Well, it would seem to be true.  The road to Hell IS paved with good intentions!  Man, what the hell was I thinking?

So- busy, busy, busy!

I am working on the third take of Take #1 of that COLOSSAL project.  We have streaked through Phase #1 and are now streaking towards Phase #2.  And what, pray tell, is Phase #3?  Well, if all goes according to plan, it’s a green light, a dynamic writers’ room, and smooooooooooooth sailing!  I’ve spent the better part of the last week researching the source material on this one and it has truly been a blast.  Still, I will be absolutely crushed if we don’t land this.

I delivered the outline for the pilot of my (formerly) Untitled Awesome Project on Thursday, four days ahead of schedule.  No word yet on what the six person High Council thought.  I expect a response by week’s end.  Hopefully.  There is also talk of a second script.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  Let’s stick the landing on the outline, turn around that first draft in record time, make sure everyone’s happy, then start thinking about what fate awaits our intrepid heroes in Episode 2.

With my hands full on these other projects (and the original author also juggling various projects of his own), we’ve had to call in the the big gun on this horror novel adaptation – none other than my former writing partner Paul.  He is reading the book as I write this and, I’m sure, already coming up with a plethora of creepy and unnerving ideas.

That comic book adaptation has…stalled.  It’s been an odd collaboration insofar as I’ve put together a series overview complete but have not received much in the way of input. The option is still in play so I’m hoping we get the go-ahead for a pilot – which will go a long ways towards landing a series order.  Failing that, I think it’s going to be a tough task.

And this other show is rolling along, gathering up speed like a runaway locomotive headed downhill.  Today, we sat down with the Art Department and our VFX Supervisor. Then, tonight, I spent much of dinner reviewing the auditions for all seven of our series regulars.  A lot of really good candidates.  Honestly?  Many more than I had expected.  And more coming our way tomorrow!

Another phone call about the comic book project later this week.  I’ve revised the overview and have a pretty good sense of how those first four issues will break down.  Next topic of conversation: artists!

Hey, whatever happened to that small town horror series?  Last I heard, they were putting the finishing touches on a sizzle reel to accompany the overview.

Also, hey, whatever happened to that near future series I developed for that network that was delivered way back in – Holy Crap!  I just checked and realized – September!  SEPTEMBER??!  SEPTEMBER without so much as a “Please hold to maintain your pilot script priority”.

February 12, 2019: On The Project Front!

Actual footage of that pilot script and series overview being filed away for future network review.

I’m exhausted and ready for bed.  So that I can lie here for the next two hours and flesh out the pilot for that COLOSSAL project.

11 thoughts on “February 12, 2019: On the project front!

  1. Wow! You HAVE been busy.
    Wonderful that Paul is available to lend a hand.
    Here is some unsolicited advice, don’t burn yourself out. Good luck!

  2. I know you’ve explained that spinning many plates in the air is how you survive the rigors of being a show runner but…. still…. I’m exhausted reading about it. I’m glad you’re able to handle it. 🙂

  3. I’m just looking forward to whatever comes of all your hard work. Can’t wait to see it!

  4. I’m thrilled for you, and ultimately for us – your audience awaiting the outcome of your hard work. Wishing you all the best that the projects you’ve worked on will come to fruition. Everything you’re involved with turns out brilliant so I keep my fingers and toes crossed for successful outcomes. Thanks for letting us in on the process so we can follow along on the adventures and feel we’re a small part in cheering you on.

  5. This is a roller coaster. There are more twists and cliffhangers in those written episodes of yours than in any 1950s radio serials. This is so thrilling to read and wait for the next episode.

  6. Hi Joe, I wonder if you can tell me about the relationship between yourself and the ‘format breaker’. It seems that the early seasons of SG:1 delivered a specific flavour of fairly conventional narrative but I noticed that once yourself and Paul joined the team there were more then just a few instances of meta episodes like ‘Wormhole Extreme’ etc. However my favourite was ‘Bad Guys’. I still think that within the format, and even today in 2019, it is a strong episode. Maybe format breaking is just a feature of a long running series; just look at ‘Supernatural’. Also ‘Moonlighting’ had it’s fair share of format breakers and only ran for 3 or 4 seasons. So what was the story behind SG:1 ‘Bad Guys’ Joe?

  7. You’re made of stronger stuff than me, my friend. I’m stressed out just reading that!

    I’m really hoping to see that horror series come to fruition, and of course the UAP. I can’t remember what the COLOSSAL project is, though! You’ve got so many irons in the fire I can’t keep track!

    In other news, we’re in the middle of an actual snow storm here – one that’s not supposed to turn to freezing rain and rain after (so they say). I might be actually able to get out and do some snow shoeing!

  8. Cheers to Paul aka Big Guns, is it greedy that I want to see ALL these projects? But if you turn that near future series into a novel, anthology or comic book I’ll be first in line to snag my copy, I’ll display it alongside my special ordered DM vol. 1.

    But wait, with all this work is there time for delicious meals? Because I need to see those yummy food pics. Last nite I put broth to simmer with leftover pork, roast chicken and last Sunday’s purple potatoes, baby carrots and chayote. The result was the tastiest chicken (and pork!) soup I’ve ever had outside of my grandmas.

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