Alright.  I’m in full script mode.  It usually takes me a few days of procrastinating and general agonizing before I hit my stride, but I’ve hit the ground running on this one.  I figure two weeks to complete a first draft breaks down to roughly four pages a day.  As tonight, I am three and half days ahead of schedule.   Of course, at some point, I’ll hit that wall – that point in the script where I’ll realize I’ve contradicted myself, overlooked a crucial plot point, or written my way into a hole out of which I shall never climb – but until then, it’s smooooooth sailing! Exploration and wonder abound, Harper’s on to everyone, and we’re barreling towards our Holy Shit act out.  What more could you ask for?

I am on a creative high.  OR it could be that roasted Buffalo Cauliflower Akemi made for dinner.

January 28, 2018: Smoooooth Sailing!

Though a more appropriate name for the dish would be Amazonian Cauliflower since, instead of using Frank’s Red Hot, Akemi instead basted the cauliflower with an entire bottle of Crazy Jerry’s Brain Damage Mind Blowin (habanero-based) Hot Sauce.  Ten pieces later and I was suffering symptoms of hypoxia.  Fortunately, we had the antidote on hand…

January 28, 2018: Smoooooth Sailing!

Yes.  When in doubt, ice-cream it out.

Provided I make it through the night (And, at this point, it’s looking touch and go), I’ll power into the script’s third act tomorrow – and finalize my takes on both the Korean drama and anime series in advance of my call on Tuesday.

Well, off to bed…so that I can stay up and think about the next three scenes.

14 thoughts on “January 28, 2018: Smoooooth sailing!

  1. What I noticed the most in that food picture above was the big glass of milk. Hot food or not, milk’s the best. Yum-mee!

  2. We’ve made Buffalo Cauliflower several times, but ours never had a half-life. Incredibly tasty stuff, though. Especially for something that’s supposed to be good for you.

  3. Well, dip that cauliflower in a sesame or honey barque sauce instead and wrap it in bacon and I’m in. 😀 mmmmmm 😀

  4. The cauliflower looks great, but my stomach hurts just thinking about it.

    I’m anxious to hear more about this script! Hopefully, it will go forward.

  5. I was going to say “Hey I’d love the recipe for that cauliflower dish until I read it contained hot sauce. I can’t even do Taco Bell mild sauce. Such a lightweight in that respect. It’s better nothing versus an emergency room to get a tracheostomy in my throat to breathe. And thousands of dollars.

    Congratulations on your explosion of creativity. I can’t wait to see which one is going to get picked up so we can enjoy it.

    Ice cream helps EVERYTHING. Ben & Jerry’s has a new flavor out that I’m hoping I’ll be able to find locally.

  6. I would have been up all night with indigestion. You must have a cast iron stomach. In my youth, I used to love (regular) hot wings with blue cheese dip. Yum!

    Sorry to hear about your back problems PBmom! You are at a big disadvantage by not being able to use steroids. I’m sure you know that though. Do you have people giving you advice all the time about your back pain? I know people mean well but it’s annoying to listen to “my sister had back surgery and she’s doing great now”. I have to point out that their sister had a completely different problem than mine. I pray for patience. 😉
    How’s Patrick doing today? I read that you think there’s a seizure coming on. {{{Hugs}}} I wish they would pass universal medical marijuana.

    MaggieL80: I love Key West! My bff and I went years ago (before kids) and hubby/son/me are going in June during a cruise. I can’t wait to get back to those conch fritters. I hope you have a wonderful time!

  7. Mmmm, Nuclear Option Cauliflower. Killer AND healthy!

    When we were at Santa Rampage, we went to The Cheesecake Factory, something we only do in Vegas. One of their “small plates” is Korean BBQ Cauliflower. Oh, yum. We only order small plates and a cheesecake to split because TCF has huge portions which are simply too much food for normal humans. We liked the cauliflower so much I have looked up how to make it, and we briefly contemplated driving down to Salt Lake City to find the TCF for lunch one weekend. Nah, I’m going to cook some delicious cruciferous veggie very soon. Yum! I will definitely need to try the buffalo variation. Note to self: buy ice cream.

  8. Gotta try that cauliflower recipe. I’m all about squash at the moment tho. Spent the weekend in jammies watching season 2 of Northern Exposure. Part of the fun is trying to remember how to use a DVD player. It doesn’t turn off or doesn’t start playing automatically, and it doesn’t work when you hold the remote upside down.

  9. The cauliflower looks delicious! Is it harder to write scripts before you know who the actors are going to be? Or do you have a picture in your mind of who you think would fit the character while writing?

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