My favorites…

Allies #8 (cover art by Denis Popov)

I’m a sucker for sci-fi and this cover is all kinds of intriguing in its premise of discovery.  We are on the inside looking out of…what?  A stasis pod, a ship, some sort of future medical iso unit?  Who are we?  WHAT are we?

Coyotes #3 (cover art by Caitlin Yarsky)

Origami cranes light the way, illuminating the three cross-wielding women.  Upon closer scrutiny, note the one in the foreground sharpening hers, no doubt intending to drive home a point.

She-Hulk vol. 2 (cover art by John Tyler Christopher)

Since watching The Shape of Water, I’m all about the color green and its highlighted here in the hair, the eyes, and what appear to be charges of energy. Closer scrutiny of the eye reveals two interested things: 1) The woman in the reflection appears to be trapped in the pupil. 2) It’s all green, white, and various shades of grey except…for the red vein streaking in the white of her eyes.  Nice touch.

New Super-Man #19 (cover art by Rainier Beredo and Philip Tan)

This one gets top marks for me for a few reasons.  Overall, it’s just great artwork. I really like inclusion of the cell phone, suggesting this woman in mortal peril still can’t resist capturing the moment for posterity.  It seems crazy but really a fair reflection of our growing technological interconnectivity.  Finally – invariably, in these save-the-day type covers, the superheroes are cool as cucumbers.  Not here. Our hero looks downright freaked out.

Normandy Gold #5 (cover art by Claudia Ianniciello)

This one really captures the spirit of a bygone era.  Very cool.

Flash #38 (cover art by Hi-Fi and Barry Kitson)

It’s not very often a comic book cover makes me laugh, but this one did.

Master Inquisitors, vol. 7 (cover art by Andrea Cuneo)

Well now, this is…unnerving.  From the intricacies of the background architecture to the spiderweb fractures of the molten face, that’s some fine attention to detail. Those freaked out kids in the BG are also a nice touch.

Vision: The Complete Series (cover art by Mike Del Mundo)

On the heels of the holidays, this cover offers us a digital Christmas tree with varied vibrant superhero/villain-themed ornaments.  A terrific cover for an equally terrific book.

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Oh wow! Now you’ve hit the jackpot! I like this whole batch so much it’d be near impossible to pick out just one or two favs. xo

Stacy Fincher
Stacy Fincher

I was wondering if you were going to release anymore Dark Matter scrips?


I love the throwback look of the reflecting pool and Wash monument, she looks like she’s gonna hop in a Renault with Serge Gainsbourg.

Margaret Clayton

Coyotes is intriguing. Guiding the way …where? Who?


I think, for me, it’s out of the first three …
I was intrigued after your words, about what was happening in the Allies illustration. I couldn’t quite read her expressionless eyes with the grappling hands … so I cheated and went on the ComiXology website. Now I understand …

The Coyotes feels so nice and warm (which at the mo’ is NICE!) It also reminded me of those three witches in that Scottish play but with eyes! I feel sorry for the origami birds though ….

And She -Hulk is so intense. You can feel her angst and simmering strength.

Yep, that’s my choice today 😁
Thanks for sharing these every week. I really look forward to it.


Not sure why, but the Coyotes cover made me instantly think of a Dr Who episode about Shakespeare. The witches don’t look the same, but now I really want to watch that episode.


Some great covers indeed. I like the she hulk one. Simple and powerful, with an extra layer. Everything I can’t do, so I dig it! ^^