Continuing our Dark Matter Season 3 Awards, we move on to the category of Best Supporting Performance By A Recurring Actor in Dark Matter’s Third Season…


Jeff’s role on Dark Matter really blossomed over the show’s three year run.  Had we done a fourth season, it would have expanded even further with the crew of The Raza under the employ of The Galactic Authority and Lt. Anders as their point man.  Jeff delivers a great turn opposite Anthony Lemke in the season premiere, Episode 301 (“Being Better Is So Much Harder”), but my pick for his best performance of the season is…

December 29, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 Awards – Part 2!

WINNER: Episode 307, “I Wish I Could Believe You” in which we are offered a further glimpse into Kal Varrick’s pre-Raza relationship with Anders and the true depth of their friendship.  Jeff’s performance in those scenes in which he attempts to lend his buddy, Kal (Roger Cross), emotional support in the face of a crumbling marriage feel wholly earnest and real, and they make the knowledge of how it will eventually play out for SIX all that more heartbreaking.


Torri Higginson’s Commander Truffault had a pretty good run for a character that was originally scripted to die in her second appearance.  Through a combination of tricky scheduling and scene-stealing swagger, Truffault lived to see – well, many more days as The Raza crew’s uncertain ally.  Of her several appearances in Dark Matter‘s third season, my favorite by far was…

December 29, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 Awards – Part 2!

WINNER: Episode 301, “Being Better Is So Much Harder” in which she not only calls the shots but takes the shots, showing a whole other side to Truffault’s cool and in command persona, then conveying surprising empathy in her final conversation with TWO about the weight of leadership.


Another character who got a second lease on life was Ennis Esmer’s Max Wexler who was actually killed off back in episode 110, only to be resurrected a season later in Episode 208, (“Stuff To Steal, People To Kill”).  Thank goodness for science fiction!  This alt version of Wexler was less objectionable and slightly more amiable than the original season 1 version and, had the show gone another season, we would have gotten plenty of opportunity to get to know him as The Raza’s newest crew member.  I loved him in Episode 306 (“One Last Card To Play”), but thought his “shiningest” moments were in…

December 29, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 Awards – Part 2!

WINNER: Episode 313, “Nowhere To Go”, an episode that took one giant stride in the character’s rehabilitation.  It’s a testament to Ennis’s talents that he was able to make a character as reprehensible as Wexler not only likable but downright charming.


Natalie Brown’s touching portrayal of the doomed Sarah was a prelude to a much bigger arc that would have seen her character go to some dark places in the show’s fourth season.  One of the biggest missed opportunities of that season denied was the chance to see what Natalie would have done with her character’s surprise turn. If I had to choose a favorite Sarah episode, it would be…

December 29, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 Awards – Part 2!

WINNER: Episode 304, “All The Time In The World” in which she is finally reunited with her lost love, unhappily at first and then, in ensuing do-overs the time loop affords, eventually rediscovers that connection.  Natalie never failed to make us feel for Sarah.


Andrew Moodie joined the show’s third season as Ryo Ishida’s former sensei, a well-intentioned voice for peace and understanding who gets more than he bargained for when he accepts a position in the royal court.  Andrew’s standout performances pepper the show’s third season, but if I had choose a single episode to spotlight his talents, I would select…

December 29, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 Awards – Part 2!

Episode 312, “My Final Gift To You” in which secrets are revealed as is Teku’s true loyalty – once and forever to Ryo Ishida.  Did you ever have any doubt?  Andrew’s performance is as subtle as it is elusive, keeping us guessing until the very end.


The flip side to Andrew Moodie’s pacifist intellectual was Ellen Wong’s calculating Commander of the Royal Guard, and Ryo’s former childhood friend, Misaki Han. Ellen tears it up, imbuing Misaki with ruthless resolve, yet my nod goes to an episode in which she allows us a glimpse of Misaki at her most vulnerable…

December 29, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 Awards – Part 2!

WINNER: Episode 301, “Being Better Is So Much Harder” concludes with a powerful scene that sees Ryo confront Misaki with her culpability in the death of Nyx Harper. Rather than deny the accusation, however, Misaki counters with a steadfast defense that conveys an unwavering belief in the rightness of her actions.  It’s a powerful performance at turns surprising and altogether convincing.


Actress Ayisha Issa auditioned for another role back in the show’s second season and, while she didn’t land that part, her audition motivated me to create a character for her in season 3, Solara Shockley.  She was, of course, perfect in the role of Adrian Maro’s principled, determined, and somewhat anti-social bodyguard. Lots to love in her all-too-brief four episode arc, but if I had to pick an episode that truly showcased her talents, it would be…

December 29, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 Awards – Part 2!

WINNER: Episode 305, “Give It Up, Princess” in which Ayisha flexes her acting chops, showing Solara at her most vulnerable, letting her guard down in a touching conversation with Jodelle Ferland’s FIVE.


