Have plans tonight?  Well, cancel them!  Unless, of course, said plans involve tonight’s scheduled tweet-storm in which case uncancel them because we need you online as we test the engines on the #DriveToRevive!

March 2, 2018: Tonight’s The Night!  Join Us For The Stargate Tweet-storm Rehearsal!

Are you a fan of Stargate: SG-1, Atlantis and/or Universe?

Its memorable characters?  Carter?  McKay?  That sassy little alien Hermoid?

Its momentous moments?  Daniel Jackson’s ascension?  Atlantis’s rise?  That time Universe’s Dale Volker tried to educate Scott and Greer on the distinction between a rambutan and a longan?

Its amazing ships?  Destiny?  The Daedalus?  Sam and Jack?

Well then join us tonight as we take our first big step in our campaign to let MGM know fans want a fourth in-canon series created by Brad Wright and Robert Cooper, a new series that offers a fresh start for new viewers while paying tribute to what came before, instead of…


March 2, 2018: Tonight’s The Night!  Join Us For The Stargate Tweet-storm Rehearsal!
Artist rendition of reboot wiping out 17 years of television history

Ready to blow up the internet on this test run?  Great!  Here’s what you need to know…

March 2, 2018: Tonight’s The Night!  Join Us For The Stargate Tweet-storm Rehearsal!

So simple even a monkey (specifically, one of those infinite monkeys working on duplicating the complete works of William Shakespeare) could do it!

By the way, loving the selections for your Top 5 Stargate Episodes To Be Blasted Into Space With.  I’ll reveal my top five, in no particular order, as part of tonight’s tweet-storm.

Make sure you’re following @StargateNow and see you tonight!

15 thoughts on “March 2, 2018: Tonight’s the Night! Join us for the Stargate Tweet-Storm Rehearsal!

  1. I’m there sir! I need the rehearsal too, because I’ve done less than 100 tweets in my whole life. I’d like my gate-saving words to be seen by the right people, since I’ve dedicated the last 7 years of my life trying to get those few CEO’s with the power to give us more SG, to do exactly that. 🙂 A world without a working Stargate is incomplete. 🙂 C U there! 🙂 J.S.

  2. Exciting, and right about when my husband gets home, Argh! Poor guy, had to stop in the middle of his run to get an abscessed tooth extracted (one with a fairly new and expensive crown, grrr), and he’s still driving for a couple more hours. He’ll need attention and pampering when he finally gets home. I still intend to tweet and retweet!

  3. What a great time! And I wound up in Twitter Jail just at a few minutes after the hour was up. The warden and I are pretty much on a first name basis. Also, it just feels like old times!

    1. 81 tweets in 60 minutes and I never got thrown in jail. They like me! You… not so much. 😆

      1. I think the standard for jail is 100 tweets in an hour. But I’ve seen some go more quickly for less.

  4. Excuse me while I go stretch my legs, sit up straight, and visit the bathroom. I’m gonna need a nap.

  5. Saw a picture of a pregnant Teyla last night on Twitter and thought the new Stargate could be her baby all grown up and the leader of… something Stargatey. Stargate: The New Generation

  6. That was good practice for me.
    But, I have questions. Is the goal to tweet as many times as possible in an hour? Since I have no followers, should I retweet, or is it better just to tweet?

    1. We need to increase the number of original tweets. We had way too many retweets. We understand that people new to Twitter are still learning the ropes so that may be difficult, but keep tweeting throughout the week. Try using the picture upload function and the GIF upload function. Those tweets count higher. Look at others’ tweets to give you ideas about things you might want to say and throughout the week, right them down. Twitter will only allow you to tweet/retweet no more than 100 posts in an hour’s time before they lock your account down for a little while (sometimes 10-15 minutes; sometimes an hour; the amount of time is a bit random)

      You should go to our account and start following people. When you follow people, many will follow you back. Go to our list of who the StargateNow account is following and start following them yourself. Likely the stars of the show won’t follow back, but fans will. Put a description in your profile that says Loves Stargate (if you don’t have anything there right now). Upload a picture (of you, of Stargate, just something). If you tell me your Twitter name, we’ll follow you back. With the number of followers we have, it is getting impossible to sort through the list of who are fans, who are just following because our account blew up with followers quickly and they are hoping to get followers from our list alone (we can tell that by looking at their account and seeing they are following us and nothing else relating to Stargate), and then people we don’t want their, like people promoting their porn sites, which we are blocking as we find them.

      So everyone, if we aren’t following back yet, just send the Twitter account a direct message.

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