“You’re toothbrush passed away,”Akemi informed me today upon my return home from Montreal.

“What happened?”I asked, in several different ways at several different times that afternoon.  Her responses were always evasive:

“You’re going to get a new one.”

“I didn’t do anything.”

“Just passed away.”

And, finally: “Commit suicide.”

I suspect I’ll never learn the truth surrounding Mr. Bristles fate.

Anyways, I’m back in Toronto, ready to reclaim my spot on the bed from Suji and Lulu who, by all accounts, are enjoying the newfound real estate, having laid claim to half the mattress in unabashedly sprawly fashion.  I may be in for quite the battle tonight.

Also, back at it!  I have a move to plan, people to meet, a script and overview to deliver, and a lot of comic books to catch up on.

18 thoughts on “May 7, 2018: Back on the home front!

    1. A “move”, not movie. As in moving to a new residence. At least that is how is reads. But Joe has been know to spell words wrong…

  1. I think I can interpret, but I don’t want to risk Akemi’s ire.

    1. PS: If you saw my FB post about hospital, I’m not out of the woods yet; currently at ER again.

      1. gilder, I hope you are better soon, whatever the reason for the er. {{hugs}}

  2. Dude, don’t argue with Akemi…she has seen the news and knows the dangers that lurk in a “ragged old toothbrush!” When it is your time, it cannot be because of illnesses caused by the junk in an old tooth brush.

    Meanwhile, get cracking with your projects and planning the move.
    and we wait…..

  3. Old toothbrushes are great to clean all the nooks and crannies in the bathroom. Just be glad she threw it away when finished instead of putting it back. Lulu and Suji should claim squatter’s rights on the bed.

  4. Uh oh Did the toothbrush accidentally get flushed?

    A move sounds like something big is happening careerwise! Do tell!

  5. Poor Mr. Bristles. I mean, his job was arguably not all that pleasant, and then to end in such an untimely way. Sending thoughts and prayers.

    I suppose it’s now time you’ll have to take up sleeping on one of the dog beds. I hope you are good at curling up! 🙂

    When is that move happening, anyway?

  6. That’s um…yeah. Rest in Peace Mr. Bristles. Your true fate shall never be known.

    I’m sympathetic to your bed real estate concerns. We endure that with a 90lb pit bull who just loves to snuggle. If snuggle equals pushing you off of the bed.

  7. That’s funny! I would have just replaced the brush and not said anything. Guess you’re more observant than my hubby.

    Yesterday, I helped clean out Dr Jo’s house. She had a LOT of stuff. Definitely, a boarder line hoarder on animal figurines and family antiques. Virginia (her oldest sister) kept loading my truck up with cat & elephant statues. She kept saying “No returns”. Anyway, Virginia found an old sympathy letter from her parents neighbor. Thought I’d share some of the phrasing. “Dear Jo, Your parents were very colorful people. Your mother was loved by a few and feared by many.” 🙂 I’m still laughing over that one.

    Good luck with the reunion! I’m sure the girls will all be ecstatic!!!!

    1. TamDixon: Wow. That sounds rough. I’m doing this right now:


      I keep looking at all the paperwork I’ve had to keep, especially Patrick’s educational records over all these years. I don’t wish cleaning out my house on anyone should Jeff and I both die at the same time (or poor Jeff if I die). So I’m going through all my stuff. I just mailed a bunch of jewelry I don’t think I’ll ever use again to my nieces. I’m getting boxes of stuff that is still worthy of a life somewhere else to donate to charity. Anything that is defective I’m putting at our curb in a special recycling bag (like clothing that you wouldn’t donate to a charity, appliances that are no longer working). We have awesome recycling opportunities in our community. One year they were even taking up collection of old toothpaste tubes. They have recycling challenges and that was one. They do medication drop offs to the DEA. What you can’t recycle curbside you can take to a facility–like dead fluorescent light bulbs as an example.

  8. Might your toothbrush have become a grout brush, faucet brush or a doggie toothbrush? I must admit my toothbrush has never committed suicide though it disappeared once then reappeared the next day. I suspect nargles.

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