Today was the big day!  Yes, after hours and hours of molding, spinning, glazing, and generally not paying attention, it was time to pick up our finished works of pottery.  Akemi’s creations…

March 16, 2019: The Fruits Of Our Labor!

Put to good use…

March 16, 2019: The Fruits Of Our Labor!

Now, check out MY masterpieces…

March 16, 2019: The Fruits Of Our Labor!

When I heard we’d be glazing, I knew I had to make a donut.  It turned out pretty good, all things considered (and by all things, I mean the fact I made it in less than a minute). Krispy Kreme, eat your heart out!

March 16, 2019: The Fruits Of Our Labor!

A little too much wax ruined the color scene here.  [Warning: Not safe for gate travel!]

March 16, 2019: The Fruits Of Our Labor!

My glazing experience was one step short of disaster.  None of the glazing liquid colors actually matched what would be the finished look.  Also, it’s apparently impossible to do contrasting colors when you’ve already done a coat of dark.  Witness my Legion of Super-Heroes drink coaster.

March 16, 2019: The Fruits Of Our Labor!

The crown jewel of my collection, sadly, did not make it past the last stage of the process. RIP, Starro the Conqueror.  I draw consolation from the fact that the center eye came out pretty good.

As she was packing away out art work, our instructor commended me on my originality. Apparently, most students stick to the tried and true plates, bowls and cups and rarely venture into galactic super villain territory.

Hoowee.  As this week approaches, the Perfect Storm approaches.  I’m strapping on my life vest and going in.  Wish me luck!

13 thoughts on “March 16, 2019: The fruits of our labor!

  1. Re your creations: Perhaps a little post-glaze paint? Paint pens for detail and spray paint for coverage come to mind. Maybe some studio props /sets leftovers are available.

  2. So sorry to see the crown jewel of your pottery project did not turn out. I was so looking forward to seeing the finished product. Cannot wait to see what you create next!

  3. Akemi’s came out great certainly, but there’s no denying that your works have a unique quality that many could not duplicate. coughs

    Your week sounds exciting. I’ll be backpacking in the Grand Canyon while you’re having all that fun!

  4. Awesome! I so miss playing in clay! I was a Mud Sister, sold my art with a friend at various local events, sadly my friend has Parkinson’s disease. I still have dozens of molds I made with plaster! You two should check out doing some pit fires, fun way to create while at the beach or in your backyard!

  5. I wish I could enlarge the pictures to get a better look. Congratulations on finishing your pottery class together. I love the glaze colors on Akemi’s designs. And yours are very creative, Joe.

  6. Akemi excels at anything artistic!

    You should have done one of those hand print stones for your Mom. As for your creations, I’m sure they will make wonderful family gifts at Christmas. I can just picture the donut on your Mom’s coffee table. 🙂

  7. A+ for Akemi! She is fantastic. Now that you both know what you are doing, I think you should take the ceramics class again. The items you make you will keep forever.

    Is that a cake type donut? If you would have sanded it more, it would have been smoother and looked like the light and fluffy type of donut. But considering all things, you did a great job Joe. I give you a C+ because I think you can do better. Please take another class, for Akemi’s sake at least. She is a natural and you will improve with practice.

  8. Fancy, I love Akemi’s little plate, the pattern looks professional! Farewell Starro, but you can build a better one, Iron Man style. Love the glazing on the coaster.

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