Whew!  What a night!  Dark Matter fans had us trending before, during, and long after Episode 310, “Built, Not Born” aired.  We were all out in force, including cast members, to live tweet one of our biggest episodes yet.  And, while all the tweeting was going on, I was rewarding lucky fans with all sorts of cool swag, from cast-signed Dark Matter scripts to Stargate loot.  When all was said and done, I’d given away two signed scripts, six art department packages, a selection of ID badges, an SGU pre-launch press kit, and a goa’uld pain stick prop.  Akemi is going to have to address a lot of envelopes these new few days.

ALSO…the results of the Which Stargate Cast Member Would You Like to See on Dark Matter poll are in.  2 064 votes where cast!  And here are your top three finishers:

August 5, 2017: Dark Matter! Stargate! The Results Are In!

Watching the vote progression was like taking in a great sports match – plenty of lead changes, rallies, and an 11th hour upset.

So, next steps –

1: Write a great part.

2. Contact one of the top 3 finishers and convince them to guest star on the show.

3. Host a Stargate reunion on the set of Dark Matter.

Oh, yeah.  I forgot.  Step 0.5: Get picked up for a fourth season!

And, hey, if you’re fave didn’t make the top 3, don’t despair.  I already have plans for at least two other Stargate veterans in season 4 (their schedule, interest, and our budget permitting) but I get ahead of myself.  Renewal first, then grand scifi plans!

As for last night’s episode?  How’d it go?

Yep.  The fans seemed to like it.  And the critics as well –

BladeOfTheSashurai: “By and all this was one of the more emotionally charged episodes of the season, giving us a new look at Two’s past and the android’s quiet yet conflicted nature.”

August 5, 2017: Dark Matter! Stargate! The Results Are In!

BlackGirlNerds: “That was only 42 minutes? Way to pack in a lot of content without it getting muddled or confusing.”

August 5, 2017: Dark Matter! Stargate! The Results Are In!

SYFYWIRE: “This episode was just full of emotional turmoil and big character moments for Two and Android (and even Three!) and I just have a lot of feelings, okay?” 

August 5, 2017: Dark Matter! Stargate! The Results Are In!

PureFandom: “This was an episode for multiple revelations and “What the what?” screeches of dismay/delight. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t want this episode to end. It was chock full of love among our crew members and some interesting relationship twists.”

August 5, 2017: Dark Matter! Stargate! The Results Are In!

SpoilerTV: “Dark Matter went all in with this episode and delivered big revelations for both Two and the Android.”

August 5, 2017: Dark Matter! Stargate! The Results Are In!

DenOfGeek: “For longtime viewers of Dark Matter, the story that unfolds in “Built, Not Born” is one that had been anticipated for quite awhile, and the payoff is quite satisfying.”

August 5, 2017: Dark Matter! Stargate! The Results Are In!

SciFiPulse: “After last week’s fun and games, Dark Matter returns to the mode of serious science fiction with a moral to the story.”

August 5, 2017: Dark Matter! Stargate! The Results Are In!

ThreeIfBySpace: “Regardless of what genre of TV you like most, Dark Matter has something for everyone. “Built, Not Born” is yet another solid episode in what has been a fantastic season, tying together two mysterious story lines with one satisfying resolution.”

August 5, 2017: Dark Matter! Stargate! The Results Are In!

TheNerdRecites: “Mallozzi promised this episode way back before the season had even begun. An episode where The Android’s origins would be revealed, coupled with a surprising link between The Android and Two. He definitely wasn’t kidding about the surprising nature of that link – this week revealed a complex backstory with some highly unexpected reveals.”

August 5, 2017: Dark Matter! Stargate! The Results Are In!

Nerdophiles: “What an awesome episode!”

August 5, 2017: Dark Matter! Stargate! The Results Are In!

CarterMatt: “This episode was crazy, twisted, heartfelt, and fun — pretty much this show in a nutshell. ”

August 5, 2017: Dark Matter! Stargate! The Results Are In!

TellTaleTV: Dark Matter Season 3 Episode 10, “Built, Not Born,” finally gave us a look into the history of Two and Android with a major twist no one saw coming. This intense change of events could have some major impacts for our crew and their journey.”

August 5, 2017: Dark Matter! Stargate! The Results Are In!

And here’s your post-episode discussion on After Dark, hosted by the lovely Zoe Palmer:

26 thoughts on “August 5, 2017: Dark Matter! Stargate! The results are in!

    1. You’d be hard pressed to find an episode of Voyager that he wasn’t awesome in. His Holographic Doctor became what Data became to TNG. He stole the show with his sublime acting. That and the writers gave his character a lot of love with stories.

    1. Yup! I’s definitely concur! Though I cant imagine this ep not doing exceptionally well in the live ratings.
      Like so many others, this was the episode
      I never wanted to end!

      That live tweet up storm was such a blast!
      I think MaggieL80 had the most fun of all.
      Here we are at Sunday and she’s ‘still’ busy hitting the like button
      on various DM tweets! YOU GO GIRL! XO
      Hope my schedule will allow me to join the fun again next week.
      Joe’s gonna give away more cool stuff!

      1. I couldn’t keep up with all the live tweets. Between the show, the tweets, Z’s, M’s & A’s periscope I fell behind. Wish I had a blink drive to better manange time. 😜

  1. Can’t believe we are almost at end of season.
    Everyone who has made this show possible totally rocks! Thank you.
    Need more dark matter!

