January 9, 2018: Fight! Fight! Fight!

The first rule of Dark Matter Fight Club is Post About Dark Matter Fight Club! Pictured above: Director Bruce McDonald and Co-Executive Producer Robbie David at the official weigh-in for their big match.

January 9, 2018: Fight! Fight! Fight!

While we’re on the subject, Dark Matter’s Solara Shockley (and Brazilian Top Team Purple Belt and 2 time IBJJF World Champion Ayisha Issa) and her partner’s gym is offering a stunt workshop, “Fighting For Film & TV”.  If you’re interested, check it out here:


January 9, 2018: Fight! Fight! Fight!

In case you missed it, this was a nice little article by SciFiMoviePage’s Chris Suide that does a nice job of summing up the feelings of many Dark Matter fans (though I don’t agree with the take on Killjoys.  Nothing but love and respect for Michelle Lovretta and her crew.)

In Memoriam: 2017 Dark Matter: The Loss Of A Show We Cannot Forgive Or Forget

Also, this article…

January 9, 2018: Fight! Fight! Fight!

Oh No!  Syfy Cancels Dark Matter

Tomorrow, it’s a farewell lunch with director Ron Murphy before he heads west to shoot (An episode of a show?  His six guns?  Who knows?), follow-up conversations on a couple of projects, and meeting on Friday regarding that book to screen horror adaptation.

16 thoughts on “January 9, 2018: Fight! Fight! Fight!

  1. Can Bruce McDonald fight without his cowboy hat on? Isn’t that where his power comes from? A piece of advice for Bruce…… Stay. Away. From. Solara. Shockley.

  2. Maybe we’ll discover that the Raza crew is in a time dilation field & that all this has been a horrible dream & we’ll come back in a year from now with One in the shower….

    I know I gotta let go & move on but I’m still not over SGA’s cancellation yet, how can I be over DM so soon?

    Thanks for the pics & updates!!

      1. Yup. He totally failed Bedside Manner 101, too. Fortunately, I parted ways with him about a year or so before the murder.


    1. @Das Most definitely glad to hear that man is not your doctor anymore.

      How’s the blanket & tablecloth locating & sorting coming?

  3. Would love to at least observe the training Ayisha and BJJ will conduct.
    Not sure about participation. Too many broken parts already, but the training would be super. Good thing I’m not in the Toronto area…sigh.

    Love the focus and intensity shown. EYES…watching everything.

  4. That stunt person workshop actually sounds like a lot of fun!

    I certainly have not forgotten or forgiven (SYFY) for the fate of Dark Matter. Ugh.

    @Das: Um, wow!

  5. Your post yesterday about Akemi”s language skills was interesting. English can be a challenge, even for native born speakers. How many people get they’re, there, and their incorrect? Loads, including myself at times. Her perspective, that you share with us, makes me look at English in a different light. For instance, I never wondered why Strawberries are called Strawberries until Akemi asked. I finally had to look it up: https://www.almanac.com/fact/why-are-strawberries-called-strawberriesr-historians-arent
    Plus, her questions and mistakes make a lot of sense, like “Delayted”. “But delayted makes sense because it’s delayed. Belated doesn’t mean anything!” Completely logical.

    1. @Tam. Agreed. Personally I never much cared for using the word belated when you forget to wish someone a happy birthday on their special day.

      If you think about it – the word late is often used to address the status of someone deceased. i.e: My late spouse or father.
      Thus, to wish someone a “be-lated” birthday sounds to me like I am wishing them to be deceased on the anniversary of their birth.

      Delayted may only be Akemi’s personal slang but it does sound kinder and actually could be a humorous thing for wishing those of us
      of the baby boomer generation who often silently dread the reality of having aged another year.

      HUMOROUS “Over the hill” HALLMARK CARD:

      “This Year my gift to you is to wish you A Happy Delayted Birthday
      so you could hang onto being one year younger a little while longer.

      See …. My forgetfulness isnt always such a terrible thing ay?” 😀

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