“I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.” – Douglas Adams

Me =

September 18, 2017: Deadline Man Walking!

Reality =

September 18, 2017: Deadline Man Walking!

September 18, 2017: Deadline Man Walking!

For those of you wondering, our deadline to hear back was Friday.  Then, the weekend at the latest.  Then, today at the absolute latest because, tomorrow, we have to start wrapping out our second stage.

Look, I’ve been saying all along – it’s a longshot.  And sure, no news is…well, no news.  Or, at the very least, not bad news.

September 18, 2017: Deadline Man Walking!

September 18, 2017: Deadline Man Walking!

Yes, I’m that guy now.  Still, it would be great to finally have an answer because if this wait extends much longer, the only way this show comes back is as a radio play.

Anyway, I have the following two gifs on the deck and waiting.  One for YES! and the other for NOOOOOO!

September 18, 2017: Deadline Man Walking!


September 18, 2017: Deadline Man Walking!

Thank you for your patience and continuing support.

Hey, since you stopped by, enjoy a look at the alien ship design by the good folks at Darkhorse10:

September 18, 2017: Deadline Man Walking!

Hoping to see more of their stuff (like that alien fighter swarm!) sooner than never!

61 thoughts on “September 18, 2017: Deadline Man Walking!

  1. Well, this is the moment when getting answers apparently requires hanging someone upside down from a tree and at least making them sway. A LOT.

    1. Too bad he doesn’t have Genesis, this situation calls for the Word of God.

  2. Been thinking about the deadline all day, fingers crossed and stomach in knots, can’t imagine how you must be feeling right now! It pains me to hear that a set must be wrapped tomorrow! I am still crossing my fingers, I’ll keep hoping until the very end. The show is so great, the cast is so great, I am hoping you and the cast find a new TV home. You all deserve it!

  3. Argh! What is it with Dark Matter and cliff hangers!! 🙂

    I had a weird feeling yesterday that despite the deadline that things might drag on an extra day (or so) because that’s what this stuff always seems to do in this business.

    Still sending all the positive vibes I can muster!

  4. As a fan of Doctor Who on Big Finish radio I’d be ok with a radio play but if TV or movie or TV movie aren’t possible then why not go back to comics and finish it out there? I would think Dark Horse would be accommodating.

  5. I don’t know how to take that. I am hoping it means they are going for it and just need a little extra time to lock in some of the details before actually saying yes. I would HOPE whomever is our last chance is not just jerking you around and having fun at your, and our, expense. Though with each day my hope wanes like the light of a candle receding into the night i am trying to be strong. This will make for the 3rd show this Summer that i enjoy to get the axe. It has been a bloody Summer.


    I need a hero!
    I’m holding out for a hero ’til the end of the night
    He’s gotta be strong
    And he’s gotta be fast
    And he’s gotta be fresh from the fight
    I need a hero!
    I’m holding out for a hero ’til the morning light
    He’s gotta be sure
    And it’s gotta be soon
    And he’s gotta be larger than life!
    I need a hero!!!

  7. PLEEEEASE!!!!!

    Stop draggin’ my,
    Stop draggin’ my,
    Stop draggin’ my heart around!

  8. The REAL reason why Dark Matter got cancelled was because it was good. It was smart, and it made people satisfied. Networks don’t like that. They want you to watch absolute crap that will dumb you down and make you docile. Killjoys was not a good show and, frankly, due to all the sex, it should have been on the CW with all the other trash. That is the stuff that networks want you to watch – because it will numb the senses and make you stupid. Oh, and it’s cheap because they don’t need to worry about writers and actors asking for pay raises. These actors know they are the bottom of the barrel pickings, and the networks know that a revolt from them is unlikely.

    Truth be told, Syfy actually loved Dark Matter behind closed doors, but they were worried more money would be involved, so they decided to jump ship because, as it has already been pointed out, Dark Matter was an acquisition and their other shows, like Killjoys, are original programming, and, thus, are far more profitable.

    With that said, I think setting up a Dark Matter Patreon is a much better solution than looking for another network to foot the bill. Now that we are probably going to lose the sets, we will need about 10-13 million for Season 4, and about another 3-4 million to rebuild the sets. So, roughly, 17 million for a Season 4 to be filmed. Once it’s filmed, you can then use Netflix or Hulu, or whatever to distribute.

    It’s definitely doable. Falling into despair, at this point, isn’t wise. Sets can be rebuilt, money can be raised, and everyone can be happy. Granted, I don’t know the details of Dark Matter’s contract with Syfy was, and truth be told, the fine print can be devastating in this case, but I will continue to be optimistic.

  9. A radio drama is a great idea, especially with great sound effects and music. Dolby 3D 7.1 surround sound version? I believe sound design is super important! If this becomes the only option, one thing concerns me.

    Would there be a third person narrator? I feel that would break immersion because it’s so different than the show’s approach. Harder, but more rewarding would be first person narration.

