Well, the house inspection is tomorrow and if it passes (And I can’t see why it wouldn’t), the sale is a done deal and I have to start figuring things out – like what the hell am I going to do with my massive toy and comic book collection?  And if, by some crazy happenstance, it doesn’t pass – then I’ll breathe a huge sigh of relief and relax for another year.

Hey!  More BTS insights into last Friday’s episode: “All The Time In The World”…

The time loop madness takes a sudden turn with the appearance of a merc under the employ of Emperor Ryo Ishida.  Ash has one goal: securing the Blink Drive. And he’ll stop at nothing to get it.  Even solid objects as we quickly discover he possesses phasing technology that has been subcutaneously hardwired into his arm.

 June 27, 2017: More Bts Goodies On Dark Matter’s “all The Time In The World”

The role is played by actor Michael Reventar who reminds me a lot of Alex Mallari Jr. (FOUR/Ryo Ishida).  Both are dedicated, down to earth individuals who work their asses off behind the scenes.  He may have been playing a ruthless mercenary, but Michael is one hell of a nice guy.

June 27, 2017: More Bts Goodies On Dark Matter’s “all The Time In The World”

Pictured above, Michael Revenger preps for the Solara Shockley Showdown.

In addition to nailing his performance, some complicated choreograph, and filming an entire sequence in his underwear, Michael had to submit to the painstaking process of having his body molded for our version of “Han Solo encased in carbonite”…

June 27, 2017: More Bts Goodies On Dark Matter’s “all The Time In The World”

June 27, 2017: More Bts Goodies On Dark Matter’s “all The Time In The World” June 27, 2017: More Bts Goodies On Dark Matter’s “all The Time In The World”Note the detail.  I believe the production did a behind–the-scenes look at the process with Michael.  Watch for it!

June 27, 2017: More Bts Goodies On Dark Matter’s “all The Time In The World”

The Art Department then creates a section of Raza corridor wall – and makes him a part of it.

June 27, 2017: More Bts Goodies On Dark Matter’s “all The Time In The World”

A little paint and – voila!

June 27, 2017: More Bts Goodies On Dark Matter’s “all The Time In The World”

What a trooper.  Now, who’s looking for some one-of-a-kind wall art?

Tomorrow, we get into those Android flash-forwards!

June 27, 2017: More Bts Goodies On Dark Matter’s “all The Time In The World”

Dark Matter’s Solara Shockley (Ayisha Issa) will be dropping by the blog to answer your questions.  So, if there’s something you want to know about the professional bodyguard and former SDC black ops specialist, post your queries in this blog’s comments section.  You have until Sunday night!

18 thoughts on “June 27, 2017: More BTS goodies on Dark Matter’s “All The Time In The World”

  1. I hope that Ash in carbonite in the corridor is a permanent part of the show now and will be referred to and seen in future episodes from time to time from now on. Great job!

  2. I love the Ash Wall. I can see it hanging around in the background on the set. Imagine the next set of intruders, taking pause and wondering WTF? If I had Ash in my home, he’d hold my hats.

  3. I was wondering that too @multiplemike. Or that the crew would replace that wall piece and hang the Ash section in the mess hall or training room.

  4. Yes, I agree with multiplemike about leaving Ash! I would love to see glimpses of him in future scenes. I can just imagine newbies walking past him and giving him a second (third & fourth) look. Three would just say “Don’t ask”. 🙂 Great job by the art department!

  5. This question is for Ayisha Issa. How do you like playing a character that is both beautiful, yet deadly. And do you see Solara as smart enough to use her beauty before resorting to her other skills (deadly). As was proven in this series, men still are a sucker for a pretty face with a totally hot body. By the time you figure out she can kill you using nothing but her hands, it’s too late.

  6. Congrats on the sale. Wow, two months to get everything together and find a place to live isn’t much time, eh?!

    Maybe just go back to the condo you’ve been renting in TO?
    Seems the easiest, most practical, solution for right now, no?
    Just keep renting same space till season 5 is done. It’ll give ya more time to seal a deal on the new story concept and By then,housing market prices are likely to have begun gradually coming down again, which will make it a good time to buy a new place wherever it is you find yourself heading next.

    Good luck trying to figure out what to do with all your paper backs and graphic novels. That’s gonna be a tough one.
    As far as your packed full closet of memorabilia goes…. I definitely wouldn’t want to be in your shoes trying to sell and/or give it all away. Albeit, hang in there, am sure you’ll manage to get through it.

    If you cannot sell or move it all there is always the option of putting in a commercial storage unit till you buy a new place big enough to house it all. Might make it a bit easier than agonizing over what to keep and what to get rid of. (((Hugs))).

    Welcome to Raza Crew Ayisha! xo

  7. Me again…Killing off Nix was a real bummer.. I do own season one and 2 on DVD And em glad the show is on SfYf…keep em coming.

  8. @what the hell am I going to do with my massive toy and comic book collection?

    Display it proudly. Nerd power!

    Speaking of Ash, I didn’t care much for him. Not enough time or attention was really spent on him as a character to make me care. He was just a random guy the Raza crew was forced into a kill or be killed situation with.

  9. Question about android character…will she stay in that ugly outfit and the silly high heels…she looks so uncomfortable on heels…that being said she looks hot with her hair down and in other outfits…great show…just what the syfy network needed…THANKS.

  10. Your cool memorabilia and comics could find a happy home at the fan expos and comic cons this summer.

  11. I missed last week because I was watch a movie that stared an hour earlier. It was about the White House that was almost taken over by some Korean terrorists. Could not switch in the middle because my Mother didn’t agree to the change. but will have to see is from iTunes because that is one of the shows SiFi won’t repeat.

  12. @Kevin G and Tam Dixon, I agree with you both. I think that having the Ash wall shown from now on can create more of the Dark Matter world. We will always be reminded of this great episode from seeing the result of Ash’s failure from time to time.

  13. Oh and I also wanted to give kudos to Michael Revenger for having body mold made. I can’t imagine. If I had to stay still for that long, I’d probably explode.

  14. Michael sure is a trooper! The art department deserves an award for their quality of work! Please please please let carbonite Ash wall stay on the Raza as long as possible. Let it be the reminder to any other intruder. I have a feeling that this is going to be one of the many goodies sold in the future – for great causes.

  15. The Ash wall was the spooky part of this episode. Maybe in season 4 you could do one episode where they discover a section or room of the Raza is haunted and they try to figure out why, after they all get their pants scared off. I love haunted shows. …….Or, maybe in season 4 that Ash wall starts changing slightly or the eyes start following you. Yikkes!

  16. Two points, well make that several:

    Android is hot in heals, and a red dress, with long blond hair. It gives Zoie a chance to strut, {Pun intended in the nicest of way), her stuff as a versatile Actress.

    The wall should be setup as a wall in infamy with other stuff they picked up along the way. very impressive to nonchalantly point out what happened to a famous assassin. either in a business office, or in the cave.

    PS maybe they can retrieve the phasing unit. from the corpse. It would be a handy thing to have if they can get it working properly.

    I hope they kept all of their former stock of booty when they left, money masks and all. who knows what all was in their.

    As to the personal side if you don’t have a permanent place to move them to the books, comics and other personals should be place in a hermetic, temperature controlled unit used for wines, cigars and other valuable. Pull then out when your ready to display them properly.

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