I’ve been reading comic books, on and off, for most of my life.  I would go months, sometimes years without reading and then, one day, stop by my local comic shop, pick up every title on the stands and start reading – and keep reading the ones that kept my interest, dropping the ones that failed to hold my attention.  Of course, with the increasing strain of weighty backstories, the complexity of innumerable crossovers, and the reimagining, reinventions, and reboots of old favorites, jumping back in has proven daunting.

Still, digital subscription services like Comixology have helped make it a lot easier. Now, instead of jumping into the middle of a story arc, I can start from the beginning, easily acquiring the back issues online and moving forward from there – should the title grab me.

So, here’s where you come in. I’d like you comic book aficionados to recommend some titles. Since I have a fair amount on my plate and am halfway through a script, I’d like to start small – say, 12-15 different books.  And, to help you steer me right, here are a few of the comic books I enjoyed last year…

January 29, 2018: Hit Me With Your Comic Book Recommendations! January 29, 2018: Hit Me With Your Comic Book Recommendations! January 29, 2018: Hit Me With Your Comic Book Recommendations! January 29, 2018: Hit Me With Your Comic Book Recommendations! January 29, 2018: Hit Me With Your Comic Book Recommendations!

There are a bunch of my favorites writers I definitely plan to check out (Hickman, Simone, King, Liu, Rosenberg, Moreci to name but a few), but I’d love to hear what YOU’RE enjoying.

Recommend me some comic books!

15 thoughts on “January 29, 2018: Hit me with your comic book recommendations!

  1. I already mentioned Tales of the Beanworld to you on Twitter…

    I also really enjoyed the original run of Marvel’s Excalibur (vol. 1, 1988–1998)…

    Also Marvel’s original Guardians of the Galaxy (1969 team)…

    I like anything with Ambush Bug in it…

    I also HIGHLY recommend that you read Scott-McCloud’s amazing book, Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art…

  2. It is a rather long series to catch up on, but I think the Injustice: Gods Among Us series is the best Superhero series out there. The first couple of “Years” were a little better than the current run, but it is my favorite series.
    And there is this little series called Stargate Atlantis that you may have heard of. The current comic series is great.

  3. Mmm…. I say the Detective Comics (2016) is good…. well the last arc was quite cool.

    Hm… I’d also recommend 20th Cenutry Boys and 21st Century Boys by Urasawa Naoki…tho it’s manga not comic lol but I still think you’d enjoy it. (It’s scifi thriller mystery!)

  4. I Loved Daytripper by Brazilian twin brother team of writer and artist Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon, respectively. It’s a sort of biography of a boy growing up and his transition to manhood and what it is like to evolve and change and leave parts of ourselves in the past. Limited run and collected into a single graphic novel. No Superheroes or aliens or technology but there is strong element of magic realism without it being too fantastic. The story telling is sublime as is the art

  5. Cant help ya with comic book stories to check out.
    Albeit, I did bake a fresh batch of delicious secret recipe chocolate chip
    and cherry cookies at 1 am last night when I couldn’t sleep. <3

    Today's fortune cookie:

    Tuesdays always seem better when you include a leisurely walk through a park with a stop off at a favorite bakery on your way home to pick up some pistachio macarons.

    Good luck on your conference call today. xo

  6. I’m trying to think of something interesting and relevant to say, but I’m blank. I do love seeing the cover art, so there’s that.

    Happy Tuesday!

  7. If you enjoy ‘THE VISION’ mini-series than you should read ‘MISTER MIRACLE’ from the same writer.

  8. If you are a Star Wars fan, I can’t recommend Doctor Aphra enough. Her story starts in the Darth Vader comic, but she got her own book, and it’s incredible. Completely reignited my love of the Star Wars story outside of the Skywalker Saga.

  9. Spencer & Locke! (4 issue mini, mind-blowing take on a dark Calvin & Hobbes concept, sounds potentially terrible but it’s fantastic!)

    Clean Room by Gail Simone
    Imaginary Fiends
    God Country (this is a writer to watch!)

    Many others but I would recommend these over all others!

  10. ‘Black Science’ is pretty good.
    Kinda like a nightmareish ‘Sliders’ but with ‘Rick & Morty’ levels of creativity in imagining parallel dimensions.

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