Incredibly saddened to hear of the passing of the wonderful Carmen Argenziano, an actor whose career spanned fifty years and included roles in Godfather II, The Rockford Files, L.A. Law, Melrose Place, C.S.I. NY, and many, many, many more.  Of course, to most visitors to this blog, he will be forever fondly remembered for his compassionate portrayal of Jacob Carter, Samantha Carter’s father in Stargate: SG-1.  Jacob was a likable character – warm, thoughtful, and kind – and this was in large part due to the fact the actor playing him was all of those three.  Yes, Carmen was playing a role, but his character in many ways mirrored Carmen himself who was infallibly engaging, good-natured, and incredibly charming behind the scenes.  He always had a way of putting you at ease and, once you started talking, it was as if you’d known him for years.

After Stargate wrapped and we all went our separate ways, on to new productions and new opportunities, I was always heartened to see Carmen still busy as ever: in a surprisingly delightful guest arc on House, as an atypical heavy in the sun and sand of Hawaii Five-O, playing doctors, cops, lawyers, judges, and priests (Plenty of priests!).  His imdb page lists three recently completed short films and two films in post-production   in addition to, sadly, two more films in prep and another just announced.  Whereas many performers see their opportunities wane with time, Carmen remained busy and in demand, a still vibrant force, which makes his passing all the more shocking and heartbreaking.


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  1. He actually accepted my friend request on Facebook a few years ago I was surprised. I always enjoyed his performances when ever I would see him but Jacob Carter was my favorite but he was a great character actor I think he would like that. He was similar to me politically so I enjoyed his posts

  2. I got home from work yesterday to find out about his passing as was terribly saddened to read about it.I followed him on Facebook and he posted quite often and was engaging as well.I had noticed from about the New Year he was very quiet and this explains why.I have met many,many Stargate alumni at conventions here in Australia and New Zealand but sadly I won’t get the chance to meet Carmen.

  3. Truly a great talent. It was always nice to see him in Stargate and I loved how he portrayed his character in House.

  4. What a lovely tribute. I loved his portrayal of Jacob and the part he played in the Stargate family and story line. It was fun in later years as well to see him in other shows like House. From the comments from you Joe and from Michael Shanks and others it is clear that his was a “life well lived”.

  5. RIP. 🙁

    He was great on SG1 as Jacob Carter (Sam’s dad) and as a character on House M.D. Those are the two shows I knew him from.

    …I think I’ll call my dad.

  6. I’m saddened to hear this. He’s two years younger than my parents. Still too young.

  7. I send my condolences to Carmen’s family and his Stargate Family on the loss of such a wonderful man.

  8. I didn’t realize he was in babalon 5, and yet another reason to watch. He was an excellent actor and seemed to portray the best qualities of a father you could ever hope for through Jacob Carter. He will be missed!

  9. This was incredibly sad news. I loved hearing the stories people had that they shared on Twitter and Facebook. I wish I could have met him. I didn’t know he was on the Godfather, but I checked to see when my school mate Franc D’Ambrosio was on there and he was in Godfather III not II.

  10. This deeply saddeneds me. I always enjoyed every performance Carman have. He was so wonderful to watch. My heart goes out to his family and friends and to all the Stargate Family. Heaven has a beautiful spirit but the earth is decidedly dimmer.

  11. He will always have a place in my heart.

    Stargate was my first foray into any fandom.
    I also was a Sam/Daniel shipper.
    This meant that my first encounter with the fandom experience was not a pleasant one.
    I ended up experiencing a shipper war for the first time and I was almost discouraged from staying or even thinking about other fandoms.

    But when Carmen stated in an interview that IF he were really Sam’s father he didn’t see a long lasting healthy relationship between Sam and Pete and even Sam and Jack for the same reasons but he did see one in Sam and Daniel. By stating that he validated my opinion as a reasonable one and it encouraged me to stick it out and feel less isolated in my fandom explorations. Without him I would have never felt comfortable voicing my rare-shipper or minority opinion in other fandoms.

    Without him I would have never felt that every ship, no matter how small and outside the norm, deserves to be supported and I wasn’t some crazy chick.

  12. He played one of my all-time favorite characters on Stargate SG-1. With so many wonderful actors, characters and storylines…his appearance always brought even more to the story. I am going to miss him.

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