Last weekend, sis and mom came in for a family wedding…


Me enjoying the two hour drive to the venue.


Sis, me, and cousin John broiling under the hot sun.


Presenting…the cupcake!

Demanding Lulu eventually gets up and scratches her own chin.


Mom and sis at brunch.


The look of mom not enjoying lunch.


And Monday it was back to work!


9:30 p.m. wrap means a 10:30 a.m. call in Hamilton!

7 thoughts on “June 25, 2019: Family weekend!

  1. Gotta love June weddings, what would be considered broiling in Toronto? I have no tolerance for heat, anything over 75 f is way too hot. Lulu knows your sis has one more good scritchy scratch to give. I hope your beautiful mom was able to enjoy good food during her visit.

  2. Hi Mom and Sis! And I didn’t know you had a cousin John. I must say you were looking especially dapper for this affair, despite the heat.

    LOL @ Lulu and her scratchy chin.

  3. Always good to see la famiglia! Your mamma should have gone into the cucina and taught them a thing or two! Grazie for sharing! 😆

  4. Loved seeing the family, thanks for sharing… but you forgot to tell us which socks and cufflinks you wore to the wedding??? inquiring minds you know!..

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