March 25, 2019: Production Day #1


Yes, finally, after months of development, writing, designing, world-building, set and costume construction, and meetings, meetings, meetings, today was our first day of principal photography!  On set today were the former lieutenant, the former Agent, and the former bounty hunter – along with several others.

Boy, if this was Dark Matter, I’d be posting all sorts of cool behind-the-scenes pics but, alas, this isn’t my show so I can only allow you a sneak peek at the most mysterious of on-set elements.  Like…

March 25, 2019: Production Day #1

The skylight.

March 25, 2019: Production Day #1

This very Stargate: Atlantis-esque element of the space piano (What?  Did you think I was kidding about the space piano?).

March 25, 2019: Production Day #1

This bit of set dec at the Trib.

March 25, 2019: Production Day #1

And, finally, Set Decorator Andy Loew pleading for…what exactly?  Your understanding? For me to remove my shoes before they scuff up the freshly polished floor?  Seconds on today’s apple cake dessert?

1 down; 64 to go!

15 thoughts on “March 25, 2019: Production Day #1

  1. Are you sure you want to be dropping me so many hints? I’m pretty clever.

    Love the licorice supports for the sky light by the way.

  2. Yay! Awesome! Exciting! … but Set Decorator Andy Loew still has his shoes ON too!? LOL.

  3. I think Set Decorator Andy Loew wants you to get Akemi to bake one of her specialties for the crew. Something sweet!

  4. This is so intriguing. Its a shame you can’t tell us anything more (shall pop over to detective @ceresis64 on Twitter next, see what she’s uncovered! 🤭)

  5. I, for one, I’m always appreciative of what you share with us. And, that was a whole lot of hints…. 👍

  6. Holy smokes!! I love those V shaped posts and that beautiful floor, reminds me of the fight Ridley Scott had to get his upside down posts in the “Is your owl real” scene. I am loving the title, in fact I’ve heard that title before and I will shortly be off to google it all up. Cheers to all the formers, I can’t wait to see those lovely familiar faces pop up in UF.

    After enjoying the Star Trek Disco panel at Paleyfest and getting food poisoning at Subway I’m convinced it’s now illegal to serve hot food in Hollywood. We didn’t take any pics of the soggy fingerling potatoes at California Kitchen or the weirdly gritty eggs at the hotel buffet. Food poisoning was totally worth it to see Melanie Liburd rocking the This is Us panel, it was wonderful to hear her chat about how welcoming the This Is Us cast and crew are to her.

    Waking at 4:30 am in LA means playing Blade Runner Blues while gazing out at LA’s hellscape, the only thing missing was flying cars. Totally worth keeping the Supershuttle waiting.

  7. The sets are looking good!

    I’ve thought of a question. I just received my Aquaman DVD in the mail. Do you watch any of your former co-workers projects?

  8. If only it were Dark Matter! Anyway exciting, well done on the first day and thanks for the hints!

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