Seriously?  Has it already been four weeks?  I mean, it feels like yesterday I walked into a roomful of strangers, my rain-soaked suit sticking to me like some clammy second layer, armed with naught but a general series overview, a showrunning agreement, and the very best of intentions.  Also, a half an avocado.  Over those first four weeks, we’ve broken our ten episode first season, stopping only to discuss lunch options, politics, and fantasy football.  And that includes a full week of world-building as well.

As I head into the long weekend (This being Canadian Thanksgiving.  For those Americans not in the know, we celebrate Thanksgiving roughly one month earlier, Christmas one month later, and Mardi Gras not at all unless you count Toronto’s Carribana which is similar but with significantly fewer King cakes and flambeaux), I have the final three outlines to complete.  I need to deliver by Sunday so that the writers have time to review them Monday before resuming discussions on Tuesday.  The plan is to spend the final four days focusing on tracking the various character and story arcs, ironing out all those narrative wrinkles, and addressing those pesky TBD’s.  And, once that’s done, dare I say it?  Smoooooo –


Then, I have to switch gears to the pilot script I am co-writing with series creator R.T.  Once THAT’S done, it’ll be smoooo –

Are you crazy?  We still have nine scripts to write, a series to prep, and sundry tiny little issues to address like notes, scheduling, and casting.

Amid the mayhem, Akemi and I are eyeing a little nine day Tokyo trip to visit family and eat sea urchin buns for breakfast.  While our frenchie will, no doubt, be thrilled to be rid of us and in a new environment, this will be longest we’ll be separated from our senior pug, Suji.  Nine days!  Will she even remember us when we come back?

October 5, 2018: 4 Down; 1 To Go!

Pictured above: Lulu (Looking forward to some away time); Suji (Don’t leave me!).

13 thoughts on “October 5, 2018: 4 down; 1 to go!

  1. It sounds like the show is going well, but even I’m kind of nervous about you leaving Suji! I’m sure she’ll be fine though and I’m certain you’re not leaving her with just anyone. I know you guys have usually gone around September. Thinking of heading there soon?

  2. Planning a trip. Been 3 yrs. would love to have Pad Thai, Dimsam, or Kow doem for Breakfast.

  3. Can you facetime with Suji while away or call her frequently? Also leave dirty shirts, socks, or pants for her to sleep with. Hopefully the girl’s babysitter will be extra nice to them while you are gone. Is your sister going to keep them?

  4. Oh that’s right! Gosh! I forgot all about Thanksgiving coming up this Monday!
    Heading to your mom’s again this year? or feasting in TO with friends?

    Very glad to hear you found someone suitable to care for Suji – so you can get away for a bit.
    So, has Akemi’s travel paper issuance already been resolved, then??
    And when are you planning to embark on your little road trip to Buffalo?

    Well, here’s to hoping its a nice weekend for all where ever you each are
    And there are no Hurricanes, Tornado, Sharknado, or Evil Sabrina’s,
    heading this way to ruin my Saturday birthday day plans, this year!. 😀

    Love ya, my sibs. <3
    Have A Great Weekend! XO

  5. Hi Joe, good to hear the new series is working out.I’m in Tokyo this weekend, then back to Kyoto for another week.Good food!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving weekend. How do you choose who writes each episode?

    Will you & Akemi FaceTime/Skype the dogs while you’re away? Have a lovely time.

    Cheers, Chev

  7. ~I am glad things are going sorta kinda smoo…. Excited to hear you will be(might be) making the trip to visit Tokyo, overdue. The girls will have each other who ever the kind people are you will have taking care of them in your absence. Maybe they will post pictures?!? Remember bring back presents…uhh, for the babies.
    ~ I am off to the used book sale today, My bookcases are crammed full, but always room for one more!

  8. I hope the trip is fantastic! Poor Suji, though. Do you have any doggie Valium?

  9. Happy Thanksgiving week. But Christmas a month later? Why? Even Orthodox it’s only a couple of weeks later (Jan 7).
    I have friends who delay the family Christmas to mid Feb so all those spread all over the US can get vacation days easier during less hectic travel.

  10. You mentioned that you had finished 10 ep. Season,. Please answerme this, why is that the norm now? I hate it I loved the good olé days when I could look forward to my show coming on and with the occasional rerun on holidays there was 23 to 27 episodes in a row. Now we have this crap you wait forever you get 3 or 4 ep show goes off for 2 weeks comes back and you get 3 ep goes off for a month comes back you get 3 or 4 and then it goes off till next year if lucky or it gets canceled. The fans get left with a shitty cliff hanger and no payoff for their invested time, but that is another rant, I really just want to know if you can tell me what is up with the short change seasons that seem to be the norm now?

  11. What will you do in Japan, now that the Tsujiki fish market is closed/relocated?

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