August 6, 2017: Dark Matter Episodes 310 And 311!

ScreenSpy: “Holy twists, Batman. This episode had a little bit of everything—insight into Android’s creation was a given, but the glimpses into the crew’s past interactions really sealed this episode emotionally.”

SciFiMoviePage: “An excellent episode that answered a lot of question about the characters in the show.”


And what did the AfterBuzz team have to say about this episode?

What lies in store for the crew in Episode 311, “The Dwarf Star Conspiracy”?

One of the Android’s newly discovered memories leads the crew to a suspicious Dwarf Star facility on Nova 17.

August 6, 2017: Dark Matter Episodes 310 And 311!

The promo –

The sneak peek –



22 thoughts on “August 6, 2017: Dark Matter Episodes 310 and 311!

  1. From the promo: “Kill them.” Heh, yeah. I mean *someone’s* gonna get killed. Probably just not them.

    310 was amazing, no doubt. Now that there’s only 3 episodes left (!) I’m starting to think some of these plot threads aren’t going to come back until S4. C’mon SYFY! RENEW!

  2. Geeksiders have a crazy amount of Pop Vinyls behind them. I’d be worried about knocking them over if I had boxes stacked like that lol. They probably have a wall or something behind them? It’s hard to tell. Good review and video though guys. Oh and great taste in manga there(My longest series is probably Nisekoi).

  3. As I was finishing up a bottle of Advil today, I was thinking that I’d love having an android body. I know there would be pros and cons. Right now, the pros are looking pretty good! Are you giving away one of those android bodies as swag? I’ll need tech support thrown in.

    Enjoyed the episode! When they first said Suki, I thought they said Suji at first. Wasn’t Suki the name you where going to name Suji? I might be remember wrong.

    Have a great evening!

  4. P.S. Sorry to butcher the language. The pain killers are gookkokoing my brain.

  5. @Joe:

    A busy weekend, so I didn’t get around to posting this until Monday morning. So many payoffs in 310! Really, you had my head spinning on Friday night trying to keep track of it all (I played a mental game where I tried to recall in which episode the closed arc started in). Thoroughly enjoyable! Now with the build up for 311, I think I’ll need to be ready for round two of “how many arcs can we close” this Friday.

    @Tam Dixon:


    I had to read that a couple of times over…it wasn’t fitting my word filters! I even tried sounding it out, but I think I have the accents on the wrong sylables. Care to elaborate? 😀

  6. @Tam Dixon:

    Oh, and why the pain killers? I hope it’s nothing too debilitating. Praying you get well soon.

    I have been busy lately (yeah, no kidding), so sorry if I’m asking you to repeat yourself. I’ve mostly been skimming my usual blog reading and stuff is falling through the cracks…

  7. JeffW: No worries, just talking nonsense. 😉 Hey, did you run into Abe at the air show?
    School is starting back. When do you move your two kids? Ours is Saturday. I have a friend that has twins (freshmen), so I’m feeling pretty lucky with our one. 😉

  8. Major wtf night this.

    Killjoys – 655k, 0.16 18-49
    Wynonna Earp – 531k, 0.16 18-49
    Dark Matter – 639k, 0.15 18-49

    Killjoys is the biggest loser among the group, it lost 0.06 18-49 from the previous week. Dark Matter lost 0.02 and Wynonna Earp gained 0.03.

    For the first time ever, Wynonna Earp had a slightly bigger 18-49 rating. SLIGHTLY. When you get into the hundredths of a ratings point, its literally nooooootttttttthing.

  9. @Tam Dixon:

    Sorry, I didn’t get the chance to see Abe. It was a pretty crazy show for me…please tell him I’ll try again next year if he is there.

    On our soon to be empty nesters status, David is moving in the weekend after next. I’ll rest a week and then I’ll get onto the various household projects I’ve been neglecting. I should be in the clear sometime next summer! 😉

  10. I am so enjoying the show. Just please, please do not insert yet another same sex relationship. That is getting soooo cliche and tiresome. Quick! Name a show that does not have one! See!? It is getting so forced.

  11. Joseph – just a quick note that it’s Monday night and Amazon Video still hasn’t released Season 3 Episode 10 (3 days after it aired). When calling Amazon we’re told that the provider (SyFy) hasn’t released it to them yet. Not sure what’s going on, but if there is something you can do from your side to get SyFy to release the episode, those of us who have bought the season on Amazon would surely appreciate it! Love the show! Keep it going! – Bill in Atlanta

      1. Thank you, Bill, for flagging this before I could — and Joseph, for looking into this!

        It’s early evening Eastern time on Tuesday night (4 days after it aired) now, and it still isn’t available on my Amazon season pass. Of all the episodes to have to still keep waiting for!

  12. I took the quiz. Apparently I am Five which is bizarre because I don’t have computer skills or electronic skills whatsoever.

    I really adored this episode BTW. Yes, yes, I’m playing blog catch-up again. And I have to leave to go pet sit. At least I got one down.

    I hate that I can’t seem to get to this every day. I spend my time forwarding articles to my Twitter account when I have a few minutes here and there.

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