Well, this is impressive.  The @StargateNow twitter home of the “#DriveToRevive the Stargate we know and love” has amassed over 1100 followers in less than 24 hours.  If you’re interested in seeing a new in-canon Stargate series created by Brad Wright and Robert Cooper, one that is highly accessible to new viewers yet rewards longtime fans,  then just head on over to twitter and follow as well.  Also, tell your friends.  And family.  Also your co-workers, acquaintances, and approachable strangers who seem like they might enjoy fun character-driven action-adventure sci-fi with a sense of humor and a focus on exploration, discovery, and, occasionally, blowing up suns.

Thank you to everyone who left links to the various Stargate-related sites they frequent.  The Stargate Initiative will be reaching out in the coming days to consolidate the forces of fandom.

All these years of yearning for more, the letter campaigns, the petitions – they all come down to this.  Finally, for this short window, we have the studio’s full attention.  SG-1 has saved the world on countless occasions.  Now it’s time to return the favor by ensuring they, the Atlantis expedition, and the crew of the Destiny are not wiped from existence.  Let’s not allow a full reboot to succeed where Baal’s time machine failed [Incidentally, was anyone keeping track of those clones because I personally lost count and now have the sneaking suspicion Baal could be behind this.].   It’s like Stargate: Continuum all over again except that, this time, YOU’RE the heroes!

We’re only going to have one shot at this so let’s make it count!

February 20, 2018: Okay, Stargate Fans – Let’s Do It!!! February 20, 2018: Okay, Stargate Fans – Let’s Do It!!! February 20, 2018: Okay, Stargate Fans – Let’s Do It!!! February 20, 2018: Okay, Stargate Fans – Let’s Do It!!!

Building Baal’s time machine (photos courtesy of confracto)

Let’s do it!!!

28 thoughts on “February 20, 2018: Okay, Stargate fans – Let’s do it!!!

  1. I’ve sharing away the @StargateNow handle hopefully getting some more awareness out there. I know a bunch of old SG fans personally who I think would love to see more. Once we get going I’ll be trying to get them onside as well. So exciting!

  2. I’m telling everyone. Seriously. Right now I’m yelling out the window.

    This is a dream come true. I really and truly hope we pull this off.

  3. I also hope we will be successful and MGM will order a new spin-off.

    Other Stargate related question:

    1. Have they ever considered to make a Stargate museum in Vancouver? I know that most of the sets and props are being sold, but it would have been nice to have a studio tour while the SGC or Atlantis sets were still standing for years. Or there are so many other nice tv shows being produced in Vancouver that maybe somebody could arrange some tvs show themed exhibitions.

    2. I always loved those set photos and concept arts what you reveal in your blog. Is there any chance that these photos could be collected and released in a book version?

  4. Just finish rewatching Stargate: Continuum not a big budget film but still was enjoyable ..been so long I didn’t rewatched one of the original .My next rewatch will be probably SG-Atlantis serie

  5. Heya Joe, the more you report, the clearer the intent of the initiative.
    Which is something so many have wished and hoped for. Seems there will be or can be a elements of everything so it is win-win.
    Seriously – Let’s do it!!

  6. Yay! As of 6:30 am eastern time @StargateNow is just shy of 2,350 fans ready to make a ruckus!. <3

    Keep spreading the word everyone!

    We can do this!

    And If you dont have a twitter account. Please get one for this one particular occasion. Time to make history and show MGM what we're made of!


    1. update @StarGateNow on twitter : 2,420+ and counting as of 8 am!

      We’re now on track to be 3,000+ strong by end of the day!

      (((YOU GUYS ROCK!!!)))
      Keep Spreading The Word! XO

  7. I’d love to see it. You are hitting all my buttons with your “in-canon” and “legacy fans” comments. We’re still here, the die-hard fans who cried at Sha’re’s death, cheered on Jack as he battled Replicators, and shook our heads at Sam’s doomed love life. More going through the Stargate and saving the world? We would be right there, screaming for more. It’s what we’ve always wanted.

  8. Wow! What a fantastic response here, and on Twitter, over the last few days, such a buzz!
    Go @StargateNow
    And the European @StargateNow_EU

  9. Didn’t hesitate to join in. Amazing how even after these years the people who worked on Stargate are still invested to see it continuing. Mostly I hear people saying they are done with it after a show was canceled or they quit, and they moved on. Despite the fact that the Stargate fan community is not as big or as exposed as with Trek or Wars, I love that we’re all still so invested. I don’t know about anyone else, but Stargate is a part of me and that will never ever change!

  10. I enjoyed sharing the news of Stargate Command and the SG media blast with my sis…until we got into a heated discussion; the Teal’c vs Ronon battle rages on. The chat ended amicably but only after I informed her that she’d insulted the honor of Sateda.

    I was all into Origins, enjoying the action and the characters and then…I ran out of eps! I’m hoping there is a new ep today. I’m enjoying Connor T. as the adorable professor.

  11. I’ll definitely share! I’d love an in-canon revival, if not only to finish storylines!

  12. YES!!!! Loved the movie, loved SG1, came to love SGA. Even though I like Robert Carlyle, I just couldn’t get into Universe. Chemistry wasn’t right.
    Morem please? 😢

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