Hey, who wants to bring back Stargate?

March 9, 2018: Tonight’s The Night Stargate Fans Storm Twitter!


March 9, 2018: Tonight’s The Night Stargate Fans Storm Twitter!

Don’t forget to tag @MGM_Studios and @stargatecommnd

Show up tonight and make your voices heard, Fandom Force!  Don’t let this –

…happen to this…

March 9, 2018: Tonight’s The Night Stargate Fans Storm Twitter!

See you tonight!

P.S. I’m bringing friends!  No telling who you’ll run into during the tweet-storm!

March 9, 2018: Tonight’s The Night Stargate Fans Storm Twitter!

21 thoughts on “March 9, 2018: Tonight’s the Night Stargate Fans Storm Twitter!

  1. 9pm EST is 1pm Saturday on the East coast of Australia so hopefully all the Australian fans will be joining in too!

  2. You lost my support when you abruptly ended my favorite show Stargate Atlantis. For whatever reason for its demise, this show had just won The Peoples Choice award and was very popular, and to end it at such–with the city landing in San Francisco Bay with the Wraith still raging in the Pegasus Galaxy–was absurd. if nothing else, this show deserved one more season to tie up loose ends! why don’t you think about resurrecting this show for a more cohesive ending?

  3. I only lasted 20 minutes before Twitter kicked me out. Permanently. Called me a robot. Jerks! I’m going to have to contact them directly now to get my Twitter account unlocked. Why can’t I just go to jail? Why do they have to kick me out? Makes me very mad.

    1. We’ll write you a note: Please excuse Ponytail’s excessive tweeting, but it was for a well deserving cause – now unlock the account or we may have no choice but to ‘zat you.

  4. Nice ride tonight through all the beautiful fireworks of the tweet storm!
    Let’s do it again!

  5. That was a great turnout by Stargate fans worldwide & lots of fun too.

    I’m drafting tweets & looking for gifs to tres again tomorrow. It will be 6am Sunday in Melbourne. Yikes! Anything for Stargate.

    Cheers, Chev

  6. Stargate was the greatest TV show I am to this day still sad that SG1 and Atlantis were cancelled. Please bring back stargate Atlantis five seasons is not enough so much more can be done with it from the biggest stargate fan Dolores

  7. this is about al lof the stargates yes stargate was the best set of series ever buttt!!!! all of them left too mant things hanging so yes we must bring stargate back!! my thoughts are to creat a new super villan even mor terrifing than all the rest. this series needs to include charactors fron all the stargates such as have dr wear who is floating in space from the destruction of the replicators world a few servive and save dr. wear and she runs the new replicator city and becomes allies with building new atlantis type cities for earth to be used as out post over 2 galaxies and use charactors from atlantis sg1 and ever the discoveryof stargate univers ship at one of the out post. reintroduce the asgard in the atlantis episode who broke of from the other who died out seeking help from earth with this new threat and finally intoduse the furlings as well. if this can only be done as a movie and not a series well i thinks it would still bring in a lot of money

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