Last night’s episode, “One Last Card To Play”, was one of my third season Top 3 Favorites along with Episode 304, “All The Time In The World”.  So, what did you all think?

I talk “One Last Card To Play” with Kelly Townsend of TheTVJunkies:

“Anthony and Melissa and all the cast will come by the office and discuss things like character arcs and specific episodic beats. Frankly, Zoie and I exchange more texts than I do with my girlfriend because she’s asking if she can try this or that. It’s one of those things where you’ve just got to trust them. These characters are as much theirs as they are mine. I’ve created them, but they’ve given them life. You’ve got to give them a certain amount of leeway and then you’re always incredibly rewarded.”

SYFYWire’s Tricia Ennis:

“I’m honestly kinda worried about where Ryo is headed. I think he’s officially reached the point of no return.”

Aimee Hicks at SpoilerTV:

” This season certainly seems like a big payoff for some of the bigger plot points that have been left hanging from the prior two seasons. There is no telling what other plot points they’ll address, but if the back half of the season can keep hitting on point like the first half then this will easily go down as the best season of the series to date.”

Michelle Harvey at ThreeIfBySpace:

“Alright my fellow Raza Crew fans, tonight’s episode was wonderfully intense. Though “One Last Card To Play” has seriously has me concerned for the future of our crew.”

C.R. Sparrow at BlackGirlNerds:

Dark Matter excels at misdirection. This was evident from the end of the Pilot when my mouth fell open at the reveal of the Raza crew. Maybe I’m just an easy mark, but I had a similar reaction at the 8 minute and 45-second mark of “One Last Card to Play”.”

Ian Cullen at SciFi Pulse:

Dark Matter returns to form with a fantastic episode, which once again features the multiverse characters from season two.”

Michael Ahr at DenOfGeek:

“The master stroke of the episode, however, was in having the Android take out Portia before she could take the Raza and witness the exact scene from her future vision in “All the Time in the World” two episodes back: Portia pacing in a storeroom and Marcus shooting the Android. When Five arrives on the bridge and announces, “We did see it coming,” it’s a real moment of triumph, making us wonder if other future glimpses will play out in similar fashion.”


“Dark Matter never forgets its many plot threads and once again introduces us to the mayhem of Portia and her alternate team. This was a bit of a surprise as I had cornered Corso as the sole escapee from their last encounter.”


“One amazing thing about this show is how the writers can yank on a loose thread from season’s past. A thread that most of us had given up on ever seeing paid off.”

Christopher Hart at TheNerdRecites:

“This was an excellent episode – one of the most powerful weapons in this show’s armoury is the dark Raza crew and any episode that they appear in is always SF gold.”

Kathleen Weidel at TVFanatic:

“Having not even seen so much as a preview trailer, I entered Dark Matter Season 3 Episode 6 with no expectations. So the return of the alternate-universe crew of the Raza proved rather a surprise.”

Hillary Esquina at TellTaleTV:

“Can we just take a second to praise Melissa O’Neil? She once again proves her extraordinary talent with her portrayal of Two and Portia.”

July 8, 2017: Dark Matter Episode 306, “one Last Card To Play”- Reactions, Reviews, Responses!

Finally – Anthony Lemke (Dark Matter’s THREE) talks about his charity work for Handicap International with SciFiAndTVTalk’s Steve Eramo:

“So it was a real privilege for me to go there, and probably the most worthwhile thing I did during the off-season, especially being able to bring their story back to Canada as well as America and talk about the long-lasting effects of dropping bombs on countries. Handicap International takes a neutral position with regard to warfare, but we should be cognizant of the fact that a number of any bombs dropped on a country are going to remain unexploded and will be around for a while, so we should help clean up when a conflict is over.”


13 thoughts on “July 8, 2017: Dark Matter Episode 306, “One Last Card To Play”- Reactions, Reviews, Responses!

  1. I’m loving all the reviews, clips, etc – can’t wait to see the episode, on Monday night, in its entirety to piece everything together.

  2. I’m just hoping Dark Matter will get renewed. I remember what happened during the Stargate days.

  3. I’m kinda unhappy about drawing the alternate universe as plot device out, particularly with the main plot involving Ryo running an empire badly.

  4. I loved this episode. Considering the theme of the show is using the memory wipe as a jumping off point to growing into better people, I can see this alternate universe crew as really creative way to literally fight your past selves. This is especially evident when Wex points out that Two really is different than Portia.

    I can see this as a seed toward making the alt Raza crew the big bad for season 4 or 5. And I’m really excited to see how that pays out if I’m right!

  5. I have to say I hope Chad B is wrong. I think they have enough realistic fighting their own selves here.

    Even bigger issue for me is that I don’t like alternate timelines, and I find the idea of alternate baddies beyond boring. Even when Star Trek did it 5000 years ago, it felt old and strained. The reasonable android… no different than the reasonable alternate Spock. It’s been done over and over and over.

    Your writing made it watchable, enjoyable even.. but I’m hoping its the last we see of them unless there’s a brief “blow them up or send them back home” segment. So much incredible story lines already without them.

  6. Loved the episode! I’m sad about Four though. He’s past the point of redemption. I think he needs another memory wipe. If only life were that simple.

    Solara was wonderful. I can see why you wrote in this actress. She’s great!

  7. You actually had me there, and I did think about their other versions, but still there was a part of me that thought what if our dear Raza Crew went nuts again?! I enjoyed the episode very much, and it is amazing to see the difference with the ‘old’ Two&Three.

  8. The Four /Sarah love scenes hit me in the heart every time. Lemke’s face makes a subtle shift that is wonderful to see.

  9. I really enjoyed the episode! It was fun slowly realizing that the alternate crew was what we were watching, and then the whole “we expected that” back and forth.

  10. Soooo….for SDCC. It’s the 20th Anniversary for SG1, and we fans want a party or gathering or something in addition to the fan panel on Thursday. If we are able to pull one together, might you stop by on Thursday night? I hosted a 2 hour fan panel at SDCC several years ago, when ‘Continuum’ premiered on the Midway–and MGM sent down Ben Browder, Brad Wright and Martin Wood. I’ve moderated panels with many of the cast at various conventions large and small. It would be a smallish gathering.If not Thursday, perhaps another evening where we could show “Window of Opportunity” and you could do live commentary? At one large convention, we showed the episode in a “Rocky Horror” fashion. It was superfun.

  11. So much for alt-Derrick Moss being on the ftl marauder… Given the “he’s not a team player” line, seems as though there was some stuff going on behind the scenes there regarding his leaving the show and not returning…

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