July 18, 2017: Dark Matter Behind The Scenes!

Congratulations to everyone who correctly answered yesterday’s trivia question. And I do mean everyone.  You ALL guessed correctly.  Yes, Zoie Palmer (Android) and Ennis Esmer (Wexler) attended acting school together at York University!

July 18, 2017: Dark Matter Behind The Scenes!

Speaking of Zandroid, check her out discussing a scene from this Friday night’s episode (“Hot Chocolate”, 9 pm on Syfy and Space Channel).

July 18, 2017: Dark Matter Behind The Scenes!

Man down!  Roger Cross takes much-needed cat naps between scenes.

July 18, 2017: Dark Matter Behind The Scenes!

The Lady in Red, aka Natalie Brown, aka Sarah.

July 18, 2017: Dark Matter Behind The Scenes!

Melissa O’Neil, Anthony Lemke, and Roger Cross consult the owner’s manual in an attempt to get the Marauder started.

Have you told your friends about the show?  Spread the word on social media? Dark Matter needs its fans to get vocal!  Six more episodes remain in the show’s third season.  Help us finish strong!

18 thoughts on “July 18, 2017: Dark Matter behind the scenes!

  1. Aw, Zoie and Ennis look cute together.

    Yes, sir! I’ve been spreading the word. Once I point people in DM’s direction, the show takes it from there.

    How’s the condo hunting going?

  2. I remembered seeing a re-tweet of Ennis’ tweet about being in acting school together…and then promptly forgot when your quiz came up. Too much travel going on!

    Speaking of which:

    @Tam Dixon on going to Oshkosh:

    Yes, I’ll be there (I’m giving a presentation on building quadcopters). I already towed up our camper on Sunday and Barb and I will head up on Friday. I get a weekend of rest (finally!) at the campground before the airshows, forums, training sessions, and customer meetings start on Monday.

    What company is your friend working with? I’d like to stop by and see his aircraft.

  3. My friends all know about the show, but I did convert one of the two electricians who have came to our house 3 times lately, who is a big science fiction fan and loved Stargate, to tune into it. He said he heard about it but hadn’t watched yet. I told him to get caught up on Netflix quickly and then tune in. Hopefully he did.

    How is condo-hunting going?

  4. I’ve heard you worked in anime. My kids inform me that One Punch Man’s prequel is Calliou.

  5. Love the BTS photos. Looking forward to this week’s episode after finally catching up on the last two and having watched several times since. Enjoyed both episodes but I’d have to say One Last Card To Play will probably be in my top 7 favorite episodes of the series so far. Any chance to see AU Tash, Wexler, Boone & Portia is a treat. I love how the characters interact. Looks like Tash is not a team player in any universe. Wonder how much longer she’ll be around? I hated to see Adrian & Solara leave but hopefully they will return. I really enjoyed Adrian. I hate to admit it but I like him better than Tabor (and I love David H.)! Solora’s kick assery will be missed. I can’t help but think there is a future shipping romance between Solara & Three. That’s after Sarah’s consciousness is “accidentally on purpose” erased from the mainframe. There is definitely something rotten on the Raza. I’m afraid that Sarah may be so lonely that she’d resort to recruiting “company” permanently. A coma here, a cryo unit malfunction there. Wonder if she can hijack a transfer transit unit.

    How’s the packing going? Are you slowly working ur way through those hot sauces or saving them for a binge? How is the condo/house hunting?

    Have a happy Wexler Wednesday!

  6. Oh, I forgot to give props to Roger & Jeff for last week’s episode. Finally a little backstory for Six. Bittersweet. Love the friendship between Six and Anders. Please keep Anders around for awhile. Not everyone has to die. If someone must, I’m thinking Alexander Rook, Tash, Ryo, Misaki, all those bounty hunters, Ferrous Corp, etc…

  7. Joe, I wonder why you never interact with the commenters on your blog. Do you even read the comments? Or, do you hire someone else to approve the comments?

    1. I read every comment but usually reserve responding for dedicated mailbags. Or the occasional dedicated in-comment discussion.

      Maybe not a bad idea to do one or both soon.

      To be honest, direct-responding to questions is much easier on a set-up like reddit. I frequent the Dark Matter and Stargate subreddits and do field direct questions there.

  8. JeffW: I’m not sure how you keep sane with that schedule! Anyways, the helicopter company is called Safari and my friend’s name is Abe Gaskins. He’s married to one of my best friends (since 3rd grade). Abe’s a nice guy and straight shooter, from Nashville, TN. I hope you run into him there. Might be worth your while, business wise. He’s a mechanical engineer and always looking for new products he can use.
    Safe travels!

  9. More cool bts shots.

    As I’ve posted questions in some previous comments, I’ll have to go search them out when you announce your next mailbag!

  10. @BoltBait

    I doubt you’ll find a showrunner who makes the effort to engage with the fans more than Joe outside of Twitter.

  11. @Tm Dixon:

    Thanks for the contact info…I’ll look him up.

    As to my sanity, some might argue that I lost that battle a long time ago! 😉

    I do hope to have a rest this weekend, though (at the AirVenture campground). You could call that sleeping in my own bed since we own the camper…

  12. One thing I would have loved to have seen in Dark Matter, is a dedicated ships pilot. I guess by design the Android does that, but comparing to The Expanse for a moment. Cas Anvar does a freaking amazing job as the ships pilot and his acting ability is superb. This scene alone, won’t explain context. It won’t spoil the show for anyone.

    This is what happens when a pilot gets lonely lol.

  13. So, I get home. Turn on the TV to watch the news. The TV is tuned to Space. What do I see? A baby Anthony Lemke on Andromeda!

  14. The questions I typically pose are my way of general rambling and comments. Thinking things through, “out loud” so to speak. I’d love answers and responses but then again not so much because there’d be spoilers. As the old saying goes: it’s not the destination but the journey. I’m looking forward to two more years of space travel to reach our destination.

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