This is a first.  After ten years of daily blogging I actually missed a post.  Yesterday, between the driving back and forth to the location shoot, being on set, reviewing the notes for that comic book project, reviewing my pass on my (formerly) Untitled Awesome Project, and that dinner meeting – I completely forgot to write an entry.

I suppose I could just skip it as one could argue that the ship has already passed, but in the interest of completeness, I’m offering up this early morning post which will be followed, later tonight, by an official June 28, 2019 post.

Unless I forget of course.

So, for this morning, let me give you the update.

As I mentioned, we’re finishing our last 2+ weeks of production on the road. Today, we wrap up the big spectacle in The Hammer and, next week, we move on the great outdoors for the big finish.  After that, it’s the wrap party and about three months of post production.  In the meantime…

Got (what I believe) are the final round of notes on that big comic book project.  The big challenge will be in addressing notes and adding the requested details while, alternately, shaving two pages off the pitch.

Completed that second draft of the pilot script for my (formerly) Untitled Awesome Project.

Started breaking down that horror novel adaptation with the author.  Thinking an eight-episode first season.

Series overview complete on the comic book adaptation.  Now pushing for a green light on a script.

Haven’t heard back on that small-town horror series since they put together the creepy sizzle reel.  I imagine I’ll be out pitching that one this summer.

Also heard that sci-fi series I developed (with the original creator) is NOT dead after all.  This according to the broadcaster…who has been sitting on the material since last August.  Ah, show business.

Today, it’s big to The Hammer for the big finish.  With an 11:30 a.m. call and the fact that this is the last day on this location, I suspect this will be a very long, very late day.

Just do me a favor and remind me to post!

13 thoughts on “June 27, 2019: Well, damn.

  1. Good Morning Joe. It has been revealed…you are human, after all. 🙂 Kind of comforting.

  2. Oh, whew! I was worried something might be wrong! Let’s just move along and presume this little bump didn’t happen. Missed blog post? What missed blog post?

    Those updates sound pretty promising. I can’t remember now what the (seemingly dead, but not) sci-fi project was.

  3. You had us worried for a while, then I found some cookies and kind of forgot. I hope you can forgive me, they were really good cookies.

  4. Whew! I’m tired just reading that.

    “Break a leg”? That doesn’t feel right (being a Mom) but you know what I mean. 🙂

  5. I went to the Utah burn, Element 11, and was out of touch for days. Came back and came down with a nasty cold, forgot to check your blog most of the time. I don’t feel so terrible after all.

    We had a nice little ceremony placing MyLarry’s things and photos in the Temple. It was a lovely somber silent burn. Since we had no funeral, this was important. The next one is at Burning Man, and will be damned difficult.

  6. OMG Joe! This has been a full week for you. Congratulations on all fronts, backs, and sidelines. BUT Please please please don’t forget to smell the roses when you have an opportunity to slow down.

  7. You have been a religious and relentless blogger. I believe you have had external motivation as well, as you have reported. I am surprised by your self reported laps and it had not happened sooner.
    I just watched DM and the last show (13) of the 1st season. I remember talk about the surprise ending, and it was a surprise. The previous ep. (12) was of Two going back to the “creator” starring Wil Wheaton. I am also a big watcher of “The Big Bag Theory”. In it Wil, who has a reoccurring role, talks to the Penny character about taking on roles that are great and soul crushing(Serial Apest 2), not Stand By Me or Startrek. Now in watching BBT, they make mention many of references to many Sci-Fi programs like StarTrek, Star Wars, and others. But, never did they mention Dark matter or the Stargate franchise. Nor, did they make a RDA joke. Was that lack of reference due to legal considerations, or lack of awareness? I don’t recall reading any chatter of the Wil Wheaton character or his appearance on DM, and was that a lost opportunity?

    1. Nope, no legal constraints. But, in all fairness, Will did appear on Star Trek, not Stargate.

  8. Good to know you are still alive.
    Still don’t know how you can juggle all THOSE projects/commitments you have mentioned, in addition to everything else you do but didn’t write on your blog entry. But better to have a happening and exciting life than not having one. Take care! 🙂

  9. Correction. Your consecutive winning streak ran 12.5+ years.
    (If you count from your 1st post November 2006).
    Congratulations. That really is quite a record!
    Also, congratulations on officially becoming a full fledged member of the human race
    and embracing more of the messy imperfections of being Human. 😀
    This is also quite the feat.

    It is kinda liberating, no?.
    To finally be able to accept and embrace not only ego/pride’s need for perfection
    and always challenging/competing with ones self,
    but also the human brain and body’s limitations.
    To finally be able to say “I’m human, not inexhaustible”
    and realize the sky did not fall because of it,
    and friends n family who genuinely love and are proud of you, still do and are.

    Ever just the same … Here’s one for ya for future reference:
    Any night you feel it getting late, and you might be too tired to compose and post,
    simply have a quick copy and paste message handy,
    like the example below with vid link,
    and schedule it in WP, via the ‘calendar’ in your account menu, to “auto post” at a certain time.
    This is simply to ensure no one worries and imagines something bad may have happened to you
    and/or those you hold dear.

    (It’s like phoning home when you know you are likely to be out late, so the spouse
    doesn’t imagine your car smashed against a tree in the middle of the night
    and you lying unconscious in a ditch on some remote forest road.
    Or. Perhaps you were out having a dozen or so beers
    with @Thogar. He ran out of cookies. Noticed the sweet crumbs covering your entire shirt and pants
    as you sat at the bar and, in his blurry state, unfortunately mistook you for a large, happy hour, freebie treat. Or Worse! …
    Maybe you stopped off at a neighborhood bar on your way home from work,
    when in walks in Cookie Monster
    who sits down next you and orders a milk n cookies.
    In your nervous, fan boy, state of meeting this legend
    you made the absolutely deadly mistake of taking and eating a cookie off his plate.
    Yikes! I’m sure that didnt end well, eh?!)

    Example Message to auto post:
    “Productive but overly long day. Tuckered out.
    Will post a longer entry tomorrow. Sweet Dreams!”

  10. You could have said you were captured and had been held hostage on the moon where the wifi is patchy… again.

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