With time running down on this Japan trip, I’m trying to make the most of the day and a half I have left.  As a result, today was packed full o’ fun.

First up, was a trip to Roppongi and a visit to the Mori Art Museum where I took not one, not two, but THREE different exhibits –

There was the Cardcaptor Sakura Exhibit with original artwork, interactive rooms, and insights into the popular manga/anime series.

Then there was an exhibit profiling manga artist Fujiko Fujio’s massive body of work covering everything from slice of life to sci-fi.


Then there was the main exhibit, Catastrophe and the Power of Art, that focused on art’s place in chaotic times.

Damnit.  Missed snapping a photo of the artist but I enjoyed her surreal take on the traditional family unit.

Oliver Laric’s Versions was inspired by a 2008 incident in which Iran released an official photo of a missile test depicting four missiles being launched – only to be mercilessly lampooned when it was discovered they had actually photoshopped in an extra missile.  These are a few of the photos from the series in which the artist offers his own take on the incidentIMG_4598.jpg

Ikeda Manabu’s Foretoken has become evocative of the tsunami that hit the Tohoku region.

These were just a small number of the works on exhibit ranging from the provocative to the baffling.  And then there was this mesmerizing piece –

From art to curry.  I caught a quick subway ride to Akihabara where I enjoyed a 5 level spice chicken katsu curry at Coco Ichi!


A little anime-themed shopping took me from Akihabara to Tokyo Station where we perused a character alley with rows of shops dedicated to some of Japan (and the world’s) most beloved characters –

My haul included a Detective Conan Black Organization t-shirt and a capybara t-shirt.

From there, I went to Omote-sando and raided Kiddyland for a bunch of Snoopy swag for  sis.

Made it back to the hotel in time to change, and then head out for a kaiseki dinner at Uchiyama followed by drinks at Bar Goya in Ginza.

I’m exhausted but still have much to do – and maybe half a day to get it all done tomorrow!

7 thoughts on “December 5, 2018: Tokyo Day #5!

  1. Soooo, if i send you some money before you head off to Japan again, can you pick me up some random goodies, would definitely trust yours and Akemi’s judgement on daft to amazing Japanese items.
    Also have you thought about becoming a food blogger/writing your own adaptation of Food Wars anime to live action tv series…;p

  2. The tsunami mural is haunting. This visit seems short, hope you get to go back again soon for more amazing food pics! I made cold noodle salad Saturday in honor of you guys; sardines and veggies on udon, nothing is worse than running out of rice wine vinegar right when you need it. I also had terrible sushi, very dry and bland, but that means all the good sushi has been left for you guys so eat up! I’m deep into “Of Blood and Bone” book 2 of Nora Roberts’ dystopian trilogy, so good.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your Japan visit with us, once again, Joe.
    Those museum exhibits are all really powerful and wonderful.

    Hope your throat is feeling a bit better
    and your tummy isnt giving you too much grief after all that eating!
    Enjoy your final half day.

    Safe flight home. xo

  4. What a variety day !
    I love the fact you commit to very serious things but also to genuine anime stuff.
    Embracing pop-culture wholesomely.

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