A quickie blog entry today as we are in the airport, waiting to board, much relieved we got Akemi’s PR card in time because it would have been a major hassle getting home without it.  Our only other option would have been a 28 hours flight to Buffalo followed by a two hour drive to Toronto.  As luck would have it, however, it all worked out and we’ll make it home in half that time.

We capped off our Tokyo visit with lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, Esquisse.  It’s a favorite of ours for many reasons.  First and foremost is the food – always wonderful, always beautifully presented.  Then, there’s the impeccable service.  And finally there’s Chef/Owner Lionel Beccat who is always a delight.  Nine years ago, he was the Head Chef at Michel Troisgros where Akemi and I had our very first date.  We’ve all come a long way in those nine years, and it’s always nice to reconnect and celebrate his success every time we come to town.

Presenting, the artistry of Lionel Beccat…

Meanwhile, waiting for us on the home front…

December 6, 2018: Homeward-bound!

15 thoughts on “December 6, 2018: Homeward-bound!

  1. All those dishes really do look like art.

    I can’t wait to hear about how excited the pups are when you get home! Suji will probably be beside herself.

  2. Homewaaaaaaard bound ! I’m homeward boooooound….stops singing before he is chased out of the comment section by a mob with torches and pitch forks

  3. I have enjoyed your trip soooo much! And I have learned a lot, too. Thank you for letting me tag along again.

  4. Hope you have a safe journey home.
    Reading the blog, this week, has been like opening an Advent Calendar of Food!
    Looking forward to Day 24 when we get to see what UF stands for 😀

  5. I see what you mean about presentation. Wow. I bet Suji and Lulu will be so happy to see you both.

  6. Can’t imagine 28 hours flight and the drive after, but thank goodness you don’t have to do it.
    Pictures from Esquisse look amazing. High level stuff!

  7. Glad to read the card issue got resolved ! It’s a relief. 🙂
    Another great meal to finish the trip. Like I always say, a trip only have got so much meals in it, so better make them all count!

    Fun fact, Flora’s family lives close to where Troisgros has got their original restaurant (Roanne, France).
    It’s right in front of the train station, we see it every time we go.
    Never eaten there, though… Three stars, sic. >__<

  8. That food looks too pretty to eat!
    Safe flight home you two… puppies eagerly await to slather you with love.

  9. At least Lionel uses plates, unlike that restaurant you went to the other day!

    Hope the travel goes well and you get home safely but . . . Nooooo! It’s too soon! We barely had any time to enjoy your posts!

    What’s a PR card? Permanent Resident? Why can you get in via a land border but not by air?

  10. safe journey, rest and relax a bit if you can before jumping back in to the fray. the pups will help with that. welcome home!

  11. @ Edmond Dantes – I’m with you man!…..

    Homeward bound
    I wish I was
    Homeward bound
    Home, where my thought’s escaping (that horror script)
    Home, where my music’s playing
    Home, where my love (Suji/Lulu) lies waiting
    Silently for me
    Silently for me

    That trip to Japan went by fast! Too fast. Time to plan another one. Hope your girls were happy to see you. Would love to see pictures of that reunion.

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