‘s first season.  I pointed out that we have traveled to Japan in the interim but, so far as she’s concerned, Japan and Montreal are nothing special.  San Diego on the other hand…

She loves the restaurants, the cosplay, and absolutely fangirls Yael Tygiel who will be hosting this year’s Atlantis panel.  She is counting down the days.

Hey, speaking of Atlantis…

Atlantis “Rising I and II” as retold through VFX animation – and the occasional Lego.

Wraith darts guarding the space gate!

Uh oh!

Here comes trouble.

On my tail.

Jumper fires.

Drones enroute.

Dart takes a hit.

Back on my tail!

And finally…


The best bowl of ramen in existence: the Jinya Tonkotsu Black with butter topping from Jinya Ramen Bar.  Thanks to Alex Mallari Jr. for the introduction.

11 thoughts on “July 13, 2019: Four days to Comicon!

  1. Come now, you must be at least a little excited for Comicon too! LOL I’m sure Akemi will love it, but I have to disagree with Japan being nothing special!

    That ramen bowl looks challengingly large, but it’s hard to get the scale from the picture.

  2. Too funny. Yes of course San Diego is not the same as Canada and Japan. XD Comic-con just makes it even better … and then there is that cosplay wedding (but don’t think that matters to her). I’m excited just talking about SDCC. Japan is just an afterthought now. LOL.

    Couldn’t make this year a “grand slam geek conference” year, but 3 is still a pretty good year for me. Please take and post lots of SDCC pictures and videos!

  3. That one is my favorite here in Calgary. It is awesome 🙂 Lately I’m adding a little bit of cilantro and I love the combination. Cheers 🙂

  4. Tell Akemi that I am excited for her as well. I wish I could be there in case of a surprise wedding. Many hugs ahead of time.

  5. Akemi is correct, San Diego is fantastic! Because I was born and raised in and joined the Navy, San Diego has been a part of my life since I was four. On and off, of course. I love it. Have fun!

    I think I need that ramen. Yum.

  6. Can’t wait to stream or view recording of (depending on the time) of the Atlantis panel! Will you post a link? 😀

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