Man, pitching is tough.  Even when you know your take inside out and are feeling great about it going in, there’s no telling how you did going out.  Especially after protracted pockets of silence after the humorous bits.  Still, 45 minutes of awesome storytelling later, you try to put it out of your mind and refocus on other projects.

For what it’s worth though, this would be a dream project.  The cross-genre subject matter combines two of the things I love most and would team me with someone I’ve enjoyed working with in the past who be a total blast to work with again.  This projects ticks all the boxes.  So, of course, as always, it’s wait and see.

Meanwhile, tomorrow is the kick-off call for the (formerly) Untitled Awesome Project.  I’ve already started working on a the detailed outline for the pilot, occasionally pitching Akemi and Ivon the various sequences I’ve envision.  I’ve yet to write the script yet they already have their favorite character.  The same one!  This show is going to be a joy to work on if it goes.  It’ll be like writing/producing the funniest installments of Stargate (Window of Opportunity, Wormhole X-Treme, 200) and Dark Matter (All The Time In The World, Isn’t That A Paradox?) EVERY episode.

Also meanwhile, official prep begins on this other series.  Former Dark Matter Production Designer Ian Brock will be doing the honors, designing our unique far future city exteriors and interiors, overseeing construction as it gets underway tomorrow.  9 of the first season’s 10 scripts are already in play.  And also this week, we pull the trigger on our department heads and get the ball rolling on casting.  The latter will be especially challenging as we have 10 series regulars to nail down before the start of principal photography in late March.

I already feel the need for a Tokyo getaway…

16 thoughts on “January 28, 2019: On the Project Front…

  1. Remember Joe, your job is fun! That’s why you do it. Don’t stress so much. Learn from Suji to roll with whatever life brings you. It will all work out in the end.

  2. I am really crossing my fingers for your success, as we really need more great sci fi on TV, so all I can say is : Good Luck !

  3. It sounds like you’re about to be an exceptionally busy man. Congratulations on current & potential projects!

    Speaking of current projects – TEN series regulars? I hope they wear name tags for the first few episodes or I’m gonna have to take notes. Watching TV is getting hard, man.

  4. How many projects do you have going. Do you like having multiple projects going at once? You seem to be someone with a lot of drive. I can only admire that. I tried being a writer when I was younger, it is difficult. Anyway, what would you do in Tokyo anyway but come up with ideas you would want to peruse?

  5. I can’t wait to see more of your shows, good luck with everything, try to relax and don’t forget the Dark Matter crew when your casting 🙂

  6. TV executives dislike pitches that are very expensive to make. With quite a lot early sci-fi, like Blake’s 7, they had them sally forth in a cardboard spaceship, with much of the plot taking place between the characters on the bridge. It is important to keep in mind what you are pitching is just a play – focus more on characters and plot and don’t submit a script that calls for lots of CGI just because the technology is available!

  7. So you have to be a salesman and a writer? That’s a lot of pressure. I’m glad you have @Akemi and the girls!

    Ian did a great job on Dark Matter.

  8. Awesome project sounds even MORE AWESOME.

    I think we need a show about blog regulars who team up to save the world because we are the only ones who realize the alien invasion is already here. I call dibs on the snarky old lady bits.

  9. I thought how could you ever manage working on two shows at once. Oh yeah, Stargate, duh! But being completely new shows without the well oiled machine of the Stargate franchise, will you have all the responsibilities of show running both if the second series is greenlit?

  10. sounds promising and hopeful. I already have my liquor of choice waiting at the store. I just have to pick it up.

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