So, yesterday, I offered a rundown of My Top 10 Funnest Episodes, simply put — the ten episodes (out of the 100 or so episodes of television I’m credited on as a writer) I had the most fun scripting.  I decided to offer up the flip side and give you My Top 10 Toughest Episodes and have narrowed the list down to 13.  

Some interesting candidates made the cut and I look forward to hearing what you think once I post the rundown in the coming days.

In the meantime, my various hobbies (aka side projects) continue apace:

  1. This afternoon, I spent a few hours with the creator of a sci-fi show I may or may not be showrunning, breaking down the series engine and first season arc across those initial ten episodes.  For the first time, it’s really crystalizing for me in terms of creative direction and I’m genuinely excited, about the series and especially the opportunity to work with this individual.  Production Design and standing sets will, I believe, be our biggest challenge – but I have someone in mind who should help…
  2. STILL waiting on the deal to close on that horror novel so I can start working with the author on an adaptation.  Not sure what the hold-up is but it’s getting a tad frustrating and the delay could very well take me out of running on this one.
  3. Incorporated the network notes on that sci-fi series overview and pilot.  I now await notes from the production company.  Once I have those, I’ll do a final pass, make the final delivery and then it’s smoooooooooth sailing!
  4. Also today, delivered the revised series overview for that small town horror series. The document, once a modest 10 pages, is now a robust 27.  I trust I’ve dotted ever i, crossed every t, and set up every pay-off.  I await the verdict.
  5. Submitted pitches for two sci-fi series to a major comic book publisher.  Hoping at least one will captures their interest.  It’ll be fun to get back in the comic book game.
  6. Received word my supernatural pilot (Hey, Jeff, you know the one I’m talking about) is about to be optioned.  Time to revisit, review, and reconsider a few things.
  7. Two weeks from now, I start discussions and development on an original sci-fi series (tentatively titled, and I kid you not: “Untitled Awesome Project”).  It’s  classic Mallozzi SF: fun, relationship-driven, with an undercurrent of humor.  If you enjoyed my work on Dark Matter, and Stargates SG-1 and Atlantis, you’re going to love this.
  8. Finally, there’s this new addition to the on-deck circle, the television adaptation of THIS comic book series by one of my favorite comic book writers.  I’ve been wanting to work with them for almost eight years now – and we’re finally doing it!

And I guess that’s it for now.  Eight firm, very promising possibilities.

Which one do you think will get the go-ahead?  Cast your vote!

22 thoughts on “Projects In Play!

  1. It all sounds very exciting! The poll doesn’t let us pick more than one, but a number sound pretty promising. Except that horror novel adaptation. I don’t like the way that seems to be trending.

    Is the supernatural pilot also similar to the one I might be thinking of?

  2. Classic Mallozzi Sci-Fi. Music to my ears. I’m super excited to see what you come up with this time. Hopefully it won’t get canceled after season 3!
    On a side note i’m also excited for this series you might be showrunning. I assume production design and sets being challenging is a good thing, it means its something different. Lastly may I suggest you start giving your projects codenames? You have several projects you are referring to as ‘Sci-fi series’, it might help with perspective haha! Have a nice day

  3. Wowza! The Sci-fi series sounds great. What network, can you say?

    On the poll, which project is the last on your wish list? That’s the one to get green lit first. 😉

  4. I had a quick question Joe. How long does it take from your initial idea (I’m sure you’re always thinking up posiibilities) of a series to the start of filming? I’ve always wondered about that

    1. It can take anywhere from months to never. In the case of Dark Matter, for instance, it was at least 5 years.

  5. I voted ‘untitled Awesome Project’ but in all honesty any of the SciFi projects I will definitely check out (big comic lover and would love to see what you did in a comic).
    Would even check out those horror shows even though I hate horror, cause I do love what you have done with everything I’ve seen of yours.
    Keen to see whatever come next!

    Hopefully more Dark Matter at some point…

  6. Would all of these projects be shot in Toronto? The “Awesome” project would be…well, Awesome!

  7. I had to vote for your horror novel adaptation because I love scary and I knew no one else would! Just please spare the blood and guts. I like the mind/eye/senses teasing horror. It all sounds interesting.

  8. I also agree that it might step up the fun if you assigned code names for these! Every now and then you drop a little piece of intel, but it’s hard to know where to assign it! I guess that’s probably intentional but understandable,all things considered. Still worth asking for!

  9. Received word my supernatural pilot (Hey, Jeff, you know the one I’m talking about) is about to be optioned.  Time to revisit, review, and reconsider a few things.

    Yes! Finally! Jackie and my cousins will be as happy to hear this as I am! I’ll stop there so as not to jinx things. Pergaps in the spirit ( 😉 ) of your work, I’ll paint something haint blue…

  10. Joe you should be a juggler. With all the projects ongoing you are keeping them in the air very well.

  11. I ran across a Canadian show called “Intelligence” on Netflix that is excellent! Has anyone seen it? It’s a show that blurs the line between good and bad guys. It’s a shame it only had two seasons. It probably was not the formula for the times.

  12. You do great work. Avoid doing anything with SyFy so your shows can get the life they deserve!

  13. I just love the positive relationships, and the exploration of trust and disappointments, but there’s nothing so exciting as finding a spaceship or a new room on Atlantis with some new toy!! I love your joy of exploration and curiousity and problem-solving. Thanks for the thousands of hours of fun! Just watched all of Atlantis again. [sigh] Such a satisfying jaunt.

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