Like Ayisha Issa’s Solara Shockley, Mishka Thebaud’s Adrian Maro was slated for a recurring return in Dark Matter‘s fourth season.  Sadly, it was not to be, but Mishka’s third season performance went a long way toward winning us over to his fish-out-of-water wanna-be-handler.  Although a comical character, Mishka made certain that Adrian’s humanity was always present.  Maro came a long way in a short, short time, but if I had to choose a single episode favorite it would be…

December 29, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 Awards – Part 2!

WINNER: Episode 305, “Give It Up, Princess” neatly encapsulates Adrian Maro, from lovable goofball to sympathetic victim.  This was Mishka at his very best.


Tomorrow, we move on to the Dark Matter Season 3 Awards – Part 3 with a focus on our main cast!

15 thoughts on “December 29, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 Awards – Part 2!

  1. Absolutely luuuuuved Wexler from day one. And guess I also like the strong silent type because I loved Ayisha Issa’s character.

  2. Yes! Respect to these terrific performances, it hurts that we won’t get to see them continue wending their way through the DM galaxy next season.

  3. PS I have a challenge for you Joe, you have a busy schedule but after seeing my niece’s experiments with her Easy Bake oven (baked frosting was a messy tasty hit) I think you and Akemi could do some creative treats with those teeny tiny Easy Bake packets.

  4. Thank you so much Joe…Ive been sick as hell with the flu and this was a really nice way to wake up. I’ve said it so many times, you couldn’t ask for a better more welcoming environment to do your thing. I am so grateful

  5. Thank you for this tribute as well. All of your picks are priceless.
    Loved all of these characters and the stars that played their roles very very well. One day over the rainbow – in an alternate universe we will see them again.

  6. Don’t think i could possibly pick just one Misaki performance over another.
    Ellen Wong was simply a natural in this character.

    I had oft daydreamed it would have been interesting to have her join the Raza crew on board for a half dozen or so consecutive episodes
    knowing full well how much the crew hated her and how much she seriously disliked most of them.
    We could have watched THREE or perhaps even FIVE try to kill her on board.
    Or perhaps, comically, ‘every’ crew member, including Android, might take a turn at sneaking in a plot for Misaki to meet her demise without informing one another.
    Of course there would be the lectures given by the likes of FIVE or SIX about how the crew has to honor its promise not to harm her while she is on board helping them with this or that.
    Albeit … even they would make an attempt to put an end to her after giving their morality and ethics speech.

    Android, I would imagine, might do something like – notice Misaki standing near an airlock area then pretend there was a ship malfunction causing bay doors to open. Misaki, of course, would grab onto something at the final second before she is blown out into space.

    FIVE might pretend the crew has been unfair to Misaki and she wants to try to be Misaki’s friend.
    She might share with her a really cool virtual reality game she programmed herself. Unfortunately, while Misaki is in the game there is a disco room with strobe lights and it causes her to experience an epileptic seizure.

    THREE would probably just try to kill her in her sleep or arrange for something heavy overhead to fall on her.

    SIX might overhear a conversation about some food Misaki is severely allergic to and serve it to her, making sure the epi pens are no where to be found when shei has a severe allergic reaction.

    TWO would probably be the last to make an attempt on her life and would just fight her face to face without sneaking around.
    I’m thinking, in an alternate reality, this is how Misaki meets her end? As I cannot imagine Misaki besting TWO in any fight!

    Some of MY other over all fav picks in supporting roles:
    Melanie Liburd as Nyx & Ruby Rose as Wendy

    And yes, definitely Alyssa and Jeff brought their A+ game to their roles.
    I was certainly impressed with the impact factor they each had on me.
    I’ve little doubt had Anders & Solara been given the opportunity to continue developing you would have as well discovered much more depth and ability in both actors.

  7. They were all excellent. I’d have to say my favorite was Solara. It might have been the character but the actress, Aysia, was great. Her facial expressions were priceless.

  8. oops… Meant to type Ayisha above. Not Alyssa.
    Sorry. Had a double helping of scrambled brain for breakfast today.

  9. I’m so missing Season 4 Dark Matter. Bring it on. So many fans. I got hooked and then BAM it was gone. Excellent Syfy for me. I love every thing Raza. Even the bad guys were awesome. Devoted fan. Pkease consider season 4 you loyal fans are waiting.

  10. I enjoyed the synopsis of the last 3 entries. While I did not warrant any articles from the latest round of Dark Matter kitch I still have a crush on Melissa O’ that will have to go unsettled. Just as well, the love of my life from my Peace Corps days in Thailand 20+ years ago never learned of my interest either. Odd thing on how popular a name like Siri has become. I got a kick from the time looping ep. It reminded me of the Stargate ep. Three got to play the bad guy with no consequences. He could sing and dance too, who knew.

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