One of my favorite episodes of Dark Matter’s first season was Episode 110.  Written by my longtime producing partner, Paul Mullie, it saw the introduction of a team even more mercenary and ruthless than our lovable anti-villains.  In Episode 111, a fan favorite, TWO takes back the ship (with a little help from FIVE) and Wexler and Tash are dispatched along with their allies.  But, of course, sci-fi allows for all sorts of crazy and wonderful developments and, the following season, Wexler and Tash returned (technically, alternate versions of themselves) hale and hearty and very much alive.  Then, in season 3, they showed up in our proper universe after hitching a ride on the AU-skipping Raza.  Hell, by season’s end, Wexler was actually on board, helping the crew, bearing witness to an alien invasion alongside FIVE and Ryo Ishida.  And, had we done a fourth season, there were plans to have Wexler stick around for a while.

Anyway, in my ongoing effort to make Dark Matter fandom the most informed fandom in existence, I’m gifting you not one but two scripts today…



If you’re collecting and counting, I believe that’s 6 down, 33 to go!

20 thoughts on “October 22, 2017: Here, have a two-parter!

  1. Thank you again!! I can’t wait to read them. My lunch reading for work tomorrow. 😀

    Question for next mailbag: what do all the colors on the script mean?

  2. Thanks for posting these; I look forward to reading them.

    KathyC: I gather it’s how Hollywood scriptwriters managed to do version control,keeping track of what changes show up in what version. Every time they came up with changes, they published the new pages on different-colored paper and everyone would file in the new version of the pages in their copy. David Gerrold discussed this in his book “The Trouble With Tribbles” (telling the story of the writing and production of that Trek episode) (below text is quoted from
    the book):

    A gray-covered, final draft is mimeoed on white pages.
    Every time changes are made, the corrected pages are printed on a different color paper and copies are sent around to be inserted into everyone’s script. The first changes come through on blue paper, the second ones on pink, then yellow, then green, then gold, then…

    The final shooting version of “The Trouble With Tribbles,” had pages in colors t hat had never been seen before by the eyes of man. Ultra-submarine brown, oyster-red, lavender strobe, feckless orange, unhappy purple…

  3. Hi Joe
    Thanks for the script, I really appreciate it. But somehow I’ve got 7…


    1. We not complaining…but me too, somehow I’ve got 7 and grateful for all that you give us.

      1. Do you mind sending me if you have time? My drive got corrupted. Just finished with my exams and when I was about to start a reading marathon of the scripts, they are all gone. :'( my email is Thanks!

  4. What a shame. You know we were all also rooting of a return of AU version of One.

    I’ll have to read the scripts later. I’m, at this point, going to be late with my anniversary video to Jeff, but I still need to continue working on it because next weekend–if all goes as planned and a client doesn’t have an emergency situation like a death in the family or a forced business trip–plan to be at the beach with my book club friends. A 5-bedroom beautiful home I could never afford to rent unless I won Lotto. One of the book club members is a frequent renter from the agency that maintains them and they offered her a free weekend and gave her a choice and she picked that one and coordinated it with the annual weekend trip which I have not yet been able to attend because of my business. It’s right on the water and wasn’t damaged by Hurricane Harvey.

    I’m a Pisces. I crave water. But I also crave salt water. When I was single, I used to drive down (it’s about a 90-120 minute drive) to the coast and just sit on the sea wall and breathe. I thought about moving down there for awhile (as I would still be able to work for my employer because we all worked at home) but ultimately I decided I didn’t like the idea of having to evacuate every time a tropical system approached. I figured it would be easy enough to just continue going down there. Last time I was there was in 2013 when I went to Space City Con and met all the Babylon 5 people. And Kristian Nairn who was Hodor from Game of Thrones, and Miltos Yerolemou who was Syrio Forel. He was teaching a sword fighting class but I was really there for Babylon 5 stuff. I just knew someone who knew them who introduced me to them. It was difficult to crossover into a different track because the times would conflict with each other. So if I went to see something GoT I was then missing something Babylon 5. That was the only bummer.

  5. When TWO spaced Wexler I actually jumped from my chair fist pumping and cheering. It’s what I wanted her to do. It’s what she needed to do. 😎

  6. A big thanks you from France!!!
    Can’t wait to have them all !
    All the best for you.

  7. Fab, Joe
    Really enjoyed the storyline with Wexler. Look forward to finding out, one day what you had in store for him…..

  8. Thank you so much, Joe!
    Reading these scripts is so exciting.
    I love to ‘see’ the shot descriptions and read the dialogue as it was typed but remembering how the actors read/interpreted it too (hope that makes some sense!).
    I wonder what it was like for each actor, especially in Season 1, reading a script for the first time – having no idea who they ‘were’ or their background stories.

  9. That’s a big grin from me and a big scratch to my head…how did you know that S1 Ep10 was the episode that hooked me in to the DM universe? Wait, you probably didn’t but you will when you get my letter.

    Wexler has become the character that you love to hate/love. Ennis was/is awesome in that role!

  10. Nooooooo!
    Went to continue reading the first script and it’s gone!!! Haven’t even set eyes on the second one. I didn’t realise there was a time out on these!
    Please could you give another link. Please?!!!

  11. I look away for a day and miss two scripts, was this intentional? If anyone has the URLs for the scripts still cached, please comment 🙂

  12. I missed the scripts as well. Rather than saving I just clicked on a couple assuming they would just stay around. If anyone could be so kind as to dropbox (or otherwise fileshare) the previously released scripts, I would greatly appreciate it.

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