“Could you give Dark Matter fans anxiously waiting on renewal a positive argument for why the show should get picked up. Please make a positive case for the show.”

With no word yet on Dark Matter’s future and the finale fast-approaching, I’m often asked to gauge the chances of a renewal.  Although I’m as anxious as many of you (maybe even more anxious, if you can believe it), I remain cautiously optimistic about our chances of returning for a fourth season.  Here’s why…

The ratings have been pretty consistent and not all that far off from season’s 2 average with two more episodes to go.  That’s no small feat given that most shows demonstrate a more precipitous drop in viewership season to season.  We are also SYFY’s third-ranked show in overnight viewers, only ten percent off from last season’s average, and when you factor in the +3 viewership (which is what most broadcasters focus on nowadays), we bump up even higher.  In fact, I suspect we are one of SYFY’s biggest boosted shows in time-delayed viewership bumps.

We’re a cost-effective production.

We’re part of a solid SYFY Friday lineup alongside equally great shows like Killjoys and Wynonna Earp, shows that, like Dark Matter, deliver a sense of fun and family atypical of a lot of t.v.’s grimmer offerings.  The SYFY Friday triple header is unique and has built a loyal following, one that can only continue to grow as fans of one show discover the many great things the other SYFY Friday shows have to offer (and here’s my quick pitch to check out Killjoys at 8/7 C airing right before Dark Matter, and Wynonna Earp at 10/9 C immediately following Dark Matter).

SYFY is serious about its commitment to scifi!  It has moved away from the non-SF programming that rankled a lot of diehard fans and really pledged themselves to the genre with programming ranging from fun ship-based scifi like Dark Matter to lush operatic hard SF like The Expanse to more urban fantasy like The Magicians.  It offers a wide variety of programming for a wide range of fandom tastes.

And speaking of fans, SYFY’s new rebranding is accompanied by the tagline: It’s A Fan Thing.  They recognize and respect the importance of that fanbase and, although they can’t keep everyone happy all the time, they have striven toward keeping many happy a lot of the time, rewarding committed viewers.

Dark Matter’s season 3 finale will set up a whole new storyline for the show’s fourth season, one that I’ve already hinted at – and a number of you have already figured out.  If season 1 was Secrets and Surprises, and season 2 was Risks and Redemption, and season 3 is Victories and Vengeance, then season 4 will be…wait for it…Androids and Aliens!  And come on!  You CAN’T get more scifi than that!

Fans have proven how much they love these characters.  It’s too soon to say goodbye to the crew of The Raza!

We’re only two-thirds of the way through our grand story and finally paying off many of the stories we set in play back in the show’s first season.  What circumstances turned Rebecca into the ruthless Portia?  How will THREE come to terms with Sarah’s new corporeality?  Have we seen the last of FOUR?  Will FIVE reunite with her sister?  Has SIX fully let go of his past?  What part will the Android play in the coming machine uprising?  Who’s Kryden?  Who’s Carina?  What are The Accelerated?  The Black Ships?

Stay positive, Dark Matter fans!  Hit social media!  Get on twitter and let SYFY know you want a fourth season!



20 thoughts on “August 15, 2017: Making the case for Dark Matter’s fourth season!

  1. We have heard the rally cry!! Ro..oo..ar!! Inquiring minds have to know the fate of the Raza crew!!


  2. I’m sure that DM will get a S4 but I’ll tweet #renewdarkmatter too! How do you stand this uncertainty? Any word on the other projects you have juggling?

    Drea: Drea Crysel is a beautiful name and I liked your poem. Let us know if someone snaps up your idea.

    On a sad note, Dr Jo passed away yesterday. We knew last week that the Dr’s had exhausted all treatment options. I helped Ann (her caretaker/friend) the day before and talked with Dr Jo. She was ready to go. Bittersweet.
    Thanks to All for all the prayers/good wishes sent during her illness! They were virtual {{{Hugs}}}

  3. @ Tam – So sorry to hear about your friend Dr. Jo. Brave woman whose suffering is over. Thoughts and prayers for all her family and friends.

  4. @Tam oh no. I am so so sorry. I knew the treatments had stopped working but had no idea she was so close to the end of her battle.
    Did she at least have someone with her when the time came?
    I pray she knew just how much she was loved.

  5. Dark Matter, as the producer mentions is 5 seasons end of.. The show has jumped through all the corporate hoops to get a renewal. Best show next to the Expanse. The sign off will be imminent.

  6. @Tam Dixon so sorry to read about Dr Jo
    What a brave fighter she was, who touched so many lives in so many ways.

  7. Tam Dixon My condolences on the passing of your friend. It sounds like she fought bravely as long as she could. *hugs*

  8. I’ve tweeted at Syfy quite a few times, albeit without the cool graphics and gifs so many have posted. I’m not good at those things. I often wonder if the tweets will do any good, but I suppose it’s better than nothing. Do TPTB actually watch their programming? Do they know how good Dark Matter and Killjoys are? It’s disheartening that no word has come down from on high yet. It’s taking too long.

  9. We need one more season with the Raza crew! Come on, SF, don’t let us down! This is the best sci-fi series in years! (And…I can’t be the only one hoping they brought One back with them??)

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