6 thoughts on “July 25, 2017: Dark Matter Episode 309, “Isn’t That A Paradox?” sneak peek!

  1. aarrghhh…..Said this Friday night and again, again, again…
    Waiting very impatiently for Friday….

  2. Oh, that looks good! Friday can’t come fast enough.

    My day went ok but I’ve had texts from several friends. One friend is pregnant (high risk-not good), one was at the E.R., one had a sick pet at the vet and the other, (Dr Jo) is in the hospital again. Crazy. Lots of prayers going out. Seeing so many problems, makes me appreciate my life right now. “Be grateful”, is my new motto.

  3. I have a client I have to leave for in about 10-15 minutes and it is going to depend on how bad the road construction is down there. It’s a long project, widening a 2-lane-each-way road into a 3-lane-each-way road for several miles and build a bridge over the railroad tracks. There are only 3 alternate ways into that neighborhood that may or may not be faster. One involves a toll road. I may use it tonight if that would get me there and back faster to live tweet.

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