Yep.  Details here:

Live At Comic-Con: Stargate: Extinction Movie Script Table Read

And, if you can’t make it, we got you covered:

July 12, 2019: More News Of Note!

And a couple of more surprises in store!


July 12, 2019: More News Of Note!

July 12, 2019: More News Of Note!

I’ll have more to say about this show in the coming days.

So, big weekend plans?

9 thoughts on “July 12, 2019: More news of note!

  1. Now this is the kind of event that tickles my Stargate fancy! Cannot wait to see it all!

  2. That table read sounds like it will be great! Again, I wish I could be there for it live.

    For this weekend, looks like my big thing will be going out to a volunteer day (tomorrow) on the Fundy Footpath to do some trail maintenance work. It’s a lot of work, but I’m looking forward to it.

  3. Thanks for thinking of us who can’t make it to SDCC2019. Can’t wait to see the table read recording and the panel?

  4. Safe travels to SDCC! I’ll be looking forward to the live streams on Thursday. (And other happy events?)

    As for my weekend plans, I’m packing up our Corvette project to get it ready to tow to Michigan next week. We close on our house in mid-August and I’m trying to get the big stuff moved out before the end of July. My life has turned into a series of process/date/milestone management tasks for moving and storage. I thought that September would be calmer, but now I’ll be attending a show in Frankfurt for a week in mid-September.

    Maybe October will be better balanced?

  5. Oh Wow! It will be good for you to see all you’re old friends from Stargate. I hope the hotel/food are exceptional!

    JeffW: I need a nap after reading your post. 😉 Safe travels to all of you!!

  6. @Tammy Dixon just like eating an elephant…I’m taking it one bite at a time. 😉

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