    Point of view shifts between the Raza crew would be easy if you have the original actors voicing them. It will be obvious whose perspective we are given. I feel this would also let us get to know the crew more intimately than what’s viable in TV show format. But I imagine this would entail much writing work on your part. There’s also the fact that you can show actions faster than describing them, which would make each radio episode longer.

    I hope that Dark Matter is revived as a TV show! But if not, it would be amazing to have two seasons of radio drama. It would be epic if you could get the cast to voice act opposite each other for especially heartfelt scenes. I would hands down purchase a copy of Dark Matter radio drama!

  10. I’m sure someone has mentioned this, but have you thought of crowdsourcing on indiegogo or gofundme? If you were able to raise enough money you could make season 4 however you want and sell it on Amazon.

    1. It’s not about money.. he said that money are not a problem.. it’s about license

  11. I’ve been checking throughout the day, with one eye open just in case the news was bad and I could close it quickly and pretend I didn’t read it. I’ll take the delay and remain optimistic! I was watching some shows over the weekend wondering 1. How did they get such a big budget? 2. How is this on the air and our DM is searching for a home? The reality is confusing. I don’t think the networks even know what they’re doing half the time.

    On a side note: did you notice the Emmy nominations this yr? Not much to offer from the major networks but boy howdy The Handmaid’s Tale and Big Little Lies shined bright.

    Keeping fingers, toes & eyes crossed! Positive thoughts your way! How is the settling into the new apt going?

  12. Well we’re rooting for you guys and gals. At this point the fans are even deeply committed because of the struggle. I sort of feel like each of us has loaded the show on our backs and is running across the battlefield. It can’t die now.

    I really wish there was a secondary venue for shows. A second chance channel where a show like this -popular with the fans but struggling with whatever weird financing or demographic issues (or whatever none-popularity related business issues that kill fan fave shows). Maybe even a partially crowdfunded show, or selling ‘shares’ of a show or some other innovative solution.

    I understand money and business but it bugs me when money is the key controlling what stories are told. Quite a few shows that could have used a second chance at another season or two.

  13. *DM Supporters Unite our Minds via Telepathic Ways* to secure Joseph having a Deal that includes 4th & 5th season with both having 10-13 eps. <3 Wiuh What a Weekend behind.. Full of amazing Sci-Fi Dark Matter Fandom, the Series that's Best Sci-Fi at the moment paired with The Expanse o/ Other series airing atm. or in past few years that are in Sci-Fi Genre won't / didn't get close to Dark Matter 🙂

    Was great to be part of "Save Beautiful Dark Matter Operation" for almost 3 weeks <3 Operation launched by Joseph lasted close to 2 weeks, but i & big Raza Fan Army started earlier when heard about SyFy's mind boggling move. Feel sad that even after did A LOT for past 16+ days still feel that could've done more to help. Maybe if used more cash "used 10€ to + visibility for biggest Petition" & Share more, Write better & so on.

    Made Blog about saving Dark Matter & it was done with care & also helped via other ways. Tweeted A Lot to Several Telly Networks.. Guess that Tweet Jail wasn't far in any Twitter Storm day. Carrie said on DM Tv Series FB Grp: "People are asking if he'd do a movie or wrap it in a min series (5-6 episodes), he'd said no, he had it all plotted out for just 5 years. I knew 5x Years plan & now after SyFy's foolish move the thought of someone rescuing DM & then having only 5-6x episodes have been haunting in back of the head.

    Joe said that interested on miniseries, but not a movie on Reddit to one person who asked during Q&A. Of course understand if hard to get a deal when only speak of 2x remaining seasons so mind wanders to miniseries deal. Esp. with some Networks that won't agree for 2x seasons plan whether it's small or big Network. Still many hope that we get 2x seasons with 10-13 eps. like is common on these days.

    Or 16-22, but those are very long seasons & rare on these days if not mistaken. 13x is well enough for beautiful Dark Matter 🙂 Good week to Joe & Rest of fine DM Crew & Fans. Fight till the last last moments.. 🙂 Peace.
    #UnitedWeStand #DamnTheSharknados #DamnTheSyFyWrestling

    PST: Joe & all who Produce DM know that many of us Fans who happy to buy DM Merchandise & support the Production <3 Would love a DM Shirt with cast Signatures & Raza ship on Background.

    1. Can’t edit after sent the msg :/ Meant that Fans are & not “who” happy to buy. Close to end of novel length comment. Turned to long one, but it happened cause of these Butterflies in belly times.. Peace o/

  14. Win, lose, or draw…

    Would love if we could have one last Tweet storm around the globe. To thank the cast, crew, creative departments, producers, Jay, Paul, Joe, and all of the friends and favors Joe called in to wage the social media war.

    For the fans who raised the hue and cry worldwide. For the love of the anti-heroes in all of us, who are neither 100% good nor 100% bad. The story of Dark Matter.


  15. For crying in the soup. If the universe’s plan is to make us suffer as much worry and angst as possible then it’s working. Sending even more positives.

