It’s hard to believe that, in a little over a week, I won’t be able to shout out these people anymore.  I’m already tearing up.


October 4, 2018: Scenes From A Writer’s Room – Week 4!



11 thoughts on “October 4, 2018: Scenes from a Writer’s Room – Week 4!

  1. It looks like a young team. And good female representation! I can’t wait to see what you’re all cooking up!

  2. That last photo though . . . are they all scouts? Or are they nominating how many burritos they want for lunch?

  3. Looks like a great group. So, sorry if this is a silly question, but the writer’s room, it doesn’t continue while the show is in production? Thank you for all your BTS insights!

  4. Hmmm…! I love those mood boards, what does that gesture mean; there is a Boy Scout in the plot? I’m intrigued and ready to learn what this new show is all about. Cheers to the writing team, can’t wait for what’s next.

  5. Well, I’m sure its been fun getting to work with the younger generation for a little while and that they have much benefited from the sharing of your long experience.
    So I would imagine you will be taking a week off to depressurize and surface for air
    then diving back into the deep end
    to develop that concept Vanessa & team selected from your pile of submissions??
    I do hope you are going to tease us with more clues to have fun guessing on,
    than you have with this current project.

    Heading out for steak & truffles tonight, followed by a towering, to die for, chocolate desert.
    Then tomorrow, its an all day outdoor adventure for my actual birthday, October 6th.
    And no, Sorry Joe. Sabrina and her chilling adventures are NOT invited.

    Added to my birthday wish list today:

    It just looks like so much fun! 😀

  6. Why the three fingers? Three more weeks? Rock, paper, scissors game? Were they flipping you off and you made them clean it up? Count to three then you better put that camera down, or else? Glad you set aside those gross commode chairs.

  7. I heard somewhere that a lot of the guest stars on Stargate would do anything to guest again, because they found the atmosphere so welcoming…is there a connection…perhaps it’s one Joseph Mallozzi? I am expecting great things from this show with a warmth that seems to have been created by crew.

  8. Oh Joe posted pics… *begins looking for clues…

    Sees a vault… is there going to be a bank robbery!?!?

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