June 17, 2018: Finally – Answers!  Maybe!  Or Probably Not!

Pictured above: Suji’s expression accurately reflecting my mood over these past two days.

June 17, 2018: Finally – Answers!  Maybe!  Or Probably Not!

Lulu and Suji working on their tans.  This in direct contrast to Akemi who always ventures out in a sweatshirt, oversized sunglasses, and a baseball cap – and only after she’s slathered herself with sunscreen SPF 100.  According to Akemi, Japanese researchers suggest daily sun exposure should be limited to a very small window.  Said window?  21 seconds.

Well, things are coming along slowly but surely at the new place.  Not glacial-pace-development-work-slowly, but pretty damn slowly nevertheless.  Our bed finally arrives Wednesday.  As for the rest of the furniture…who knows?  We’re been going back and forth on the bookshelf, the dining room table, even the bar cart.  But the one thing we can agree on is this awesome cat lamp we special ordered from Japan…

June 17, 2018: Finally – Answers!  Maybe!  Or Probably Not!

According to Akemi, we have to name it.  We await your suggestions.

This looks to be the week where almost all of my questions will be answered.  Is the script and series overview for that sci-fi project ready to be delivered to the network?  Is that series overview fro that horror series in solid enough shape that I can move forward with the pilot script?  Am I making a deal to develop that other sci-fi series?  And/or making a deal to develop the other one?  What news on that hot horror novel adaptation that seems to have gone deathly quiet all of a sudden? Am I moving forward with the small screen adaptation of that upcoming sci-fi novel?  What about the adaptation of that foreign format?  How will the three projects Vanessa and I are going out with be received?  Is there a play there? Should I just start writing that original horror script?  And, once the dust settles on all of this, should I start reaching out to artists?

Yep.  This week, all will be decided.

Or, maybe the week after.

Or the week after that.

In the meantime, I’m just going to find a patio and watch the world cup.  So looking forward to that Japan vs. Iceland final!

31 thoughts on “June 17, 2018: Finally – Answers! Maybe! Or Probably Not!

  1. And I think it’s probably a fair bet that it will be at least the week after that.

    Deathly quiet sounds perfect for the horror adaptation! I’d take that as a good sign. (Optimism!)

    For the lamp, I’m going to suggest Lamp. Or maybe Lampey.

    1. Oh, I finished reading that book, “We’ll Fly Away”, that you had recommended. I read it in 2 days, which must be a record for me, it was so good. An excellent, if heartbreaking, read.

  2. Suji and Lulu need to watch that they don’t get heat stroke. Wicked hot today. A name for the new lamp should be Hikari. I wait with baited breath for your next project. I will be waiting as patiently as I can.

  3. You sound busy, or about to be. I hope your furniture arrives soon. Akemi is being very sensible about not going out in the sun. As a redhead I should be as smart as she is, but I’m not. I do use SPF60 sunscreen but still go out for longer than 21 seconds. 🙂

    Love the lamp. Is that a common shape/look for a Japanese cat that’s not Hello Kitty? I ask because years ago I bought a small stuffed toy kitty that looks very much like your lamp.

  4. For the cat lamp, I suggest “Ki-ki”. That was the name of the one housecat in my life, some 60 years ago. Toddler me may have chosen the name. It was after Ki-ki’s disappearance that I developed allergies. 😿

  5. First time ever posting here but just had to comment because I saw a VERY similar lamp on Amazon.ca last week. Now, perhaps it’s not exactly the same because the one on Amazon is a night light…but if it is the same (just sayin’) you didn’t have to special order from Japan. Here’s the link, you judge. Love your blog by the way, have been stalking it anon for many years now!!


  6. The lamp, call it, Catdipose.

    Because, if you’ve seen that episode of Doctor Who with the little Adipose fat creatures???

    That’s what the lamp looks like. Get it?

    A little fat cat…adipose is fat….so, Catdipose.

    {{sigh}} Yea, I know. Back into your cave Peggy. {{sigh}}

  7. Possible lamp names:

    You could just call it by its obvious, intended,
    politically correct, given name:


    (With many additional thanks
    to our wonderful longtime blog sibling GlowyZoey
    for having the perfect blog handle
    for this particular auspicious occasion) xo

  8. No disrespect intended – joking – name for the new lamp.
    PEEP. It has an appearance of the Easter Marshmallow candies – peeps

  9. Names for the lamp:
    Lampey IS good, @gforce!

    Lampray! Get it? It’s a lamp, ray of light, and brings to mind one of the biggest “NO!”s that has ever lived on planet earth.

  10. The name of the white cat in Neko Atsume is Snowball. Snowball is the first cat to appear, the first cat to try new goodies. All hail Snowball.

    @GlowyZoey … that cat shape is more ubiquitous in Japan than even Hello Kitty. I have Japanese cat stuff I picked up in the 80s with a similar shape.

  11. Been putting off watching season 3 of Dark Matter because I knew it was the end. Finished it last nite. It was very good as were the previous 2 seasons. You just can’t let that hot commodity end unresolved. It’s unprofessional and insensitive to viewers on the part of the SyFy channel. You need to resolve this. Don’t let this be another Firefly! Obviously, you tried different things to get this going but try harder! There’s got to be some sensible people out there that appreciate the show and has the power or connections to get this done.
    To good to let it go.

  12. 12 Monkeys Season 4 premiered last Friday on Syfy

    Episode 1 – 336k, 0.07 18-49
    Episode 2 – 259k, 0.04 18-49
    Episode 3 – 215k, 0.03 18-49

    Life after Dark Matter looks grim on Fridays.

  13. Although I seem to be absent from here…..I am using Twitter to post comments when you tweet!

    Have you and Akemi named the cat lamp?

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