The following gifs neatly encapsulate how I’ve been feeling over the past couple of days…

January 15, 2019: About To Have That Wafer Thin Mint…

And –

January 15, 2019: About To Have That Wafer Thin Mint…

And finally –

January 15, 2019: About To Have That Wafer Thin Mint…

Still, I did find the time to slow down and really enjoy the good things in life – like, for instance, today’s dentist appointment.  While in for my bi-annual scraping, I was informed I grind my teeth at night and would benefit from a mouth guard.  Although hesitant at first – and put off by the expense – the dentist eventually convinced me that it was money well-spent for the sake of my teeth.  And so, I went ahead and purchased one.  Still –

January 15, 2019: About To Have That Wafer Thin Mint…

112k feels pretty steep for a glorified retainer.

Not enough Mysterio.

11 thoughts on “January 15, 2019: About to have that wafer thin mint…

  1. Nice grill. I am concerned about Suji getting jealous and wanting one too. The Spiderman trailer looks cool.

  2. hoping that 117K was an attemp at exaggeration since they shouldn’t cost even $1,000. Beyond that, it’s nearly 4 am here so you get spared research on the issues, usefulness and, yep, even dangers since some people with sleep apnea grind in response… which keeps you breathing.

  3. That is a bit much for a mouth guard. You can have my old one, it didn’t help much. I couldn’t sleep with it in, although if I did doze off I would spit it out or take it out and not know I had until I woke up with it tangled in my hair. I suppose i should toss it out now, I stopped grinding when they took out my back molar with the botched root canal. It was under $300.

    Um, sooooo… Spiderman and Nick Fury huh. Always good to dust off the classics. Snap.

  4. yeah, I’m in a growing bad mood because I have to go to the dentist Thursday for my 6 month teeth cleaning. My problem is dry mouth. The hygienist gave me (it cost me extra money) some special tooth paste to use last time. A few days ago I saw it hiding behind some lotion. I forgot about it – sort of. I’ll probably get in trouble about not using it. I’m pretty nervous now which means my blood pressure will be high and I’ll get in trouble for that too!

  5. I have to see the dentist. I had to reschedule my 6-month cleaning because of my surgery but now I think they chipped (more like split) a piece of my front tooth. But I can’t do that because….ta da….I think we got what Patrick had for 10 days. I’ve been sick since last Monday and last night I saw something in the back of my throat that made me say, “strep.” I went to the Minute Clinic at our local pharmacy and they did a rapid strep test and ta-da strep (and bronchitis). So I started antibiotics. Jeff has now what I had last Monday so I told him to expect strep by next week.

    You can get cheaper mouth guard at the local pharmacy. I forget the brand my dentist recommended because I couldn’t find it and then misplaced the name but I have to get it because I’m certain I’m still grinding my teeth (because of all the stress the last half of the year).

  6. Joe, a bite guard has helped reduce my incidents of jaw pain and migraines since 2010. Hope you have similar results.

  7. “I did find the time to slow down and really enjoy the good things in life.” Having twisted my thumb during kung fu class and therefore not being able to hold a pen/stylus for the next few weeks, I had to slow down as well. And man, that feels GOOD. Forced to find time to clean up the apartment, having a better space to live in, going outside for the sake of going outside only, reading, finally building a proper online oprtfolio, etc… So great. 😀 This injury saved me from another burnout, for sure.

    Spiderman FFH : You’ll get your fix at the movies, I reckon. And that casting choice !? So awesome.
    I was really happy to see it on screen, I was like “That’s Mister Mallozzi on his cloud!!” 😀 I personally can’t wait for this movie.

  8. Night guards are good, especially if your dentist is good at making them. I’ve used one for years now. Sure beats stress fractures in your teeth, jaw pain and headaches!

  9. When they break out the vintage Spidey theme song done real dramatic like it was spine chilling, can’t wait to see Spidey in Europe.

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