November 25, 2018: Suji Sunday!

Uh oh.  Suji and Lulu are giving me their “You’re not going away, are you?” looks.  It’s like they can sense our approaching departure.  Suji has been even clingier of late, creeping up and settling down by my chest at night, insistent on cuddling.  Even Lulu, who’s usually pretty cool, has taken up residence beside him on the couch when I work.  

November 25, 2018: Suji Sunday!

The plan is to take them out for no less than three walks tomorrow and really tire them out before dropping them off, late tomorrow night, at our dog sitter’s place.  Tonight is our last night with them for 10 days!  In the two years since we adopted Suji, we haven’t been away from her for more than one!

November 25, 2018: Suji Sunday!


We’re double-checking our long list of instructions for their care.  Highlights include feeding instructions (Suji eats fast so she can snack on a dental chew while waiting for Lulu to finish up), walk etiquette (they get a treat every time they do their business AND every time they cross a street AND at the conclusion of their outing), and meds and supplements (rimadyl, gabapentin, diethystilbestrol, Ester-C, D-Mannose, cranberry extract, CBD oil).

November 25, 2018: Suji Sunday!

Hopefully they behave themselves.  Suji can be a bit cranky, especially around other dogs while Lulu is generally pretty chill.  However, both can be unpredictable poop machines.

8 thoughts on “November 25, 2018: Suji Sunday!

  1. I hope you both have a wonderful time, that the dogs are fully tired when leaving them with the sitter, and that Akemi’s documentation issues get resolved in a timely and positive manner. Although I know it’s far too late for that last one, I hope you get the gist of my wishes.

    Also know I am very jealous. I’ve always wanted to visit Japan. Eat some really unusual foods for me!

  2. Hope you can have a good, worry free trip. The girls will be sooooo happy when you come back.

  3. Dont forget to pack a freshly worn, unlaundered, t shirt with your scent on it for Suji to cuddle with while you are away, to help lessen her anxiety a wee bit.

    Cheers. Hugs. and Safe Travels to you both. XO
    Here’s to hoping the PR renewal card issuance gets resolved soon.
    Maybe? Check with your lawyer, to see if they’d be willing to make some immediate ‘inquiry’ type calls to immigration service this morning? Might help, at the very least, light a small fire under their arses. ???

  4. I’ve got to admit, I was a little hesitant to click on the video, which followed the phrase “unpredictable poop machines”.

    I think it will take a few days for Suji to get used to you not being there. But I’ll wager she’s going to be pissed off at you when you return.

    Have a safe trip, guys!

  5. That medication list was quite impressive. You could add in just a small dose of Valium daily to help with their separation anxiety !
    Just kidding, anyhow, have a great time in Japan.

  6. Wow, 3 times a day is pretty good given the incontinence regime. Most will still have 4-6 when with managed joint pain

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