Tomorrow afternoon, we are Montreal-bound for 11(ish) glorious days of eating.  And family time.  Now eleven days may seem like an unusually long time to bunk at mom’s (I’m sure it’s just coincidental that Akemi’s interest and enthusiasm for purchasing a condo in the city is inversely proportional to the dwindling days towards our departure), but this time we’ve taken a page out of Japan Travel handbook and purchased a portable wifi for the occasion.  No longer will we need to trek to my sister’s place or that quaint little coffee shop in Pointe Claire Village for their free wifi.  Ah, chances are we’ll probably still hit the coffee shop but still, it’s nice to know that this year we’ll stay connected.

The airport is only a ten minute drive from our place and the flight itself a little over an hour, so the dogs – who will be flying in-cabin – should be fine.  Given my travel experience with them, I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no idea time of day to fly with them.  They’re equally well/ill-behaved regardless of when we hit the friendly skies. Lulu straddles the 20 lb weight limit, so here’s hoping a light breakfast and early afternoon poop will do the trick.

December 21, 2018: Gearing Up For Holiday Travels!

Received this beautiful canvas print of our late pug Bubba from blog regular gforce (aka Gary) earlier this week.  Gary took the photo when he visited us in Vancouver a couple of years back, a gorgeous shot of Akemi’s “second boyfriend”.  Thanks, Gary.

She looks calm and sleepy now but a little under 24 hours, this little powder keg will go OFF when she is reunited with the rest of the Mallozzi pack – my mother’s two dogs and my sister’s three.  She may be small, but Suji has attitude.   Don’t believe me?  Check out this recent heated discussion –

As we head into festive mode, take a moment to send well-wishes to all of our extended blog family, especially those who may be looking at a more difficult holiday season.

10 thoughts on “December 21, 2018: Gearing up for holiday travels!

  1. I wish you, Akemi and the Mallozzi clan a joyous holiday season. Hugs and kisses for Suji the Christmas star and Lulu the darling girl.

  2. I’m looking forward to all the pics of the great eats that I’m sure your Mom is going to be cooking up! Hmm, I just had an idea that “Christmas with the Mallozzis” would make a great reality TV show! 🙂

    It was my honour to send that pic of Bubba and I’m so pleased that you guys love it. He had a special place in all our hearts here, too. I have wonderful memories of my trip that time. It’s great to revisit them.

    Here’s a big happy holidays and Merry Christmas to all the blog regulars! Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing this holiday season, I hope it a great one and that you know you’re part of a very special community here. Blessings to all!

  3. Love the portrait of Bubba. Nice shot gforce. Enjoy your trip home. Say hi to mom for us. Lots of pictures please.

    @Drea – Thanks for the shout out. You have my birthday all month long?? I guess I’ll have to clean up my twitter snark for the month. Darn it.

  4. @Gforce Such a beautiful shot of Bubba. Your talents with the camera never cease to amaze me.

    Wishing everyone in our blog family
    Comfort Joy and a thousand + one sweetest hugs n kisses
    this holiday season and always! XOXOXO

    @Joe Say hi to Mama Mallozzi, Andria & Daisy for all of us.
    Had a hunch you’d lean more toward Montreal than Buffalo for your next condo.
    Excellent Choice! Albeit, Hope someone has warned poor Roger Anthony to start toughening up
    his taste buds for all the hot peppers you are likely to force him to eat once you become neighbors.
    An even bigger question: Is Akemi going to get an extra special something in her stocking this year
    in the form of a gift that keeps on giving, that will double as the perfect gift for you, your mom and sis, as well??
    Cant hardly wait to find out. The suspense is killing me! 😀

    For those of you clueless what my wee riddle might be referring to.
    Lets just say, (for the moment), I’m either outing Joe for being a total cheapskate, trying to buy one gift
    for 4 people. Or I’m sincerely applauding him for finally figuring out the absolutely perfect holiday gift to give to those he loves.


  5. Have a great National Lampoon style Christmas with the family and pets,hope all are well and healthy and that you all end up looking pregnant due to too much great food 🙂
    Merry Pugmas to you and Akemi.

  6. Cher M. Malozzi,
    en attendant de voir un jour un de vos prochains projets à l’écran, mon époue et moi vous souhaitons un merveilleux temps des fêtes au Québec avec parents et amis.

  7. That is an amazing photo of Bubba Gforce! Your camera skills are excellent.

    Happy Birthday Month Ponytail!

    I survived my mom visit and so will both of you Akemi & Mr. M.! It was only an overnight trip for me and I’m so tired. Naptime!

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