  2. Jamil Walker Smith from SGU I think would actually fit in great with this cast as maybe a member of the GA as would Robert Carlyle he’s a very versatile actor. If Amanda Tapping does indeed make an appearance, then we also NEED to have Tabor Calchuck sp? (David Hewlett) make a return and be in the same episode with him just being a grease ball hitting on her …those two actors had such great chemistry and it would bring back great memories.

  3. How do you spell the Android’s name;
    Suki – which I think in Japanese means ‘to be liked’ or ‘beloved’
    Or Sooky, in New Zealand it’s used for those who are cowardly, timid or cry at the drop of a hat.
    There is also the spelling of Sookie, that is not a popular girl’s name but has been used all over the world, no meaning is attached to it though.

    I like the word Suki, seems appropriate given she was to be the recepticle of Rebecca’s beloved.

    1. Wish there was an edit button on these, according to babynamewizard Sookie is the English form of Susannah, which is from the Hebrew Soshana, a derivative of shōshannāh (a lily, a rose).

    2. During the episode, Zoie Palmer tweeted Sukie and of course Joe said she was not able to participate in the contest.

    3. It’s Suki, for anyone else wanting to know. I just finished watching “after dark matter” (it takes us longer to get the show in Oz, so I can’t watch it until I’ve seen the show), Zoie said the Android was partly named after her dog.

      I like to think the Android was named Suki, because she was represented Rebecca’s beloved. And it’s so appropriate the Android is very likeable, even loveable anyhoo.

  4. I’m so happy Joe F made it into the top 3 but I’ll be very glad to see any of the SG crew guest star in your fourth season! Thanks for the poll.

  5. A big thanks to Melissa, Alex & Zoie for the “live” interaction during the show. They were hilarious!

    Sort of Spoilers Ahead: The After Dark show was fun as well especially the “I have” section. Natalie provided a serious sense of forbidding in her comment of being “careful watch you wish for”. I can’t wait to see Sarah, Victor, Chase & Dr. Shaw again. Six also foreshadows that there is no such thing as a happy ending. For all the “light” episodes we’ve had this season, I think there’s some darkness ahead.

    This was a stand out episode namely for Zoie’s seemingly effortless ability to transition from our Android to the new character of Dr. Shaw. I find it interesting that Android initially chose to not accept Victor’s latest upgrade because the upgrades impair her ability to effectively operate the Raza which adversely effects the crew. I absolutely love Android!! Whether when she’s the Android we know and love or when she’s more human. She’s super sexy & sassy when her hair is down…and now she has a name! (What’s the correct spelling??) I loved the scenes with Suki/Dr. Shaw and Two. This was a big reveal for Two as well. Enjoyed finding out what happened to two of the original crew members of the Raza as mentioned earlier by Adrian – “Portia happened”. RIP Jasper. And it was nice to see Ryo back and united with Portia.

    The scene at the end of the show in that moment shared between Three & Android was my favorite. Thanks for a great episode. I’m looking forward to seeing how you’re going to tie up the season!

  6. Loved the episode, but i have a plot hole question.
    Five got on board the Raza with her make friend/brother. He was injured, needed help. Five went to seek help and was caught by three. Okay…

    So, knowing her friend was still in the vault, Five forms some sort of relationship with the crew, to the point where she assists Two in upgrading or fixing Android (Suki)….and she simply ignored her friend/brother in the vault?? This was all before the stasis accident.

    I love Dark Matter, want at least 10 seasons like SG1, but is this a plot hole or is their an explanation? Did you regret writing that kid in the vault?

    1. Wow Joe. Just realized you only only have a few weeks left to pack up and say your final goodbyes to the house and that chapter in your life.
      It is both a happy and kinda melancholy time for you all at once, eh?
      Hope Rob Cooper is ok with you n the girls crashing on his couch & living room floor so you can fly in from Toronto for a few days each summer to continue enjoying the delicious pizza at his house!

      On the upside, I bet Akemi has a fur baby and name already picked out and waiting so you can adopt a new family member the very instant your plane touches down on the tarmac in TO!? 😀 😀 😀

  7. I’m excited to see if the numbers go up from last week. I’m not hugely concerned if they don’t, but its always great to see Dark Matter do well.

  8. Oh I had to laugh at myself. I just watched after show “After Dark, ” and had a good chuckle. It had to do with Android’s name. In it Zoie explains the name came from a final list of 5 names. One of the panelists suggested the name came as coming from two words. Good to hear from where the name came. I was thinking Thai and glad to know from where it did not come. I know you like Japanese so an amalgamation seemed possible. But Thai seemed improbable as the word Kee (or key) would cause a language issue. Key in Thai deals with things produced by the body, i.e. key jahmook (phlegm, or beggar), key dah (tear or sleep), key mah? (from a dog but to be avoided on a summer’s day, e.g. in the movie, “The Eagle has Landed”). As far as the episode, I was confuse. I am a watcher of “Big Bag Theory”. In it Sheldon plans out his existence to have his intelligence transferred to a artificial body, so plays out that show. But that was a comedy, last night’s show was serious. I only only empathize with what Three must choose.

  9. Catching up on blog entries after watching Ep10 tonight, which was fab – so many reveals and feels!
    Thoroughly enjoyed the live tweeting again with other DM fans and my day was made too 😊

    As I’m SGA-biased, and although I’d like to see Amanda Tapping in front of the camera, it’d be great and fun to see David Hewlett, Jodelle Ferland and Joe Flanigan together again.

  10. Didn’t get the chance to vote, so I vote Amanda Tapping!!! And Joe Flanigan please. 😀

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