April 21, 2018: There’s No Business Like Show Business!  Unless You’re Somehow Involved In An Asylum’s Black Market Fried Wraps Operation!

Honestly, growing up, I never aspired to be in show business.  From a very early age, my ambitions were relatively simple.  I wanted to tell stories or investigate crimes or explore outerspace.  Author, Detective, Astronaut – those were my top three choices.  I didn’t even consider scriptwriting until a friend suggested I give it a go after reading the thoroughly middling first draft of the novel I wrote back in college.  Taking his advice, I picked up Syd Field’s Screenplay: The Foundations of Screenwriting and learned everything I needed to know, then got to work, magically transforming that mediocre first novel into an equally mediocre first script.  But it was a start.

Over the course of my twenty-three years in the entertainment field, I’ve written over 120 hours of produced television (not including uncredited rewrites), produced over 400 hours, scripted animation, teen sitcoms, action-adventure, drama, science fiction, and comic books – and amassed innumerable anecdotes, from the hilarious to the disheartening to the mind-blogglingly preposterous.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I’m going to regale you with some of the more memorable (aka = outrageous) tales of my time in trenches.  Wherever necessary, names will be changed or withheld to protect the childish, the cretinous, and the egregiously egotistical.




15 thoughts on “April 21, 2018: There’s No Business Like Show Business! Unless You’re Somehow Involved In An Asylum’s Black Market Fried Wraps Operation!

  1. Totally looking forward to this. I’m celebrating 14 years in the insurance industry. Only took the job because my first paycheck came two days before my car payment. If you’d told me this was going to be my career when I was younger, I would have laughed you out the door.

    1. Delighted! This’ll be awesome while we wait for our next Stargate to finally rise again. Yep, I’m definitely eager. Pass the popcorn!

  2. Is sheez really a woka??!

    Happy 92nd birthday Your Majesty Mummy, Elizabeth II.
    For your special day this year I’m letting you adopt me.
    (Arent you just one lucky young lady, eh)

    Happy Birthday again to Akemi
    and to Kathy C
    who officially joins us in the 49 forever crowd on Monday.

    And Happy ‘A’ Day Eve everyone!

    I’ve been busy completing almost everything on my bucket list.
    One last thing left to do.

    If you see an unscheduled lift off of Falcon from Cape Canaveral in the next few hours that’ll be me heading to the ISS until the damage and destruction from planet Nibiru and the explosive up & down heaval reactions from Joe’s stomach, after consuming all those bean and potato kit kats, has subsided.

    Looking forward to more of your wondrous ranting and ravings, (with names changed to protect the dirty, stinkin’, rotten, ridiculously scandalous, outrageously murderous, mercilessly guilty, parties) upon my return, Joe.

    er … uh …. unless, of course, you don’t make it.
    In which case
    may I just say
    Swell. It kinda covers the gist of it
    and I know I’ve been neglect in reminding ya lately
    but I’m glad ya decided to keep the beard.
    Still, most definitively, positively, fetching eye candy! 😀

    Love ya sibs! xo

    Bye fer now. .. or maybe forever…. whichever comes first.

    1. You sound so perky today Drea. I’m glad someone is 😉.
      Any news on moving back to Colorado? Florida should start getting humid soon.

  3. I’d love to hear any memories you would like to share!

    Four more weeks before the move?

  4. It’s not too late to dust off the magnifying glass and pull out the trench coat. Mallozzi P.I. has a ring to it.

    My initial thoughts are I’m so glad you started screen writing … there would be no SGA or SGU or DM without you or we’d have a true alternate verse … a verse that I don’t wish to know.

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