January 17, 2019: Blog Entry 4470!  Feels Like 1253!

Pizza Party!  Pizza Party!  Today, Akemi and I met up with our friends Mean Jean and Rowena for a pizza throw down to end all pizza throw downs.  Between the four of us, we sampled not one, or two, or three, or four, or five, but SIX – no, wait!  SEVEN!  SEVEN different pizzas at General Assembly Pizza in downtown Toronto.  The ladies loved the Margherita and the King Shroom ( mozzarella, gorgonzola, grans, cremini, garlic, white balsamic and black pepper) while I favored the sole meat option we ordered: Sweet Heat (tomato, mozzarella, hot salami, chili, honey, and basil).

Once we were absolutely stuffed and could eat no more, we headed over to Soma Chocolates for (what else?) chocolates – and a hot chocolate.

Looking forward to reuniting with Mean Jean on my next production which should kick off anywhere between this Monday and July!

Came across these behind the scenes from our last day on the set of Stargate: Atlantis.  Looking back now, I’m amazed at scope of the production.  All those stages!

Also, found this twitter thread chock full o’ awkwardness:

People list anecdotes from past Q&A’s that have resulted in some pretty memorable moments.  Like, say, this one –

January 17, 2019: Blog Entry 4470!  Feels Like 1253!

I haven’t attended enough cons to have experienced any truly weird incidents, but perhaps one or two of you may have some interesting anecdotes to share…

January 17, 2019: Blog Entry 4470!  Feels Like 1253!

Rejoice!  Poop emoji soft serve is finally a thing!

Finally, a serious question for those in the knows.  What is Nashville hot chicken?  And what makes it so special?

15 thoughts on “January 17, 2019: Blog Entry 4470! Feels like 1253!

  1. 4470?? It seems like just yesterday it was 2001!

    Anyway, I’ve only been to a couple of cons, and the only awkward moment that springs to mind was at the 2011 Vancouver SG con. Brad Wright had just gotten up and broke the awful news that he had exhausted all avenues to get SGU another season, movie, anything to no avail. Everyone was disappointed- except for one person in the Q&A who got up and basically trashed SGU as the series that killed SGA and the whole franchise, or something to that effect. Brad let them have it with both barrels, to the thunderous applause of everyone else in the room. Good times!

    Nashville hot chicken sounds like some kind of euphemism.

  2. I once asked Simon Hanselmann to kiss me for apicture and he was pretty chill about it. I still have that polaroid and signed Megg, Mogg&Owl book with a sketch.

  3. What? You mean our first in-person meeting didn’t stick? 😉😉

    I’ll chime in with one of my embarrassing moments later on. I’ve remembered about a half-dozen so far.

  4. Who got all the leftover pizza?? Did you split it up? Hopefully you didn’t just leave it?

    That Colton guy making fun of the girl “in her 20’s or early 30’s” wanting her first kiss, obviously has never seen Pretty Woman where Julia Roberts never kissed on the lips. Seeeee! Seeeee! Possible.

    I bet Tam Dixon will know what Nashville Hot Chicken is. I’m thinking its chicken, they serve in Nashville, and it is either spicy hot or burns your mouth hot. 🙂

  5. The first year then-Doctor Peter Capaldi was at San Diego Comic-Con, this person asked him how he was enjoying his second SDCC. Capaldi replied that this was, in fact, his first year in attendance, to which this woman replied, “Are you sure?”

    It suddenly became the most silent table ever. Even The Silence had nothing on the silence at that table for what seemed like forever. The silence was so complete it even drowned out everyone else at the other tables in the room.

    Then Capaldi, the gentleman that he is, without skipping a beat said something to the effect of, “I’m fairly certain, yes, but I’m enjoying it immensely. Thank you.”

    Since I’m a huge Whovian, in my eyes that was Capaldi being The Doctor for a moment. He diffused the confusion and awkwardness with just the right thing to say. Unfortunately, “That Person” is frequently at the con & is someone most try to avoid because that kind of questioning is par for the course for them.

