We’re finally back to the comfy confines of home.  As much as I love going away, there’s nothing like sleeping in your own bed, drinking your own tea, and forgetting your own keys and having to ask the concierge to buzz you up to your own apartment.

Our last full day in Montreal was a double dumpling day!

The first place had only been in business two days and, clearly, still has some kinks to iron out on its menu and service.  We did the hunan (peanut butter) dumplings, har gow (shrimp dumplings), siu mai (pork dumplings), sweet pork dumplings, “vegetarian” dumplings, and beef curry dumplings.

A mixed batch.  The sauce on the peanut butter dumplings was too weak, the shrimp dumplings cold and fishy.  There was no discernible pork flavor in the sweet pork dumplings that were veggie heavy.  Ironically, the “veggie” dumplings, though good, were  not, exactly vegetarian.  And by not exactly, I mean not at all.  As our waitress served us our order, she informed us: “By the way, the vegetarian dumplings have shrimp in them.”  Oh.  Okay.  The beef curry dumplings were pretty good however – though not good enough to convince me to come back.  The service was clunky but touchingly earnest.  You could tell she was really trying, even going so far as to ask all of our names and asking if we’d be back soon.

I’m not one to put much stock in fortune tellers and the like but the fortune cookie I received at the end of the meal really gave me pause.  So uncannily accurate was it that I experienced a frisson of terror.  HOW could this cookie know me so well?

January 3, 2019: Back Home!

The second dumpling place was our dinner stopover where we enjoyed another dumpling medley: peanut butter, pan-fried beef curry, pan-fried lamb and coriander, steamed veggie, steamed pork and leek, and steamed chicken and coriander.

The service was terrible.  There was only one server and she didn’t seem in much of a rush, fielding take-out orders for a full ten minutes while we waited at the door.  We finally got fed up and bused our own table, seated ourselves.  She finally came over, gave the table a casual once-over with a rag – prompting my sister to do a proper cleaning with hand sanitizer and some bathroom paper towels.  She took our order in a perfunctory manner but, thankfully, didn’t screw it up or otherwise delay us.  Halfway through our meal, one of the two women at our neighboring table asked: “What’s good?”  “Dumplings,”was her curt response.

The peanut butter dumplings were good, but still not great.  Better quality dumplings overall with steamed pork and leek and the beef curry being the true standouts.  Here, the vegetarian dumplings truly WERE vegetarian dumplings, so they were mostly ignored by everyone except Akemi who ordered them.

We concluded our evening with a visit to that place that does dipped soft serve cones.  My last indulgent before my last indulgent before I’m back on the program.

January 3, 2019: Back Home!

We concluded our Montreal trip with a visit to Smoke Meat Pete (It’s a holiday tradition!).    Surprisingly, one of the only times I’ve come away disappointed in the sandwich.  I asked for medium-fat but the meat in my sandwich was far too lean for my liking.  Those double fried fries are always a winner though.

January 3, 2019: Back Home!

A fond farewell to mom, sis, and Daisy until next time!

10 thoughts on “January 3, 2019: Back Home!

  1. Actually I have been on dumpling diet past 3 days … at home. Decided to buy home the different variety of dumplings from grocery store to try. No bad service. Just me, served by myself. LOL.

  2. Glad to see you made it back home safely!

    Ugh, that second dumpling place in particular sounds like a real winner. I would have walked out before feeling I had to clean my own table. That’s crazy.

    Despite the culinary disappointments, it still looks like you guys had a great time with family in MTL. How did the dogs do on the way home? No reports so I’m assuming pretty well?

  3. Ya know, Joey…as you get older you start to lose your sense of taste. Perhaps the dumplings were all terrific, but your tongue was just too old to recognize it…

    Just a thought.



  4. Oh, all those dumplings. I’m not even sure I can get decent gyoza here. Wontons, well, sure. But so many choices … oh my. So, are bad or poor dumplings better than no dumplings?

    I definitely need to go to Ocean Mart and buy a bunch of frozen ones. I may even have a real steamer from my parents house tucked away somewhere … if not Ocean Mart sells them… and sauces. Yum.

  5. “Perhaps the dumplings were all terrific, but your tongue was just too old to recognize it…”
    😆 😆 😆 Good one!

    Bye bye mama! I had a good time! See ya next time.

  6. AND now I’m hungry. I suspended my veggie diet this holiday. We went for BBQ during Christmas and it was bad, tough and gristlely. I would have been better off with a salad. A meat day wasted. 🙁

    Glad y’all made it home safe!

    I’m spending part of the day erasing U2 songs that Apple sneaked into the last update.

  7. As a lifelong pork pot sticker lover I definitely feel ya on trying to find a really tasty dumpling.
    A good hot pastrami on rye, yep. even one with leaner meat, can never really be a ‘bad’ thing.
    (Though, FYI, the fat in the meat, in my personal opinion, lends a large part to the enjoyment of the indulgence. )

    Albeit, ….. What happened??
    No condo shopping? as you hinted/teased at. Now I’m just bummed man!! 🙁

  8. Hi Joe, I really enjoyed your book picks. Will you be doing a ‘Best of Horror’ genre? I love gothic horror… have you any recs? My humble recs are ‘The Quick’ by Lauren Owen and ‘House of Small Shadows’ by Adam Neville. A fantasy novel I really loved was ‘The Library at Mount Char’ by Scott Hawkins. Happy New Year to you and the family.

  9. Wow the suspense over what was in that fortune cookie had me on tenterhooks, it was like the first paragraph of some great horror novel. For that set up the cookie should have said “I know what you did last Wednesday” or “They’re Watching You.” Anxiously awaiting publication of “The Fortune Cookie” by Joseph Mallozzi. Those fries look damn amazing. I’ll be thinking of all these dumplings when I dig into my kale salad tonight. I baked kale with red onion, sundried tomatoes, spices, vinegar, olive oil and shredded red cabbage. I tossed a giant mound of rubbish after watching Marie Kondo on Netflix. I’m in trouble if she ever starts her own megachurch.

  10. There’s no place like home. (When it’s a good one.)
    That veggie shrimp dumpling is quite the weird item indeed…
    Other than than, I don’t have much knowledge in dumplings, so, well… I trust you! ^^
    (Yay to Akemi for veggie dumplings!)

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