My favorites…

The Amazing Spider-Man #799 (cover art by Alex Ross)

Black Hammer: Age of Doom #1 (cover art by Dean Ormston)

Dark Age vol. 1 (cover art by Juan Doe)

Mister Miracle #8 (cover art by Nick Derington)

Prison Ship (cover art by Estebean Maroto)

Red Dog (cover art by W. Scott Forbes)

Superman #45 (cover art by Stephen Downer, Patrick Gleason)

And check out the awesome variety of covers to commemorate Action Comics #10000 –

Cover art by Jim Lee, Alex Sinclair, Scott Williams

1930’s variant by Steve Rude

1940’s variant by Michael Cho

1950’s variant by Dave Gibbons

1960’s variant by Michael Allred

1970’s variant by Jim Steranko

1980’s variant by Josh Middleton

1990’s variant by Dan Jurgens, Kevin Nowlan

2000’s variant by Lee Bermejo

Blank variant

Uncanny Comic Shop variant by Tony S. Daniel

Kings Comics variant by Nicola Scott

Forbidden Planet variant by Jock

Yesteryear Comics variant by Jason Fabok

Third Eye Comics variant by Kaare Andrews

Summit Comics variant by George Perez

Bulletproof Comix variant by Gabriele Dell’Otto

Newbury Comics variant by Patrick Gleason variant by ArtGerm

Unknown Comic Books variant by Tyler Kirkham

7 ate 9 Comics, Frankies Comics, Sad Lemon Comics, The Comic Mint, Amorpheous Ink & Golden Apple Comics variant by Francesco Mattina

Midtown Comics variant by Oliver Copiel

Dynamic Forces variant by Dan Jurgens

7 Ate 9 Comics variant by Felipe Massafera

Vault Collectibles variant by Dave Dorman

Dynamic Forces variant by Curt Swan

Dynamic Forces variant by Ken Haeser

Fried Pie Comics variant by Doug Mahnke

Torpedo Comics variant by Jim Lee

Legends Comics and Games Fresno variant by Neal Adams

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Happy Birthday Superman! Love the Steve Rude version, something about his painting style is just great


Well, no surprise, Steve Rude rules supreme, but there are some quite classic iconic ones as well.

baterista9 AKA gildermcc
baterista9 AKA gildermcc

Those ACTION #1000 variants, as well as SUPERMAN #45, are TOO COOL. I may have to visit Dragon’s Lair or Bazinga! Comics this week.



Is it time for Akemi’s birthday? What did she get? What did you do? Will you be celebrating all week long? Happy birthday Akemi!


Wow, that’s a lot of Superman!


Prison Ship. I guess Hyperion-8 was taken. LOL


Happy Birthday, Akemi! Was going to post a neat chocolate-making video for the occasion. Now if I can figure out where I saved it… smile Hope you and Joe and Suji & Lulu have had a great day!


I never knew there were so many variations on Super Man! Who says comic book illustration isn’t Art? I think comics and grade-level books are where kids actually learn to appreciate art. It’s more accessible to them. smile


If it really is your birthday, lovely Akemi, have a great one!! Miss you all.

Margaret Clayton

Red Dog is intriguing. I love all the Superman variants! Excellent! As for Prison Ship, seriously, that female hero twisted torso pose emphasizing the butt and boobs (boobs) has got to go.

Mike A.
Mike A.

Craziness! I wonder what our other comics shop in town will do about the Legends cover variant. Will they acknowledge it/sell it? Both shops are amazing and have great customer service and great selections, I just don’t know how well they get along. I’ll have to stop by Heroes and do some “asking”. wink

While it’s obvious most of these covers represent some part of Supes’ history over the last 80 years, with the covers that reflect a more modern take, I’m surprised to see so many of them with the red undies. Some random new stuff I’ve seen, including some of the animated movies, have them gone.

-Mike A.


Will the real Clark Kent please step forward… WOW! I didn’t know The “S” man had so many clones.