Well, how delightful.  A new project has landed on my plate, this one an original comic book series I pitched a little while ago.  It’s a far-future space opera in a similar vein to Dark Matter – a tech-fueled, character-driven adventure series with an undercurrent of humor.  Today I presented by broad stroke vision for the story to my editor who had some great suggestions – a tweak in the motivation of one of the central players as well as a slight revision that will see the series-defining twist occur at the end of the first issue.  We also talked tone, themes, and artists.  We reconvene sometime next week when I’ll present him with a revised overview and rough breakdown of the first story arc.

Prep is revving up on the production I’m showrunning.  Ian Brock and the Art Department are fine-tuning those set designs while, today, we discussed the show’s varied wardrobe demands.  Discussions still ongoing on certain departments.   Casting, however, is full-go.  Meanwhile, the scripts for episodes 105 and 106 were sent out for broadcaster review this morning.  Episodes 107 and 108 are currently being revised.  Awaiting notes on that 109 outline before sending the writer to first draft.  As for Episode 110, our season one finale…I’m holding off.  Ideally, I’d like to have all the scripts more or less production ready by the time we go to camera in late March, but I do recall the Dark Matter season one finale benefiting from a little insight into the show’s onscreen chemistry – something we won’t know about until we start seeing some cuts.

I’ve set aside the first draft of my (formerly) Untitled Awesome Project pilot script (and 24 page outline) so I can come back at it with fresh eyes tomorrow.  Ivon will be sending me notes tonight.  His initial take: “wacky but really funny”.

That big BIG BIIIIIIIIG pitch is presently being revised on the heels of some requested changes by The Powers That Be.  Their input was great and, as I told my partner on this one, the new take “addresses their concerns and, more importantly, incorporates their suggestions in a way that makes for a more focused, character-complex narrative”.  If we get the green light on this one, I’ll have some major reading research ahead of me.

Finally – sadly – those Dark Matter rumblings I reported on a couple of months ago have grown silent once again.  I had a conversation with a representative of a group with very deep pockets who had expressed interest in saving the show – and, really, COULD have saved the show had he been able to reach the right people when the series was first cancelled (And by right people, I mean me. Honestly, how hard am I to find online?).  They were interested in teaming on another project that, to be honest, while not my cup of tea, I would have happily worked on as a means of  establishing the foundation for potential bigger projects (And by bigger projects, I mean a Dark Matter revival).  Of course, in this business, nothing goes according to plan.  Strategies shifted.  Now, I’m working on these projects and they’re, I suspect, heading down the slippery slope of extended development hell.  It’s a rite of passage!

13 thoughts on “February 5, 2019: The Projects Update!

  1. I’m a little excited, a little nervous, and a little queasy over all that news. I would go and sit for a while, but I’m already sitting so I’ll just go lie over there on the floor.

  2. Shame about DM , what could have happened if only a rich exec new how to use Google search to find you ? Hmmm, I smell something fishy about all this, but maybe I’m just a suspicious fellow.
    Re: casting for your new project, any chance some of the Dark Matter cast are available???
    Would be nice.

  3. Sounds like you are going to be BUSY … in a good way! Can’t wait for all your projects to be on screen! Crossing my fingers and toes! Hopefully smooth sailing!

  4. Every time I see the words Dark Matter in BoldType I get excited…then I read the text and get disheartened, again. There is probably no end to that torment, but yet, I remain hopeful.

  5. While your other projects may be interesting, I have to admit that I only care about Dark Matter, and the latest bad news is just another bummer.

  6. Major reading…hm! I’ll keep sending out good mojo vibes to get DM back in the pipeline. I certainly watch enough witch genre shows to manifest a few watts of positive DM energy. My office is cold, it’s rainy and time has slowed to a drip. Trying to use this Zaz song to extrude a little joy from a soggy day: https://youtu.be/ja3oDIYNPkU

  7. All those things to manage simultaneously!Damn.

    I’m glad you comicbook’s moving forward, I hope you’ll find a good artist for it!

    You guys start shooting the new show in march, already? That’s fast! (I mean, it looks like it.)

    Too bad concerning the “deep pocket” guys. Tables turn. Dark Matter will revive one way or another, at some point.

  8. Bummer news about Dark Matter but everything else sounds so interesting and exciting. Looking forward to hearing more and getting a name with these projects.

  9. I’m so sad to hear this about Dark Matter. I was so looking forward to see the show back in some way or to have at least some way of closure to the amazing story-line. A revival as TV-show or Movies would have been the greatest, but I would also settle for a comic-book or a book or scripts telling the last 2 seasons.
    I still have my hopes that we will eventually be told if Two finds her daughter, what happens to the war and the black ships and the Draftstar conspiracy and what role Five’s sister Carina will play. And all the other loose ends (like Sarah and the androids).

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