When we first bought this new place, we figured it was in good enough shape that we could just move right in – only to find out, after closing, that those paintings the former owner had hanging were not so much wall art as they were obfuscating shields concealing all sorts of imperfections ranging from chips and scratches to gaping maws of exposed wiring.  So, we decided to have the place repainted.

When the painter asked us what color we wanted to go with, I figured a simple white would do but, as it turns out, there is nothing simple about choosing a wall color.  There must have been almost sixty different shades of white to choose from! Eventually, after much consideration, Akemi narrowed it down to these twelve favorites:

White Walker White

Snow Monkey Milk White

Calf’s Brain White

Bleached Desert Corpse Bone White

Toilet Bowl White

God’s Beard White

Shirako (cod sperm) White

Network Lead’s Smile White

Light At The End Of The Tunnel White

Whites Of His Eyes White

Anemic Ghost Child White

Chantilly Lace

In the end, we decided to go with Chantilly Lace.  But it was close!

June 9, 2018: The Sunday Report!

Well, look who it is!  No, no.  The guy BESIDE former Dark Matter Co-Executive Producer Ivon Bartok.  It’s former Stargate/Dark Matter director extraordinaire Will Waring who is in town for the next five months or so working on a big budget horror movie (You know the one).  I expect many more cheeseburgers and lattes with this guy before winter rolls around.

June 9, 2018: The Sunday Report!

Noticed this interesting bottle of bourbon at my local LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) retailing for $387.30!!!  Granted, that’s Canadian, but a quick online search shows this bottle going for roughly $130 US south of the border.  That’s quite the mark-up – and, I suppose, to be expected from one of the most draconian and restrictive government-controlled liquor monopolies in North America.  The selection is poor and you can expect to pay roughly 4 TIMES the original retail price for anything you want to import.  That’s one thing I do miss about Vancouver: their private liquor stores.

June 9, 2018: The Sunday Report!

KitKat has a pop-up shop in downtown Toronto.  It’ll be around until the end of the month, offering up unique flavors like Caramel, Popcorn & Almond, Expresso, Cookie & Hazelnut, and the KitKat Ruby made from rare Ruby cocoa beans mixed with the blood of unwary hitchhikers.  They also offer the option of creating your own signature KitKat.  Of course, when we walked by last week, there was a huge line-up.  Here’s hoping that, by this time next week, the locals will have lost interest in the varied exotic flavors, allowing me to sweep in and have my pick of the remaindered selections: Tomato and Feta Cheese in a Delicious White Chocolate Base!

Tomorrow, I am ALL OVER those script and series overview revisions!  Also, some Peking Duck and dim sum!

14 thoughts on “June 9, 2018: The Sunday Report!

  1. Great colour names. Would love to walk into my local hardware shop and see different titles like that on paint.

  2. I like the paint color names. They’re not Pantone, but definitely amusing! I wonder what Akemi would have called each of them.
    Nice picture of Mr. Waring and Ivon!
    P.S. Today, the 9th, is Saturday.

  3. This is funny. I’m in the process of selling my house. I know exactly what you did. I’m surprised your home inspection by an engineer didn’t find those imperfections. Where I live, we have to disclose damages requiring repairs in the contract.

  4. Sadly, only a few of those colors names actually sound made up. Real color names are truly only a half step behind that list. Chantilly lace was obviously the real one though, because it *didn’t* have “white” in the name.

  5. I’m surprised that they didn’t offer Static White Noise White, but I hear that needs to be applied with sonic brushes, so I guess it’s too tricky for most paint contractors. Myself, I like Winter White-out White…nice and quiet with no poltergeist flashbacks.

  6. Great names. May favorite color name of all time: You’ll Never Take Me Alive Copper.

  7. I’d say just go with a nice off-white. Although, I like a little colour myself.

    Should that blog post be the “Saturday” report? Although, I’m reading it on Sunday, so I guess it works.

    Great to see Will Waring in town!

    It would be cool if the Kit Kat Ruby had actual, you know, rubies in it. But I expect that would upset the digestion quite a bit. 🙂

  8. I never liked sellers that cheat. We bought one house that had a leak in the bathroom. Well, the homeowners fixed the leak but it was by turning down the water pressure. I’m a believer in karma.

    I’m sure the shade Akemi picked will be perfect! White’s a solid paint choice. It goes with everything and it’s gives a nice clean look. I went with an off white blue. I need that calming influence that blue gives.

    We made another big house purchase with the new A/C system. It comes with it’s own proprietary thermostat, so we had to take down the Nest. I’ll put the Nest in it’s box and send it with our son, when finds a new house. If anyone is on the fence about investing in a Nest, I can highly recommend it!

    It’s terribly sad about Spade and Bourdain’s deaths. 🙁

  9. My husband is a house painter and has always sworn that the color names are made up by stoned interior decorators. He got a kick out of your color names.

  10. A new arrival, like you are thinking about getting the tasting club back together , Hmmmm? Well I to have delved into some local brands and have been satisfied. Schell’s is the home of the second oldest brewers name in the US. Local Micro brews now are keeping me busy.
    Saw an add for Nathan, and Ms O’Neil’s, new program. I was looking for a time.

  11. My husband did a short stint as a temp in a paint store. I read his training materials; they was a chart for the different whites. Warm, cool, eggshell, blue white, neutral white, sharp white. These days, gray is the huge trend, and I loathe it. Grey is depressing as a neutral

    My house came with a poorly painted light green front room, and a salmon pink bedroom with white trim (and a navy blue and gold fleur de lis border). Had to paint the bedroom trim a dark burgundy immediately. We were in the rental next door, should have stayed there an extra month to get the painting done, and the floors. The front room had a large settle against the south wall, hiding where a potted plant had ruined the hardwood, and a huge chunk out of the plaster wall. We did replace the terrible front and back doors, and the basement windows which were glass louvers. Glass louvers in a cold winter area? Gah. Had to replace some of the sink elbows and faucets, and recently put on a new roof. It never ends. Ever. There’s a ton of work which I suspect will never happen.

    Oh, and the bathroom … all 80s floral wallpaper and plush carpet. ARGH.

  12. Nice to see the ever-so-handsome Will Waring. He is aging very well! And didn’t he just win an award?

    You better stock up on your liquor. With Trump’s tariffs, I understand that is one item that will be increasing in price. Sorry…

  13. I’m so glad we never had to move. I moved so much in my childhood. It has been nice staying in one place for 25-1/2 years now.

    Jeff loves KitKats but they have to be the original. He’s so rigid in his chocolate tastes.

    I like the moustache and beard Will is sporting. It looks great. It will be fun for you all to hang out.

    Akemi is so creative. I’m sure whatever color she picks out will be perfect. And hey, it’s just paint. If it doesn’t look great, you can always try another color.

    That is one heck of a markup on alcohol.

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