  6. That pizza looks too good! I wish I could put it back on my diet. Always open for some Soma if I get back to work. I made some chocolate rue to mix with my coffee.

    I was watching the the newest concoction of Star Trek called the Orville. In it the shuttle craft interior looked like the Dark Matter shuttle down to the row seating and instrument display. And an officer wannabe said he has 50K of light years of travel experience. Who is he; Captain Nemo? Might as well be a show sponsored by Gelette.

  7. The pizza throw down and chocolate would be my dream day. 😉 Emoji poop chocolate is weird! I’d rather eat a 😘, 👄, or a 😍 face.

    Ponytail : Honestly, I’ve never had Nashville hot chicken (I bet JeffW has 🙂). The recipes I’ve seen for it looks like a boneless hot wing sandwich. Sounds yummy! Next time I’m in Nashville, I’ll have a meat cheat day with it. 😉.

  8. That King Shroom sounds marvelous. No red sauce or tomatoes? I’m in. I miss pizza, and have been craving some, but going to Papa Murphy’s and ordering an entire Thai Chicken crispy crust pizza to bake just for myself is simply too much. Too much of everything. None of the delivery places have good no tomato options, dang it.

    I’ve only been to one con, and didn’t go to any of the Q&A, because it was a free ticket on a crappy day and the venue screwed up the security and entry lines so everyone without VIP got in hours late. I was not enthralled. But I would never ask a question because while I can give a flawless speech in front of thousands of people, I get nervous addressing individuals. I’d be silly and tongue tied. I’d probably make interesting story fodder.

    Hot Nashville chicken is fried chicken with a spicy sweet sauce served with pickles. I think the sauce has cayenne and brown sugar, it is not traditional BBQ sauce. Or it is more of a thick paste coating, then fried? KFC had it for a while. Too hot for me.

  9. Nashville Hot Chicken is tailor made for you, Joe. It’s chicken that’s been prepped for frying with the wet and dry coatings and then seasoned with spices ranging from toddler appropriate to cranium elevating. It’s not a sauce like Buffalo wings, rather the spices are incorporated into the coating. It can either be bone-in or tenders.

    And when they say Hot, they mean HOT! I can easily keep up with our friends and family in Mexico and thought I was going to have my face fall off when I got the Damn Hot with a side of Shut the Cluck Up dipping sauce. It was takeout so the next day we cut the crust off the two tenders I had left, ground it in the food processor, and added it to a stir-fry we were making for dinner. Even with enough veggies to serve 8 and no other heat spice, it was still hotter than the vast majority of Americans would tolerate. Good stuff.

    I may be headed to Nashville in the spring. Prince’s or Hattie B’s will definitely be on the list of must-do’s.

  10. Pizza, mm! Had to google some of those shrooms! With a huge snow storm bearing down I will be loading up at the grocery, I will finally try making a cauliflower crust, I’m thinking basil, shrooms braised in olive oil, sweet peppers and sweet Italian sausage. How I love SGA, thanks for the pics!

  11. This isn’t weird, but cool.

    Back in the early 90’s, I attended a Star Trek convention in Atlantic City, NJ. My buddy and I were in the bar at the con when in comes George Takei. I said hello to him as he walked by. He stopped and asked our names, spoke with us for a few minutes and actually asked us to join he and his friends at their table. Which of course we did. Because SULU!

    As the drinks flowed, and we all talked and had a great time, George asked if we wanted to join him and some others for a morning jog the next day on the boardwalk. Keep in mind that I only run when I’m out of ammo, and I was a smoker back then. But of course I went on the jog because SULU! I didn’t last long, but it was fun and makes for a good story. George is an incredibly nice and courteous fellow who very strongly appreciates his fans.

  12. Nashville hot chicken is spicy fried chicken. Next time you’re in nashville ping me. I’d love to hit Hattie B’s with you!

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