These were the ones that caught my eye…

Astonishing X-Men #13 (cover art by Greg Land)

Batman #50 (cover art by Mikel Janin)

Captain America #1 (cover art by Alex Ross)

Catwoman #1 (cover art by Laura Allred, Joelle Jones)

Death of the Inhumans #1 (cover art by Kaare Kyle Andrews)

Spawn #287 (cover art by Jason Shawn Alexander)

Star Wars #50 (cover art by Travis Charest)

Star Wars: The Last Jedi #4 (cover art by Rahzzah)

Weapon X #20 (cover art by Rahzzah)

So, which ones caught your eye?

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I love the Star Wars Leia cover. Awe inspiring.

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

Wow, they’re all good! I’ll go with Spawn but Wow.

How’s the new condo?

Margaret Clayton

Spawn, love the playa of color, light and dark.