So we returned to clayArt Studios for the final step on our glorious pottery adventure.  The pieces we made on our last visit had been fired and were ready for the glazing process.  Akemi could barely contain her excitement!

“So,”I said to Rosa, our glazing guide, “did all of my pieces survive?”

“Yes,”she informed me. “Even the sun.”

“It’s not a sun,”I corrected her.  “It’s Starro the Conqueror.”

But as I perused my collection, I suddenly realized one was missing.  “Hey.  Where’s Alphonse?”

Sadly, he was the one mini-masterpiece that did NOT survive, literally falling to pieces partway through the process.  And so it was, with heavy heart, that I forged ahead.

My pieces were fired and ready to go!  After sanding, we dipped the bases in hot wax.  I lose my grip on the stargate and it ended up sizzling away in the pan like a deep-fried burger.

March 9, 2019: Firing And Glazing!

We had a choice of 6-8 color glazes to choose from, all of them kept in vast tubs whose contents ranged in various shades of brown although our instructor assured us the true colors ranged from oatmeal to dark brown.  Some in the class sort of half dipped the bottom of their bowls and then, after the initial coat had dried, dipped the tops of the bowls in another color.  Some created elaborate brush strokes on their work.  My Starro offers the best of both worlds – a deep dip and finishing paint brush touch for the center eye.

March 9, 2019: Firing And Glazing!

Akemi, meanwhile, went the more standard route…

March 9, 2019: Firing And Glazing!

At one point she was considering something a little more elaborate that involved dipping just the rim of her bowls and adding a little swirl – but couldn’t figure out how to physically manage it.  I offered to hold her over the vat by her ankles if it would help.  She assured me it wouldn’t.

Pictured above: Akemi puts the finishing touches on Nib Nib.

And, in a little over an hour, we were done.  Next week = the results!

This blog entry dedicated to the memory of Alphonse (February 17, 2019 – March 1st-ish, 2019).

March 9, 2019: Firing And Glazing!

12 thoughts on “March 9, 2019: Firing and Glazing!

  1. I’m convinced Akemi secretly orchestrated Alphonse’s demise! LOL.

  2. Alphonse, your life was so short, but you have touched so many hearts.

    You have endured so much like having your feet smashed, your fingers cut with sharp objects, your arms ripped from your body and re-attached. Yet, you attempted to smile through a smashed teddy bear like face with bulging eyes and cropped ears.

    If only Akemi had made you, you might have lived a happier life.

    You were an inspiration to many, you will be missed.

  3. Alas, poor Alphonse. I knew him well. Well, maybe not “well” but kinda. Or just through the blog really.

    Still, that music just made me tear up a little in his memory.

    The rest of the class looked fun, though!

  4. Poor Alphonse. 🙁

    @nantokanaru77 Personally, I think Joe orchestrated his demise
    then decided to frame the murder on Rosa.
    He was the only one with strong enough motive.
    He confessed to being afraid to go to sleep after Akemi said
    she was going to equip Alphonse with Japanese stabbing knives
    and tiny cactus needles. Two weeks later, he complained
    about being riddled with a horrible case of insomnia.

    By the way
    @Joe: Ya remember how you’ve repeatedly mentioned wishing
    writing elves would come finish your scripts for you?

    Problem solved.
    This AI can finish any story line you feed it and even write fan fiction on its own.
    It may come in handy in your jail cell after you’ve spent many nights
    afraid to sleep, and can no longer think straight,
    because a fellow inmate named Slasher has decided he’s got the hots for ya.

  5. R. I. P. Alphonse.

    You sound upbeat. You must be sleeping well, yes? Thanks for the 🙂.

    @Ponytail: I hope you get a break soon. You’re a good daughter!

  6. Alphonse’s demise was no accident!!! In my ceramics art class I made a large jar by hand. It ended up in the art show. It was darn good! There was one girl in class that copied my jar. (She was weird) One day after class it was just me and my teacher left. I was studying this girl’s copy of my work. I was thinking it could “accidentally” fall off the shelf and break. I glanced over at my instructor and he was watching me and smiling. He said “imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery”. Her copy survived that day.

    Alphonse was murdered! Look for a jealous classmate.

  7. I wouldn’t want to come across Alphonse in a dark alley; those claws are bigger than his head. Rest in peace bear that will haunt my nightmares. How exciting to be at the last stage, can’t wait to see the final look. I like Akemi’s idea of dipping the rims. Couldn’t they give you guys small containers? Can you bring in your own colors next time?

  8. What an adventure. I’m so sad that the Stargate….was gone….its like the hurt pierces my heart all over again. Can’t wait to see the final results.

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