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Nicolas Bannister

I like she makes creative poses. So many people stand in pics, doing nothing, petrified. These ones are fun.


Say hi to Akemi for me!

That street art is really quite amazing.

James Gamble
James Gamble

Awww, you have such lovely graffiti!
Our local graffiti consists of the odd scrawled name in either white or black, and then.. Nothing more than that..
People in my village are very unimaginative!

Margaret Clayton

D’awwww! She’s so adorable.

Nice street art. Most of ours is vintage cowboy themed art high up on the old brick buildings downtown.


Akemi should become a graffiti artist! She could use a really cool street name, and wear a disguise. Maybe her own graffiti blog? It would be awesome.

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

Hi @Akemi!


That is one Fantastic Planet vibe, Akemi should search nearby dandelions for tiny Oms.


That artwork, like Akemi, is very pretty.

Samuel Zagarella
Samuel Zagarella

Great pics thanks for sharing.
A big konichiwa to you both from Kyoto where I am currently staying for a few weeks.
PS love this place
any tips


Cool Art!
The detail in the 1st and second installments are exceptional.
I’ve always found it so wonderful
how really good graffiti art
painted on the side of an old building
can transform the mood of a neighborhood
and inspire a positive attitude in those who see it.

Drea's Birthday Week! :-)

Ah yes, its that age old dilemma of trying to find
proper work – home life balance.
Welcome to my world.
Just remember how bored and frustrated you felt over the last year
without a paying job to go to everyday.

On the bright side …..
A fun, tasty, birthday surprise showed up at my door today.
A beautifully tall tin cylinder, with a clever note atop
~Nuts for my favorite nut~. grin
It was filled with individually wrapped bags
of all my favorites.
Macadamia, filberts, pecans & pistachio. xo

By the way ya’ll: You know what would go really well with these nuts?
5J Iberico bacon … But of course! grin

–> https://www.cincojotas.com/shop-online/cinco-jotas-packs/canas-selection-cinco-jotas.html

Okay… back to work for moi.
Have a great day everyone! xo