    Can you wait til the end of the day to strike the set? Just in case…? *whimpers*

  16. Joe,

    Can we do a “Go fund me” to keep the second stage a little longer ? I know for a fact it will get traction. It gives you a moment to breathe and work on some calls etc. Thoughts ? 100k Tweets a buck each should appease the landlord. Remember you can ask . Can put the big donors in the credits 😎


  17. Not ready to settle for a radio drama yet (although Doctor Who survived as a radio drama the entire time it was off the air between Sylvester McCoy and Christopher Eccleston. There are actually more radio drama stories than television stories).
    Will it help if I come and chain myself to the studio gates? Just a thought. I can be there in 10 minutes!!

  18. In all seriousness, if all else fails, I would be entirely down for seasons four and five coming in the form of audio drama. I’ve noticed that the format seems to regaining some popularity in recent years, and you could still have all the original cast members reprise their roles. Plus you don’t have to pay for sets or special effects, and it’s easier to schedule since the cast members don’t even need to be in the same room.

    Of course, more TV episodes would be best, but failing that, I genuinely think an audio drama would be the next best thing.

  19. I second what Trev was saying about going for alternate sources of funding to keep the stages and storage of props intact until a new set of backers show their hands.

  20. Sigh, feels so familiar. At least we got a movie out of last one. They cancel all the good shows and keep mind numbing garbage. I’m sorry that they are leaving you hanging, not fun. But I will choose the “no news is good news” for now. hugs

  21. The 18th was my bd… I waited to look figuring either a happy bonus or a downer. I guess no news is inbetween. Crossing fingers for a yes tomorrow.

  22. Well RIP dark matter and the Raza it was a great short journey that ended to soon :,( 🙁 hopefully it won’t be to long before we have another great series back from Joe maybe a new stargate reboot or something like that. Maybe forget trying to get on the syfy channel sense they cancel the great shows and keep the shitty ones. :/

  23. Hey Joseph, Have you tried contacting Chris Roberts from Cloud Imperium Games. He has raised over 150 million through crowdfunding for the Star Citizen Video Game. Maybe he’d be interested in investing 15 Million in Dark Matter and having some sort of marketing promotion deal for Star Citizen tied to it or something. I think that there could be some crossover there…hey maybe there could even be a Dark Matter Video Game!

    Just an idea, don’t loose focus, this can be done.



    1. Pretty good idea actually.

      Chris Roberts has hired a lot of TV series / movie actors recently for his Star Citizen game.

      If fans of Star Citizen were informed this could be done fairly quickly and a crossover shouldnt be too hard to do.

  24. Hoping and praying ! Fingers crossed, toes crossed, arms crossed and legs crossed. Going to be hard to get to work. Much success today !!

  25. So, I retire tomorrow after 32 years in the public service and all I can think about today is, IS DARK MATTER RENEWED OR NOT??? 🙂

  26. Once there was a little show called Star Trek that proved that when it comes to fandom there really is no end. I’m a rose colored glasses wearing optimist; there is a chance Shane rode off to a trauma ward, recovered and is raising a dozen kids on farm. Someday we’ll know if John ever brought more of that popcorn Teyla so desperately needed. I’m excited to see what comes next, if Stargate and Lost Girl begat the awesome DM then whats coming next will be fantastic.

    1. That’s a good, positive way to view things and I love your callback examples. Still want DM S4/5. If nothing else I’m hoping Dark Horse will do another Dark Matter comic arc or series to finish Joe’s vision for the story.

  27. Congrats to all starting new jobs!

    Mr. M.: You’ve probably heard one way or the other by now. {{{Hugs}}} if it’s negative and YAYYYYY! if it’s a green light.

  28. No matter what happens I’ll be following the careers of our Raza crew now.

    I fell in love with the characters on the show then over time and through this effort I’ve come to love the actors portraying them.

    Can’t wait to see what their future holds.

  29. Is there no other way this show can be produced at a later date? I mean just cause it wont get done NOW, is it over for good? Couldnt people come back? I have seen it happen with other shows. There was a year or two hiatus until the networks and producers got their act together and it was relaunched. Actors were available again…Couldnt that happen here too?

    1. Not really. Once those sets are destroyed, it makes it nearly impossible to come back.

      1. Trev again …your thoughts about us paying the rent on the set space to give you some time ?????????? There is a RAZA load of us out here….build it (or ask in this case) and they will come. Did like the video game spin off too.

        1. From reading earlier posts from Joe NO still intact. It will be safe until another project kicks it out. So let’s keep the pressure on ..spool up the FTL drive.

  30. My wife isn’t a huge SiFi fan, but she was looking for something to binge.

    I suggested she should give Dark Matter a try. I told her seasons 1 and 2 are available on Netflix.

    This was 3 episodes into the start of season 3. She caught up fast and by episode 5 was watching new episodes as they were released.

    To says she’s not happy is an understatement…we are both holding our breath.

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