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I’m beginning to think that these people basically only tell you what they think you want to hear. At first. I don’t understand it personally, why not just be honest up front? Or maybe they really don’t remember and are just incompetent?

I love the Lulu pics!

I loved “Brain Storm” – great episode with NDT and Bill Nye.


I feel like that falling stack of cards. Brain is fried from making travel arrangements for March.

Nicolas Bannister

Oh, yeah. How I feel you.It’s EXACTLY the same thing as pitching a comicbook project to publisher (or get them interested in my portfolio to do illustrations for them). That is really really frustrating and time consuming and stressing out, considering we do that for free. The final budget stakes and people involved are not really the same, obviously, but the hard work and disinterested on your work is the same.
I’m actually starting to believe our main job is to submit projects after projects and once in a while, one’s greenlit. You’re then completely lost because you weren’t expecting it, and you panic because you’re not used to it. grin


Awwww. That’a girl, Lulu. You go girl!
She’s looking just as beautiful as she did the first day she joined the family, Joe.
How’d she do on the way home from your moms?
Did she cry out in the airport again or did her discomfort prove to be
an isolated incident??

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

And “still” you persevere…. smile We all thank you for that!

As a person in my 50’s, I’m loving these gifs. Hubby and I text each other gifs all day (when it’s slow). I’m a child of rotary dial phones, TV antennas (those are making a comeback) and pre-VCRs. I was born too early… smile

Margaret Clayton

Well that just sucks. Some people just don’t understand the quality of your hats.


I feel your pain, for some reason I expected the Tuesday after a long cold snowy holiday to be about taking it easy, not being bombarded with meetings and questions and demands. Plus the elves that take my trash out are on strike which means I have yet more chores waiting. Keep those plates spinning, as they say in Sound of Music you have to kick down 20 doors before one window opens.