This one was not so much a deleted scene as it was re-shot (so, technically, yes, deleted and replaced).  The broadcast version has ONE and Android scrambling to save SIX who has gone into cardiac arrest.  Ultimately, it’s the Android’s quick-thinking – and a residual electro-magnetic shock – that brings him back to the land of the living. Exciting, no?

The original version – admittedly not quite as exciting but no less fun – was deemed too sedate given that this was the show’s all-important third episode, the point at which (many in the industry believe) a series either keeps or loses the bulk of its viewer.  “Keep ’em past the third episode and they’ll stay with you for the rest of the season” is the accepted assumption.  And so, the scene was changed.

Outside of a few gags, the broadcast version covers the same beats.

2 thoughts on “June 20, 2019: Dark Matter – Another deleted scene!

  1. Great to see this alternative sequence (although, for me at least, the reshot sequence definitely works better). It’s amazing to see how different this ‘feels’ compared to the final one.
    I’m kinda excited to know how many more of these little Dark Matter treasures you have ready and waiting in the shadows for us! Please, please, keep them coming – they are magic!

    Oh & thank you so, so much!!!!
    (It feels like we haven’t quite lost our Raza Crew just yet)

  2. This scene is very chill, except for those pesky burns. It’s like they’ve all had this great meal and are replete and chatting over coffee. So great to see the crew and MBD. I was listening to Smallville actors podcast which was very dude-bro-ish, it underlined why I spend my fan dollars on SG, DM and Trek.

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