That’s a wrap on our first week of the writers’ room for this new sci-fi series and I do love the way thing are coming along.  We’ve completed our world building discussions and characters arcs and can now look forward to four weeks of spinning and breaking.  I’m curious to see how quickly things move from here.

Now it’s been suggested that I complain too much about lunch so I’d like to switch things up today by being positive.  If you love steamed cauliflower, you would have liked today’s lunch offering.  The same goes for all you corn and tomato salad fans out there.  As for the rest of us, it was Burgers Priest on me!

Well, as expected, my reading has really suffered of late.  Between this job and my continued commitment to fantasy football, I’ve only been able to finish a mere three books this week.  Shameful.

Oh, speaking of fantasy football, you’ll be pleased to hear my Snow Monkeys won out in Week 1 and are presently undefeated across both League of Accommodation and A League of Our Own as we head into Week 2.

Week #1 Complete!

Yeah, that’s the stuff!


11 thoughts on “Week #1 Complete!

  1. Very nice, I’ll head to Burger Priest with ya’ll. I’m going to make my burger a wrap though, replacing the bread with lettuce. I simply can’t process bread as well right now.
    Grats on week one being arced & framed & no one is stinky eying you yet.
    How much leeway will the actors have to inject stylistically into the character interplay? I guess you’ll have to see what skills they bring, so question is probably way to early to say.
    Go Snow Monkeys!!. One week you should make some Howler Monkey Wings when you win. Now, that’s the stuff!

  2. Are there any hints you can tell us about the new show?
    I love the banner up top with all the pups!

    1. ‘Morning Tam. Glad you like the banner. A Bit of blogmate team work. 🙂
      I picked out the pics and color base to use and Rita did the layout/arrangement, sizing and color select from it. Poor Rita I think i gave her such a hard time about getting it just right, too. Like one of those  nervous old biddy perfectionists  that directs the person trying to hang an extremely large, extremely heavy painting on a wall.   
      ur… uh … ok… little to the left. okay great. Up now.. maybe just up a smidge. Perfect. Uh… No wait. Not quite 100% centered. Maybe just the tiniest smidge to the right?  
      Albeit, its been up for weeks n weeks already. Are you just noticing it now???
      Speaking of which …. Is anyone else having problems with this other page theme?
      Formatting is intermittently unstable ( becomes unformatted)  when I click to access a days entry from my laptop. Reply is now working but its a trade off because now the like/thumbs up icon does not appear to be registering my click. Also It would only let me sign in via manually typing in of my gravatar address and it nolonger links my name to any website address, which I typed in so everyone would realize “move along nothing to see here” was really just me being my typical goofy self.
      Gonna try this one more time here via this reply to see if I can get address linking  to work now.

      1. Everyone has been bitterly complaining about the fancy commenting system so I removed it to make folks happier. I replaced it with a much simpler one that I personally am less happy about because it isn’t as aesthetically pleasing nor as flexible regarding links and such. 
        I’d be glad to add the old one back in as I simply have turned it off and turned this one on. Your choice.
        Also, the theme has not changed in weeks. I have not touched the layout for mobile devices however Google is always tweaking things and we use something called AMP from Google to speed up viewing on mobile devices through the elimination dynamically of images and things. So, the layout will definitely look different on your laptop than on your tablet or phone. 

  3. @Drea – I tried to leave a comment last night but it did not go anywhere. Trying again now on my phone.  Seems like everytime I come to Joe’s blog I see a different format. No problem, I’m just going with the flow…  I love the banner too!  Noticed it long time ago just never mentioned. 

    1. Hi Ponytail, I’m the administrator, Rita. Every comment is held for moderation. With Joe being so busy at his new gig it might take a few hours for your comment to appear. I’m trying to check in hourly for new comments and apologize for the delay.
      Thank you for the kind words about the masthead. I worked hard on it. 
      The theme has not changed in weeks as we settle in and make sure everything works. We seem to have knocked all the kinks out of this thing and you should not have many issues anymore. 

  4. Hi @Rita. Please don’t think we are ganging up on ya.
    We’re not.
    We do thank you for all your hard work
    and can appreciate all you’ve been doing
    The kinks have simply been a bit frustrating for us, as well,
    As ponytail mentioned, we are just trying to roll with it
    as best we can.

    Ponytail inst complaining because her comment was held in moderation.
    She’s saying her comment would not submit.
    This occurred ‘after’you had already implemented the security plug in fix.

    Regarding the unstable formatting,
    I am aware the page will look differently on different devices.
    What I’m referring to is actual intermittent instability.

    For example: Earlier it showed our comments with word wrap.
    5 minutes later when i returned to the the blog page,
    word wrap appeared to either be off or simply not working.
    This occurs at all hours of the day and night whether you here on the blog
    busy working out the kinks or not.

    Then I noticed, in the comments section, earlier today,
    it displaying a duplicate of a comment I made.
    Then, next time I viewed the page everything appeared normal again.
    Comments, previously visible on the blog also disappear at times,
    then reappear/become visible again the next time I come to view the site.
    If the problem were with googles system or my device
    Wouldn’t I be experiencing similar difficulties on other websites and other folks
    Word Press blog pages??
    This is why I asked if anyone else was experiencing similar problems.
    I just needed to know if was only occurring on my end
    or if others were experiencing similar difficulties ?

  5. @drea, ordinarily icould take a look and edit files involved but Joe times the blood on a proprietary server run by which offers really bad support (witness the 403 SNAFU) and no access to their server. Thus, I know I haven’t touched the theme layout because I’ve been out of town so, it must b an instability inherent in the theme thats running, for which I’m really sorry. This blood consists of 440 or more blood entries, 16,000 imahes, numerous animated gifs and Page articles. It swamped my server and my web host kicked us off.

    The changes from Joe’s old system to this one is the addition of upgraded security which can bollox up access and deprive features of functionality (such as the reply capability in this very populart commenting system) as well as mess with javascript, HTML and CSS that controls layout. I can’t do anything about these because I can’t see the javascript. I added some nicer editing capabilities so Joe cousin resize his images and an upgraded editor oh, and better search engine optimization; but thats it. I spend my ti mm ecsort of gently massaging commas and capitalization alongvwith breaking up large chunks of text with headings.

    I personally hate WordPress for its clunky interface. I use Joomla! And EasyBlog for a much more elegant experience, but I’m just a fan with web design experience trying to help out.

    I also can get pretty wordy for which I apologize.

    Thanks for your patience.

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